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I kept looking up my old posts about demographic trends and socio-political shifts, polling data and generational theory. I decided it would be easier to gather them all together on a single page for easy reference. This page has a mix of posts. Mostly they are about politics and religion, but there are also some posts about issues of race, class, and wealth disparity. There is some psychological research mixed in here as well.

Most of these posts solely refer to data from the United States. Some of the changes going on here probably are similar to changes happening in certain other countries, but I usually refer to other countries only to make comparisons for the purpose of analysis.

These posts represent my attempt to make sense out of all the data I’ve seen in recent years. My opinions change a bit as I come across new data, but my general view hasn’t changed much. The trends I’ve noticed have been confirmed as I’ve come across further data. The trick is in interpreting exactly what the data means and exactly where the trends are heading.

The reason I like to look at polling and demographic data is because it’s one of the best ways to ascertain whether one’s beliefs and opinions correlate with the beliefs and opinions of others. Also, by looking at enough data, a more objective view of society overall can be ascertained. I value facts because I’m an intellectual and I like that facts can’t be owned by any single group. As Ronald Reagan said:

“Facts are stubborn things.”


Maps Are Fun: US Data


What Does Liberal Bias Mean?

Is Psychological Research Liberally Biased?

Is The Media Failing To Cover Wars Properly? w/ Author Fred Exoo

NPR: Liberal Bias?

The Establishement: NPR, Obama, Corporatism, Parties

Man vs Nature, Man vs Man: NPR, Parking Ramps, etc

Dominant Culture Denies Its Dominance

– – –

Moral Decline in US?

Future of Family Values

The Ending of Culture Wars

Religion and Science: Middle Ground

– – –

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Politics, Generations, and Demographics

Wirthlin Effect & Symbolic Conservatism

Political Elites Disconnected From General Public

Political Labels & Demographic Trends

Liberalism: Label vs Reality (analysis of data)

Liberalism: Weaknesses & Failures

America: Conservative & Progressive

US Demographics & Increasing Progressivism

Sea Change of Public Opinion: Libertarianism, Progressivism & Socialism

Rasmussen Deception About Unions

Fear of the Future: Against Progress

Extreme Consensus On Globalization

Political Elites Disconnected From General Public

Wirthlin Effect & Symbolic Conservatism

Warmongering Politicians & Progressive Public

Who Supported the Vietnam War?

Conservatives, Murders & Suicides

Conservatives Fear the Progressive Uprising

Strauss’ Prophetic Words

– – –

The 10 Most (and Least) Tolerant States in America

Income Inequality: Krugman & Dalai Lama

– – –

The New Conservatism: GenX & Millennials

Iowa Politics & the Younger Generations

Survey: Young Voters – Obama Hasn’t Changed Much

A Portrait of “Generation Next”

Generation/Cusp: Net, MTV, Cold Y

G.I.s and Millennials


Tea Parties, Smart Mobs, and Generations

Cultural Shift: Generations, Race, Technology

Rise of the Creative Class & Second Axial Age

– – 

US Education: Myth vs Reality (new data)

Gun Violence & Regulation (Data, Analysis, Rhetoric)

Public Opinion on Tax Cuts for the Rich

Claims of US Becoming Pro-Life

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