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Here is the basic idea of an open thread. This is where a comment, idea, link, or whatever can be posted when it doesn’t necessarily fit the subject matter of any available post. This also can be where people can lodge their complaints or make suggestions, including possibilities for future posts.

Plus, this would be a good place for rants, as I’ll be less discerning in my moderation of comments here. I encourage open discussion. But there are limits. If your comment creates a negative atmosphere or simply lessens my happiness, then it will not be approved. I will use my discretion. Make sure your comment is worthy of your time and my own.

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    Third-party politics is the last stand of world democracy, and as Iceland is about to prove, if people can organize around new ideals which resonate with the population, then they can be elevated and brought into power, if only the establishment system permits their participation. In the U.S. third parties are strictly prohibited.

    • I’m not sure about other countries, but the above quote indicates the problem in the US. The establishment will never permit third party participation or any other serious reform that is needed to make democracy function.

      Democracy can’t be implemented through an anti-democratic system. In such cases, democracy must be forced onto the system by forcing a new democratic system to replace it. That is to say the only option left is revolution, whether peaceful or not.

      We are beyond the point of any hope for reform from within the system. The only question left is: Do we actually want democracy or not? If we do want it, there is only one way to get it. If we don’t want it, we should stop complaining and simply accept what the ruling elite allows us to have.

      It is that simple. Democracy either exists or it doesn’t. We either demand that we have democracy or we don’t. There is no two ways about it.

    • All that ‘gifted’ means is above average expression of human potential. It’s a highly relative standard, as average is determined by a particular population in a particular place and time. A ‘gifted’ person in centuries past or even just earlier last century would seem normal by today’s average, as the average of cognitive ability has been increasing over time. That is to say more people have been expressing more of their human potential. But it doesn’t mean human potential itself has increased. It was always there.

      Most ‘ungifted’ kids probably have the same basic human potential as most ‘gifted’ kids, just different conditions and opportunities leading to different results. Going by what we know so far, we have no reason to conclude otherwise. We know how powerful are the confounding factors: nutrition, healthcare, parasite load, toxins, parents at home, unstressful environment, learning resources available, quality education, etc.

      I’m sure that most ‘gifted’ children just so happen to have grown up under conditions that came together in the right way to elicit their human potential in a certain way and to a greater degree. Even children in the same household don’t have the exact same conditions with one kid having lead paint chips in his room and another doesn’t, one kid was bullied and one wasn’t, one had an effective teacher and one didn’t, one had a severe sickness at a key point in development and another didn’t. Different conditions interact differently with various genetic and epigenetic factors. With epigenetics, something that happened in generations past might get inherited by one kid but not by another, for completely random reasons of inheritance.

      There is no mystery to this. Humans and human environments are complex. If anyone doubts this is true, I dare them to raise their ‘gifted’ child malnutritioned, parasite-ridden, no healthcare, in a toxic environment, with few resources, and without education. Then maintain those conditions for a few more generations or a few centuries and see what are the results. Good luck to them!

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