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Here is the basic idea of an open thread. This is where a comment, idea, link, or whatever can be posted when it doesn’t necessarily fit the subject matter of any available post. This also can be where people can lodge their complaints or make suggestions, including possibilities for future posts.

Plus, this would be a good place for rants, as I’ll be less discerning in my moderation of comments here. I encourage open discussion. But there are limits. If your comment creates a negative atmosphere or simply lessens my happiness, then it will not be approved. I will use my discretion. Make sure your comment is worthy of your time and my own.

10,756 thoughts on “Open Thread

    • I don’t doubt there are many factors, including opioids. But as far as I know, there isn’t a higher than average of opioid use among the younger generations that are showing greater mortality. If anything, their drug addiction rates were lower, at least in the past. Something else is going on. And you know from my writing, that I’d suggest diet.

      Over this past century, there has been a steady increase of starchy carbs, added sugar, and omega-6s (margarine, shortening, seed oils). This was at the same time as the increase of highly processed foods with additives and tainted with farm chemicals, toxins, hormone mimics/disruptors, etc.

      Worse still, the data shows that foods are less nutritious than in the past because the soil itself is nutrient deficient. The chemical-laden mono-crop big ag is not helping. In Iowa, we’ve already lost more than half of our top soil and that mostly happened over the same past century.

      It is interesting that this change isn’t limited to middle age and rural whites. That it is hitting the young is worrisome. But the fact that it also is harming non-whites proves that we can’t blame everything on whites. Trump wasn’t elected because some whites are dying more, considering some non-whites are also dying more.

    • One of the side effects of this kind of community intervention in parenting is that, over time as enough of the population was influenced, the societal tendency toward authoritarianism would decrease. That is the problem in trying to get this put into practice on a large scale. The authoritarians and the social dominators who manipulate them would sense that this is a threat to their worldview and the social order their trying to enforce. They need traumatized people to be successful in their aspirations of social control

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