Poverty, Behavior & Society

Unlike some of my longer posts, I just want to share two related articles.

Premature birth tied to later behavioural problems

That isn’t too surprising, but it’s important as it relates to larger social problems.  Lack of quality health care increases premature births.

This relates to poverty as poor people have less access to quality health care, but also because other factors of poverty (such as malnutrition and environmental pollution) also contribute to behavioral problems (such as lower IQ).  And we wonder why poor people have more behavioral problems.  The sadly ironic part is that many of these issues of poverty are directly caused by the wealthy (such as environmental pollution and destruction of traditional healthy lifestyles).

However, just because you live in a wealthy country doesn’t mean you’re safe.  The US has extremely high rates of premature births compared with other wealthy industrialized nations.  Maybe this is because, in the US, there is a massive disparity between the rich and poor.  In the world in general, 10% of the population owns 85% of the wealth.

Rich people don’t have to experience the sufferings of poverty (lack of health care, malnutrition, pollution, etc) and they don’t have to worry about their kids growing up with developmental issues that cause low IQ and behavioral problems.  Then the rich people are shameless enough to blame the poor for all of their problems.

Smart Answers to Recidivism

Of course, poverty (and it’s attendant ills of low IQ and behavioral problems; not to mention lack of opportunities and desparation) unsurprisingly leads to conflict with the legal system.  Also, research shows that the legal system is biased against poor minorities.

So, after all the crap that gets thrown at the poor, can they try to make a better life for themselves after “paying” for their crime of being a minority?  No, because the entire system simply encourages them to commit crimes again.  They have a hard time finding housing, work, or any kind of assistance.   And the rich complain about how these poor minorities are nothing but troublemakers.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.  We collectively create all of these problems.  It doesn’t help anyone to scapegoat an entire sector of society.

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