Favorite Posts

I’ll first list the top 10 most viewed posts on this blog (as of 10/24/2017). They aren’t my personal favorites, but they are popular for whatever reason.

  1. INFP: Most Judgmental Type?
  2. America’s North/South Divide (& other regional data)
  3. ‘Capitalist’ US vs ‘Socialist’ Germany
  4. ‘Capitalist’ US vs ‘Socialist’ Finland
  5. Columbia: Goddess of America
  6. Liberalism: Weaknesses & Failures
  7. The Vague and Ambiguous US Constitution
  8. Libertarians: Rich White Males of the Republican Party
  9. I’ve just pissed in my pants…
  10. Is “Narcissistic Personality Disorder” Destroying the World?

All of the above posts have received thousands of views. Among the top 50 posts that have received at least a thousand views, the following are some that are maybe worth highlighting (in order of most views). For my purposes here, I’m highlighting them partly to give examples of common topics in this blog, topics that apparently are of interest to others.

Conservative & Liberal Families: Observations & Comparison
Cold War Era: Paranoia and Oppression
White Supremacy Defeated… yet again
Orphan Trains in Context: History, Culture, and Law
Blade Runner: Rick Deckard
“Because they think they are white…”
Henry David Thoreau: Founding Father of American Libertarian Thought
“Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America.”
Criticisms of Spiral Dynamics
What Liberalism Has Become
Midwest vs Coasts: history, culture & politics
Radical & Moderate Enlightenments: Revolution & Reaction, Science & Religion
On Racialization of Crime and Violence
Heritability & Inheritance, Genetics & Epigenetics, Etc
The Desperate Acting Desperately
“What is Real?” asked the Rabbit one day…
Gangs as Civic Institutions

For the heck of it, here is some short fiction by me. I’ll list them here because they amuse me. The last one also is among the top viewed posts. But admittedly, as a blogger I’m not known for my fiction.

Sling Blade meets Naked Lunch
Christian Soul Harvest
War of the Krishnamurtis: A Tale of Magic and Horror

As for my personal favorite posts, those tend to fall into the broad category of human nature and human society, mostly involving but not limited to the social sciences: history, classical studies, comparative religion, philology, linguistic relativism, cognitive frames, memetics, consciousness studies, bundle theory of mind, bicameral theory, boundary types, personality disorders, agnotology, symbolic conflation, etc.

My writings about these topics occupy much more of my time and effort. I consider them to be far more fascinating and important. But they don’t tend to attract as many views or comments. No doubt, most people would perceive them as too narrowly intellectual or not directly relevant. I would disagree, as these topics cut to the heart of humanity and society.


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