“Giving me a new idea is like handing a cretin a loaded gun, but I do thank you anyhow, bang, bang.”
 ~ Letter to Patricia Warrick (May 17, 1978), published in Selected Letters of Philip K. Dick, 1977-1979 (1993)

I’m a curious cat. Hence, the avatar I go by and the name of my blog, Marmalade my childhood kitty who was always up for adventure and exploration of the world. But every cat has a killer lurking inside. Keep in mind that I’m a hunter of sacred cows, not bothering to play with my prey since I’d rather put them quickly out of their misery.

I once thought of myself as a liberal, that is to say open-minded but moderate. I’ve been radicalized by experience and not by the nature I was born with. I’d rather live in a society of fairness and justice, a vision however that for the moment is a utopian fantasy. Radical, by the way, means what goes to the root, and so potentially to uproot and kill, although also to return to first principles and rebuild foundations. That is what I aim for.

For all my pessimistic realism and seeming cynicism, I’m deep down in my soul an idealist. What we say and do matters. On this radical path, One might call me an anarchist and a gnostic, in that I’m virulently opposed to false idols, false gods, and false powers. I’m a fierce defender of the truth, as I know it.

This has brought me to the radical imagination of what could be called apocalyptic revolution. Apocalypse in its earliest meaning referred to an unveiling and revealing, what in Gnosticism was understood as anamnesis or unforgetting. We have to remember what was lost, what was taken from us, if we seek to be a free people. As for revolution, it originates as an astrological term for cyclical return. We’ve been here before, in other moments of crisis and transformation. We can and should learn from the past for the past is never really past.

I’m an archaeologist of thoughts and ideas, visions and imaginings. I’m a gleaner of humanity’s rubble, ever looking for God in the gutter.

“In my writing I am a destroyer of worlds, not a generator; I show them as forgeries. I unmask them & abolish their hold, their reality. I show them to be bogus, an infinitude of them, like so many skins.”
~ Philip K. Dick, In Pursuit of Valis, p.151