Favorite Posts

This page is just a place to collect posts that I think are particularly interesting or somehow centrally important to me.  The idea is that these posts are representative of my writing and so are good starting points for anyone visiting my blog.

Love of Truth: Discussing vs Arguing

I don’t know if these three posts are a good starting point for a first time visitor, probably not. And I don’t even know if I’d exactly consider them as favorites. They are just important in that they express my desire for truth and my frustration in seeking truth. As such, they represent something that is core to much of my blogging.

Just Some Related Ideas and Writers

I articulated all of the connections I could think of between various writers and subjects that interest me.  This covers all of the major points of my years of study.  It’s an extremely long post.  But if you want to know my perspective, then dig in.

Psychology and Parapsychology, Politics and Place

I summarized much of my thinking about personality theory and types of people.  Psychology is one of my favorite subjects in all of the world.  It’s a touchstone of my ponderings and keeps my philosophizing grounded in the realities of human experience.  I first became seriously involved in internet discussions by studying Myers-Briggs personality theory.  I haven’t looked back since.

Liberal Pragmatism, Conservative Dogmatism

This post is covering the political issue which relates to the post directly above. However, I look at the differences between liberalism and conservatism in terms of actual results. From my perspective, all the evidence taken together forms a compelling argument for why liberalism is so important. This is particularly true in our present society that is facing so many massive changes.

Cold War Era: Paranoia and Oppression

I must admit I’m not very interested in history and politics.  I can only garner interest in it when I can find connections to subjects of more interest such as studying the history of early Christian politics.  In this case, I wrote about modern US history but not as I learned in school.  This is indirectly inspired by my long ago reading of Robert Anton Wilson from whom I learned to always look below the surface.  This is my setting down all of the detailed proof that conspiracies are real.  If you’re unaware of the secret history of 20th century America, then you must read this.  However, even though I put immense amount of effort into writing this, my curiosity about the subject is minimal.  But truth is truth, and it is always a worthy activity to write about the truth.

Morality: Christians vs. Jesus

This post is my most in-depth consideration about what it means to be a Christian and also what it means simply to be a good person.  I have written other posts about early Christianity, but this post is mostly about the contemporary world and also my personal experience.

Graeco-Roman Tradition
Gnosticism Defined… sort of

These two posts are about the historical period consisting of the centuries before and after the common era.  Basically, this is me thinking about the context out of which Christianity formed especially as it relates to the political and philosophical traditions of Western society.  I’ve actually written many other posts along these lines.  For some strange reason, I’m fascinated with this pivotal era of social change: Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Jews, Christians, and Gnostics; Axial Age, Hellenism, empire building, and urbanization; hermeticism, natural law, and mysticism; Et Cetera.  In Hellenism, Greek and Egyptian cultures were combined; and, in the Roman Empire, Hellenism was combined with Judaism along with influences from far off lands.  Even the Hindus and Buddhists were travelling around the Roman Empire, and the most widely popular form of early Christianity was Manichaeism which was a hybrid of several religions including Buddhism.  This era was one crazy mix.

Sense of Place, of Home, of Community… or lack thereof

This is about the research and my personal experience about the impact of moving. The US is a culture of unrooted transients, but a sub-culture of the rural poor have maintained some sense of rootedness at great cost.

John Bior Deng: R.I.P.

I’m listing this one here simply because I spent massive amounts of time on it and it’s an example of my obsessive-compulsive research style where I leave no stone unturned.  I do touch upon some very important issues, but it’s narrowly focused on one particular local incident.  If you don’t live in or near Iowa City, you may not have much interest in reading a long blog about an Iowa City death.  However, I do think this incident is representative of difficulties communities and police forces are facing all across the country (and I suppose in other countries as well).

Recommendations for your Mind and Imagination

If you’re similar to me in appreciating helpful recommendations, then check out this post.  I can be an overly serious person at times, but I’m very much a creative person.  Although I’m a lover of truth, my love of imagination is at least as strong.

Sling Blade meets Naked Lunch
Christian Soul Harvest
War of the Krishnamurtis: A Tale of Magic and Horror

When in a good mood or just tired of taking life seriously, I can become inanely silly.  The above two posts are representative of my imagination when let loose from the constraints of facts and reality.  I think that they’re minimally enjoyable stories, but the second one might confuse you a bit if you don’t know some of the references.  Actually, the second story is more amusing (in that you’ll better understand the references) after you read the overly serious post that is second from the top (Just Some Related Ideas and Writers).


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