Conservatives Fear the Progressive Uprising

I noticed these two posts:

And here is my response:

No matter what you think of Progressives, there is no doubt in my mind that they’ll be playing a big role soon. Several pieces of data have caught my attention this past year.

Supposedly most Americans identify as conservative, but according to one survey public opinion on many issues has become fairly progressive. What this would seem to mean is that the very meaning of the ‘conservative’ label is changing.

Tea Party protesters represent 13% of the population and they represent some of the most rightwing people of the Republican party, but many of them have left the Republican party or become critical of it. So, this seems to imply that moderates in the Republican party now represent a larger ratio than they did in the past. With a relatively liberal Democrat as president, the political spectrum could become skewed so that many moderate ‘liberals’ might identify as ‘conservative’.

If you look at the youngest generation, they’re the most progressive generation seen in a long while. Also, they’re the largest generation seen in all of US history. One pertinent detail is that the younger generation has a very positive view of big government… but interestingly also very much in favor of big business just as long as it’s regulated.

I don’t know what all of this means, but the culture wars seem to be losing steam. I was thinking that Glenn Beck’s criticizing social justice Christians might be a sign that social justice is regaining popularity within Christianity. Earlier last century, it was Christianity that led the social justice populist movements.

One further point is that white fundamentalists are a shrinking demographic. Religious ‘nones’ (atheists, agnostics, & non-religious spiritual types) are quickly increasing in numbers. And, in schools, white kids are already the minority. Immigration increased massively in the past decade or so which has led to much mixing of cultures and an increase in interracial dating/marriage.

I’m curious to see how this will play out. Those involved in the Tea Party movement will of course fight this. The fundamentalists in Texas have been fighting it for some time with their trying to make school textbooks more conservative-friendly. But on certain issues it looks like a losing battle. More and more states are considering legalizing marijuana and gay marriage. I’m sure that political partisanship is going to become even more extreme.


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