Western Society and Collective Trauma

I see Western society as possibly the most traumatized society on the planet.

Europe was once a place of tribal people with polytheistic and animistic religions. Almost everything we think of as Western was introduced to the West from elsewhere, mostly from North Africa and the Middle East, but also from Asia: imperialism, colonialism, high art, philosophy, mathematics, astrology, science, etc. None of that originated in Europe.

Instead, Europe’s native society was destroyed through genocide. What was left was a wounded people. Europe is a war-ravaged land and the scars of violence have never healed. Even war-ravaged Africa has survived more intact with its original cultures than Europe has. The East as well has maintained more of its native culture. Few populations on the planet were as utterly decimated by cultural genocide as happened with Europeans.

The dysfunction seen in Western society is that it is a traumatized society. Trauma at that scale doesn’t heal easily, if ever. There is no way to turn back. The cultural genocide was so complete that almost all of the native traditions have been lost forever. When cultural genocide is committed, the soul of a people is murdered. Europeans are the walking wounded, the descendents of the victims of one of the world’s largest genocides.

I’m very serious about that. The past millennia of war and occupation really fucked up Europe. America then inherited that fucked up society. We Westerners are a maimed and scarred people.

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  1. The main idea of the West that is unique to it is “nationalism” and formalization of the scientific method, but all of those have roots and proto-forms elsewhere. That said, I think you are assuming other societies are not as scarred. There are no modern, non-traumized peoples.

    • I wasn’t assuming, but I was focusing on the West. My point was that the problems of the West are old problems. People complain about the West, in terms of imperialism, colonialism, genocides, etc. But they rarely acknowledge that this also happened to Europe. Before Europe could do this to other regions, it had to first be done to Europe.

      That was my main point. I had a secondary point about how successful was the cultural genocide of the European natives. African descendents speak of returning to their traditional native cultures, but that isn’t possible for Westerners for we have lost our connection to our own pasts. It was annihalated, gone forever.

      • In lieu of our disconnection from the pre-Christian past: such might explain our explorations into other modes of thought & application, in order to get somewhat closer to what we once were. Such attempts are quite varied like Aryan-based Buddhism & even Semitic Islam via the Tawheed.

        Within this past decade, I have truly come to see the chaos within the West (especially in the tri-State areas of New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut). They are certainly the most dysfunctional areas of the Western World in light of miscegenation & the daily spiritual crisis among the vulgar masses (seriously).

        Becoming awakened to this daily dysfunction only serves us to take necessary actions for our souls to ascend & transcend beyond the chaos. We’ll apply the best efforts possible to connect to a sliver of our primordial past even.

        • “In lieu of our disconnection from the pre-Christian past: such might explain our explorations into other modes of thought & application, in order to get somewhat closer to what we once were.”

          That is a good point. If we can’t return to the past of our own cultures, we can at least try to find our way back through other cultures. I think this problem also explains the Western obsession with ancestry, as a symbolic replacement for lost traditions. One way or another, we Westerners are looking for our roots or, failing that, the closest approximations available.

          “Within this past decade, I have truly come to see the chaos within the West (especially in the tri-State areas of New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut).”

          It’s interesting that you mention those states. I was just visiting there a week ago, the last time I was in the region was when I was a baby. Much of my family came from the area, some lines going back to colonial times. I can’t say I’m all that familiar with the chaos and dysfunction of the tri-State areas. It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. I’m a Midwesterner by heart. Out of curiosity, why do you think those are “the most dysfunctional areas of the Western world in light of miscegenation & the daily spiritual crisis among the vulgar masses”?

          “Becoming awakened to this daily dysfunction only serves us to take necessary actions for our souls to ascend & transcend beyond the chaos. We’ll apply the best efforts possible to connect to a sliver of our primordial past even.”

          I’ve been trying to come to terms with the past. When I look at the world around me, I see the disconnection and cluelessness, dissociation and obliviousness. I read about other societies and ancient civilizations and I realize that something radical happened, so radical that we can’t even comprehend it. It’s not just that the past was lost but even our ability to understand the past. Most people simply end up projecting onto the past, not grasping how we’ve become alienated from our own human nature.

          • Regarding the miscegenation & spiritual crisis of the vulgar tri-State area masses: for better or for worse, this area was once a settled & evolving culture of varied Caucasoid groups from Europe & the Levant (i.e. Arabs, Greeks, Jews, Berbers, Armenians et cetera). For all of the intra-ethnic conflicts within that evolving white civilisation, a sort of general socio-cultural stability (I believe) would have ensued. Hence, the gradual fruition of a new white identity, folklore, and mythological repertoire of sorts.

            However, such fruition was cut short in 1965 (i.e. the Immigration Act).

            The tri-State area (especially NYC) has taken on a different demographic destiny (i.e. de-Europeanisation), from which a near total globalist balkinisation has occurred. The result: a kind of neutralising ‘cutting-of-the-cord’ uprootedness for all within a nihilist modernity to boot. Hence, an apparent spiritual crisis for whites & non-whites.

            En fin: a complete debasement (i.e. vulgarisation) of the masses in all matters of manner & protocol.

          • I’ve never found race a useful frame. It is simply the frame we are stuck with because of a dark history. Many Europeans were considered questionable in their whiteness even earlier last century. Some of the laws to limit immigration were targeted at undesirable Eastern and Southern Europeans. Slavics, for example, were always treated as maybe not quite white or maybe not even quite European, certainly not Western. Slavics, especially with the Cold War, came to be associated with Asians.

            Earlier in history, the likes of Benjamin Franklin considered Germans to be a separate alien race that threatened WASP society and he was right, as those German-Americans were the majority in Pennsylvania during the colonial era and have since become the majority of the US population. The main reason German-Americans finally assimilated was because of the fear, violence, and oppression against them during the two world wars. It led to cultural genocide of German-American culture, including the elimination of a thriving German language used in German-American communities, newspapers, and schools.

            I’m too civil libertarian and social liberal in my political tendencies to see that loss and destruction as a good thing. Not to mention that I’m of German-American ancestry. That was my culture that was eliminated for the greater good of ensuring WASPs maintained their hegemony through suppression of all that is different and challenging. It’s not that I’m against assimilation freely chosen. I just despise forced assimilation done through prejudice or, worse still, terror. The Second KKK mostly operated in the majority-white North and hated non-WASPs more than blacks. It was not a happy time of US history. Early 20th century had the highest homicide rates and much of it was inter-ethnic conflict among whites.

            I’m no friend and ally of WASP visions of dominance. It’s part of that same traumatized mindset that this post is about. Romans sought to assimilate everyone they conquered. Then a bunch of European empires forced independent tribes to assimilate to various nationalist identities: British, French, German, Russian, etc. It’s one fucked-up thing leading to another, century after century. It has to be stopped at some point before it destroys us all.

          • I do understand the historical questioning of whiteness for Slavs & Sicilians (as examples) in lieu of each having absorbed degrees of mongoloid & negroid gene flow via war & immigration no doubt. Europe (at varying degrees) had always absorbed (by way of civilisation as you’ve mentioned) various gene flows from other regions.

            As for WASPS: their isolation (as far as history tells us) began as soon as they invaded Britannia in 450 CE, thereby having lost connection with the rest of the Germanic world. The rest is history as to their seemingly anti-identity mindset throughout history to this very day.

            Nota bene: there is a recently published book titled, ‘The Wasp Question’ by Andrew Fraser. Ergo, the following link: http://www.arktos.com/andrew-fraser-the-wasp-question.html

            As to German identity: it seems that she will momentarily survive her ongoing destruction whilst the American Imperium gradually collapses. As a part of that collapse, the City of New York (now a majority non-white populace) may follow in that chaos as various brown races violently compete for political & demographic power (i.e. Chinese vs blacks; mulatto Dominicans vs mulatto Puerto Ricans), and so on.

            An interesting note: the white race now stands at eight percent of the global population. It was once 22-25% at the start of the twentieth century. Only two-percent of the current global population are white females of child birthing age.

            I personally think that we will not survive the next 200 years.

          • I would point out that it isn’t just the Slavs and Sicilians.

            The European Spanish, of course, are mixed. The English and British in general are a mix of Celtic, Basque, Scandinavians, Germanic, Norman, and who knows what else. The English, specifically, include much more than Angle and Saxon ancestry. The Basque is interesting on their own terms, as a relatively independent genetic and cultural population, but still not entirely free from other genetic and cultural influences. Even the Northern Europeans are a mix of genetics from the early population flows from Asia to North America. European Jews also include much non-Semitic ancestry since it used to be more common for people to convert to Judaism.

            I’ve never thought too much about the origin of the WASP identity. It’s always seemed like a strange identity, not quite an ethnicity. The WASPs were the most mutt-like of people in Europe, the predecessors of the American mutt. England was always divided by different ancestries in different regions. The Anglo-Saxon designation is a misnomer. The Quakers from the English Midlands were descendants of Scandinavian settlers, the Puritans were from an area of Germanic settlements (along with much contact with mainland Europe), and the well known Cavaliers were proud of their Norman heritage. The book you mentioned could be insightful.

            On a related note, the Irish were the part of the British population with genetic connections to the Basque. The Scottish were a mixed group with close relations to the French. The Lowland Scots and the Scots-Irish were among the most mixed of all, the latter including French Huguenots. The English ‘WASP’s sometimes didn’t consider these other British people to be fully ‘white’ or Caucasian, an issue I recently wrote about:


            Germany didn’t used to be considered a single people. What is now Germany used to be separated into numerous tribes, then nation-states, and later empires. The notion of a German ethnicity is a rather modern invention. One of my ancestors identified his place of origins in three different ways on census records: Germany, France, and Alsace. That was back in the mid-1800s when identity in Europe was rather uncertain and often shifting, along with borders and governments.

            Because of my ancestry, I’ve had a long time interest in the former Middle colonies and present Mid-Atlantic states. Those were always places of immense racial and ethnic diversity, including the colonies of multiple empires. New York has always lacked any ethnic loyalty, as it has always been a place of capitalism. Many non-whites in early America sought refuge in that region of the country because greater freedom could be had there. The ports were notorious in the early centuries for their large populations of non-whites working the docks and on ships. It’s always been a part of the country where diverse people mixed.

            There has never been a stable and consistent white identity. The size of the white population has actually increased as the definition of whiteness broadened over time. Such definitions ultimately are arbitrary. There is no white race. There are simply a bunch of separate genetic and cultural populations that originated in and around Europe that to varying degrees mixed over time, but to this day still remain somewhat distinct.

          • The population size of the white race has indeed increased in lieu of expanse & definition. Current white birthrates (however) from Northern Europe to the Levant have never been lower. There are slightly higher birthrates within the Levant & Russia.

            Nevertheless, the general trends dominate, by way of decline.

            Yes; I’m familiar with just about all aspects of historical miscegenation throughout history (including the ante-bellum Southland). In the state of Georgia, I’ve come across fair-complexioned ‘fractional phenotypes’ accentuated via Indian and/or sub-Saharan genetics. The overall Semitic world of the Arab & Jew carries a bit of the sub-Saharan (though many classical Semites still exist for I run into them within NYC on a nearly daily basis).

            In lieu of the West’s historical traumas: do you offer a healing prescription in light of roots & identity for her very continuance?

          • As a side note, it’s interesting that the Germans Benjamin Franklin complained about were shorter, dark-skinned Palatine Germans. They relate to the Alsace-Lorraine border population that some of my family came from. That is also the border region where Yiddish developed. As a border region, it was a place of great mixing.

            These border people often headed to border regions elsewhere such as the French Huguenots who headed to the border of Scotland and England. My border French-German family went straight to the border region of the early American frontier. They seemed to feel at home in these diverse border areas.

            Border people, like the Scots-Irish, sometimes are known for being mutts as borders used to be where people escaped to. What brought such people together is simply that they didn’t feel like they belonged anywhere else. The Scots-Irish have been known for their ‘miscegenation’ for centuries because mixing is the very definition of who they are, never in their entire existence having ever been concerned about racial purity.

            Many Scots-Irish, of course, came to the frontier and rural areas of America where they mixed with other outsiders from Europe along with Native Americans and blacks. The racial purity ideals of groups like the KKK were mostly held by upper middle class whites, not poor rural whites.

            As a descendant of multiple border people, I must admit I have a fondness for their attitude about life and identity. I’m 100% racially impure, a red-blooded American mutt and proud of it. But honestly it means little to me. My ancestors apparently weren’t overly concerned about such things and I don’t know why I should care.

            I do care about what the larger traumas mean, but what is lost can never be retrieved or reinvented. It’s simply gone and now we have to figure out how to move forward as a society.

            There are other people dealing with other problems. Consider the Israelis and Palestinians. They are ancestrally and genetically from the same original population of Semites. The Palestinians are simply the Jewish population that never left and converted to Islam. There being racially the same people doesn’t solve their problems, if anything making them even more conflicted.

            So, it’s not as if I think knowing your ethnic ancestry and culture solves anything. If German-American traditions had been maintained, it might be nice. I just don’t see see much point in worrying about it, as there is nothing that can be done. My various ancestors wouldn’t have identified as the same race in the past and many of them would have hated each other, even probably having been on opposing sides of wars.

            Knowing I’m a mixed-up mutt doesn’t help me deal with any of it. Should I identify with my border French-German ancestors, my Austrian ancestors, my Bavarian ancestors, my lowland Dutch-Scottish ancestors, my English ancestors, the tiny fraction of my ancestors I know about—who should I identify with? And what point would it serve now? No one has known anything about my family’s various ethnic cultures in generations. It was all destroyed in the assimilationist ideology of a vague, broad, and meaningless racial category of ‘whiteness’.

            Sadly, I see no hope of healing. I’m not even sure what that would mean in our present situation. Nearly all traditional culture in Europe and America was annihilated centuries ago, long before modern liberal multiculturalism. There isn’t much left to save. Some unclear and shifting notion of whiteness hardly is a worthy identity around which to build my entire sense of hope for the future. If all that is left is a bland empty category of whiteness, then that feels like grasping at straws and the opposite of inspiring.

            If there is to be any hope, then we are going to have to build something new out of the scattered pieces. The broad whiteness as an assimilationist project is the main motivation that led to the destruction of any meaningful ethnic identities for those of European ancestry. Embracing the cause of the problem won’t help us solve the problem, assuming we can figure out exactly what the problem is beyond the trauma itself.

            I couldn’t say where that leaves us. The problems we face are happening elsewhere. The Han Chinese, for example, represent an old assimilationist project of vast different ethnic populations. The label of ‘Asian’ includes more genetic and cultural diversity than even that of the broad ‘white’ label. And then more genetic and cultural diversity is found on the African continent than all of the rest of the world combined.

            The problem we face is modernity itself. Globalization has created entirely new conditions never before faced by humanity. It’s not a problem of whites vs blacks, Westerners vs Easterners, liberals vs conservatives, or whatever else. It’s a problem of all humanity being forced into a radically unstable era that has become built into the entire political and economic framework of the global order.

            We aren’t going to reverse any of this, without the total collapse of all civilization. What any of us believes or hopes for is irrelevant, as the forces causing all of this is beyond us and outside our control. Future generations will either figure out some new kind of answer or humanity will simply be royally fucked.

            I hate being so negative, but it’s how I feel. I’ve got a strong streak of fatalism in me. It’s not that I lack all sense of hope. It’s just that what hope I sense will require drastic change in response to the drastic changes that have already happened. There is no easy way out of our situation. It’s going to get worse before it gets better, assuming it ever gets better. Meanwhile, I’m not going to worry about the fate of my tiny portion of humanity, however I might label and define it.

          • I’m sorry that I couldn’t offer you a response that really answered your question in a satisfactory way.

            I’m American mutt who has no ethnic identity or even a family memory of ethnic identity. I was born and raised in a traumatized society and it is all I know. I see a long history of trauma and it’s hard for me to imagine that this trajectory of trauma is likely to change any time soon. Even saving the ‘white’ race won’t help us deal with the trauma, since the ‘white’ race is some combination of the cause and effect of the trauma itself.

            What are we trying to heal? What are we exactly hoping will continue when the West has become defined by its own trauma? Do you have any better answers than I can offer? What if there is no better answer? What if the entirety of Western civilization is simply damaged goods, permanently traumatized with no redemption?

          • In my ideal world, ethnic Americans such as my German immigrants would have been allowed to keep their culture, language, etc. I’m not one who is overly prone to loyalty, but I do have some sense of loyalty to my ancestry. I care about where my family came from. I do wish I had been raised with the knowledge and direct experience of my ethnic heritage.

            Being American mutt does leave one rootless. Still, it gives me a sense of place in the world knowing a little bit about my family background. Most of my heritage is Germanic of some variety or another, as far as I can tell (assuming my genealogical research is accurate). There is only one distant ancestor I know of who seems to have been English, a woman from colonial South Carolina. Even my Scottish ancestor is of a family line that supposedly originated from Netherlands. I’m Germanic and, even though I don’t know what relevance that can have at this point, it does seem like it matters in one way or another. People should know where they come from.

            It makes me sad knowing that my cultural heritage is lost. I could visit Germany or even move there. That would be one way of trying to reconnect to my roots. I don’t feel any desire to do that, though. I remain an American mutt, partly because there are more family lines that I don’t know their origins of than those I do know of. As far as I know, I could have some Hispanic, Sicilian, Slavic, Semitic, Arabic, Native American, or whatever mixed in me and I’d never know (I could even have some African in me, as I had several family lines going back to the Slave South, where many whites had forgotten slave ancestors). Most of my ancestors came to America long before this was a country, and few records were kept back then. I’ll never really know who my ancestors were.

            Even genealogy research can lead one to false conclusions, as the father or even mother listed on an official record may not have been the birth parent. War time, in particular, often leads to a whole generation of kids being born with uncertain paternity—that being the case with the American Civil War. Many soldiers came back to wives already pregnant or with kids, and no one talked about it.

            I’m just an American mutt, like so many others. I can’t be anything else. I’m as proud of being an American mutt as I am of being Germanic. I suppose there is no point in being ashamed of what I am.

            As for WASP culture, it has little to do with my ancestral heritage. I wish WASPs well in trying to make sense of their crazy ancestral heritage. The problem with the WASP identity in the US, though, is most Americans aren’t actually WASPs. The WASP majority never existed in the Mid-Atlantic and ended elsewhere during the mass non-English immigrant waves of the 1800s. Most Americans have no reason to feel loyal to WASP dominance. If whiteness in America is defined by that WASP dominance, then if anything most American whites who wish to protect their ancestral heritage should see it as a threat.

            Everyone has to choose their loyalties. It’s understandable that the WASPs wanted to maintain their dominance and enforce loyalty through creating a WASP whiteness. It was part of their imperial aspirations that led to colonization and so much else. So, what are we majority non-WASPs supposed to do in a WASP dominant society?

          • There is another thing about WASPs. It’s not just a misnomer in terms of WASPs being much more than Angle and Saxon ancestry. They aren’t even primarily Protestant, in terms of their cultural heritage.

            The Church of England was never part of the Protestant Reformation, instead having been part of a later act of Anglicizing the Catholic Church. The aristocracy that ruled WASP England were French Catholics and Catholicism was the official religion of England for a long time. The Puritans came out of this non-Protestant Anglican tradition and, like the Quakers, combined it with both Protestant and non-Protestant religious dissenter traditions.

            Most people who have identified as WASP never were strictly WASP, in a technical sense. Knowing that historical background, what is WASP culture?

            It reminds me of the pseudo-ethnic identity of the American Civil War, based on the cultural and regional divide of the English Civil War. American Northerners identified with the Puritan Germanic heritage. And American Southerners identified with the Cavalier Norman heritage. But the reality is few Americans descended from either population. It was a conflict based on imagined ethnicities that only had vague connection to real ethnicities.

            Such labels, like ethno-nationalism, are acts of both arbitrary boundaries and imagined identities. The world could be divided in endless ways and humans would identify with the groupings that followed. It’s just the way humans are and says little about the relevance of the identities themselves. People just want something to belong to.

            Here is yet another related thought. The largest ancestral group in the US is German. Yet German-American ethnicity, culture, and language were destroyed such that most German-Americans no longer even know they’re of German ancestry, many of them having had their surnames anglicized in generations past. So, what goes for WASP in the US is largely German-American, as the two ethnicities simply combined into a further degree of American mutt.

            Racial categories are particularly confused in the US. In the American South, there is even a surprising percentage of the white population with African genetics. And American blacks in general include 1 in 5 who are majority European and 1 in 20 who have no African genetics discernible.

    • Many people argue that Western Civilization is fucked up in so many ways.

      The West includes many of the greatest and largest colonial empires in world history. The largest slave societies were from the West. The largest genocides were from the West. It is Europe that started the world wars. It is a European-originated country, the US, that destroyed two inhabited cities with atomic bombs. The West seeks to control the world (with relative success) in a way no other region has ever done.

      If this is the kind of thing that defines a society being fucked up, then indeed the West is fucked up. I agree with this assessment, not to argue other regions aren’t also fucked up. My interest is how things get fucked up. We look at Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America as being fucked up places; but more people have a sense of what fucked up these places. It is different with Europe. Most people, including most Westerners, are ignorant about how Western Civilization got so fucked up.

      It is an amazing, even horrific, transformation that an isolated tribal society like that of Europeans would become global superpowers. The natives clung to their native cultures for a long time against the forces of empire and oppression, but they finally were defeated. It is amazing that a place like Africa with all the violence has still maintained so much of its ancient heritage.

      I just think we should acknowledge not only how fucked up Western Civilization became but also how it became that way with the violent and forceful introduction of imperialism, colonialism, mass slavery, and mass genocide. We Westerners should grieve for what was lost, no less than African-Americans grieve what slavery caused them to lose.

      Until Westerners deal with their collective trauma, we’re going to continue on spreading the suffering all over the world. Fucked-upness just leads to endless fucked-upness. If you don’t know you are sick, you won’t seek treatment and you will spread that sickness everywhere you go.

    • Also, few people think about how so much of Europe and the US as well are post-colonial societies.

      Rome wasn’t originally considered part of Western Civilization as we think of it. Romans identified with and shared cultural traditions with North Africans, those in the Levant, and other Mediterranean peoples. Much of Europe was a colony of empires like the Romans which also included groups from the East and from North Africa who conquered and controlled for periods of time regions of Europe.

      As for the US, it is more of a post-colonial country like the rest of Latin America. Most of the US used to be part of the Spanish Empire, in fact. As for the rest of the US, it was either a colony of Britain or some other European power, from the Dutch to the French.

      Ireland is another interesting example. They are the first English colony. They represent the early aspirations of the English to create a British Empire.

      If Africa and Latin America is excused for being so fucked up because of post-colonial problems, then why don’t we also acknowledge the post-colonial problems that exist within the West?

      • There are some key issues to deal with and perhaps the implication is intensely unpleasant. One the “West” is an really hard concept to deal with but all of the European world has been colonized and not just by the Romans, the peoples we think of as the settled European peoples are a product of the last 500 years and were only really settled by the sorting after WWI and WW2 and that sorting itself is questionable.

        So yes, we are messed up, but we were colonized at an earlier point that effects our material history differently and gives us some less excuses.

  2. It is true that there was much early colonizing in Europe. The first Europeans, Basque/Irish and Finnish, were mostly overwhelmed by Indo-Europeans and forced to assimilate. I’m sure it had been brutal, but of course it wasn’t colonialism at that point. Actual colonialism in Europe didn’t gain a foothold until the Romans and Moors, both of which colonized other regions before Europe, specifically Western Europe.

    The imperial conquerors/colonizers of North Africa were among the earliest major slave societies and their most sought out people to enslave were Europeans (Slavs and hence the word slaves), but the Arabs like the Romans and Greeks were open to enslaving all varieties of people, including Africans. Westerners just built on this already established slave trade.

    It is true that much of the colonizing in Europe came relatively early, at least in comparison to the Americas. But not all of it was early. The colonizing of Ireland, for example, started later and the violent post-colonial struggles there were a 20th century event, just like in Africa.

    Certainly, the genocide of the native Europeans happened early. The populations that weren’t wiped out or enslaved had all or most of their cultures suppressed and destroyed. Then there were all the invasions of Huns, Mongols, etc. And following that centuries of imperial wars that decimated what was left of free populations and native cultures.

    As you say, the post-colonial mess in Europe continued well into the 20th century. And in many ways it still continues. A number of European populations (such as the Scottish and Basque) are conflicted over their lack of independence. The sorting is very much questionable, especially for the border people who always fought the most fiercely against imperialism and colonialism.

    The West wasn’t colonized earlier than North Africa, the Middle East, and beyond. Part of my point is that Western Europe wasn’t part of those initial millennia of civiization. The West came extremely late to the game compared to many other Untold numbers of great empires rose and fell before tribal Western Europeans even heard of the idea of an empire. But once the transformation began it happened fast. It didn’t take long to wipe out every single tribal group in Europe.

    Where else has that happened so completely at such a large scale? Probably not many other areas.

    I don’t see history demonstrating Europeans have any more inherent moral responsibility than regions such as North Africa and the Middle East (or China) that have experienced imperialism and colonialism much earlier. They’ve had a lot longer to socially and morally come to terms with and adapt to civilization. My sense is that few people in the world have much excuse for their respective dysfuctions.

    That said, Europeans have royally fucked over large swaths of the world and the West still plays this game of power and oppression. My theory, however, is that the West is destructive precisely to the degree that it experienced greater destruction. Offhand, I’m not sure which other region in the world has experienced an equivalent mass cultural genocide. Even most of the areas of the pre-European empires haven’t known such total annihalation of native cultures.

    The West is so severely messed up becase it has pretty much lost its roots, lost nearly all sense of its own past. It is an uunrooted culturefocused on progress toward the future for it has no strong clear sense of past to better stabilize it. Just a theory, but it does explain a lot. In particular, it explains why few other formerly tribal peoples have become such powerful and oppressive global superpowers, Japan and China being the closest recent equivalent examples outside of the West. If my theory is to be dismissed,I’d like to hear a better theory.

    • I think you’re right. Your theory makes sense. The West does seem to be like an abused child continually lashing out as a dysfunctional adult. Question: has the West gone imperial in order to avoid further trauma from without?

      • There is something that really messes up a society when they lose their cultural identity.

        Many native people around the world have experienced oppression, mass violence, colonialism, etc. But Europe is maybe the only continent where nearly all native tribal cultures were wiped from existence. Even in the violent Middle East there remains many surviving native tribal cultures.

        That has to be taken into account to understand why the Western world is the way it is. It is easy to point out the problems of a society. But more important is understanding why those problems exist and what caused them.

  3. on te west: https://louisproyect.org/2016/01/20/ricardo-duchesne-the-marxist-hegelian-who-became-a-white-nationalist/

    ” My understanding is that his 2011 book isn’t completely junk, although he relies on a lot of bogus history, makes many unsubstantiated assertions, etc. [I might actually use a little of it in a comparative civilizations course I begin teaching in two weeks, as a counterpoint to Frank (whom I’ve read) and Goody and Hobson (whom I haven’t).] I sense that his further degeneration into reactionary crank since 2011 has something to do with how his book was received in “politically correct, liberal multicultural” academia — it was mostly ignored. He is now vulgarizing his act and actively courting the racialist right.”

  4. Well he is an academic. That said, I’m not sure the quality of his work really is anything worthwhile given other reviews of his general works.

    I think it’s a bit weird that the “west” is lumped all together when the regions are quite different even though they influence each other. It’s made even funnier that many western supremacists fetishize Ancient Rome and Greece, yet they look down on southern europeans compared to northern europeans. Why does the Anglo world get to claim Ancient Greece as their own? Northwest Europe does owe a lot to the ancient civilizations of Southern Europe and the Near East, but the way that lump themselves together as one is weird especially when they see modern day southern europeans as inferior 😛

    Also, as the author is the alt-right white nationalist CAnadian… Eastern Europe is also very distinct from the “west” to this day, even in the “major” ways like individualism vs collectivism, attitudes towards democracy ,etc. But he sees ALL europeans as “the west” while downplaying the extremely prominent role the Near East played in shaping the Ancient Southern European civilizations they love, and in turn, shape the modern “west” https://www.amazon.com/Uniqueness-Civilization-Critical-Sciences-Academic/product-reviews/9004232761/ref=cm_cr_dp_see_all_btm?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=recent

    It’s just a different view. Also, it’s also quite a mirror of hardcore SJW, in that hardcore SJW paint “whites” as a sort of unique evil, while he paints the west as a special type of “nice.” The “westerners are uniquely curious about the other” for example, feeds into the alt-right meme that only westerners are non-racist, nice to outsiders, etc. But on the ground we know that it’s not true.

    Southern Europeans, which are the people of the Ancient Greece and Rome so beloved, are hardly hardcore individualists. I just think it’s weird how they’re all lumped together 😛

    • I don’t know anything about that book or the author. Being an academic doesn’t necessarily mean anything by itself. Universities around the world include much diversity in both quality and ideology. Saying that someone is an academic tells you almost nothing other than they got some formal education and then got a job in a college or some similar institution, even just a think tank.

      About the ‘West’, I find many labels to be strange. It’s the problem I have with identity politics, whether used by the political left or the political right. It tends toward not just divisiveness but often simplistic thinking and emotional manipulation. It’s typically based more on bias and imagination than factuality.

      Does being Western mean being tribal Celtic, Basque, etc? Or does it mean the Indo-Europeans that wiped out or assimilated most of the native population? Or does it mean the Romans along with Romanized empires and Romanized Catholic Church that eliminated the last remnants of tribal Western Europe? Or does it mean the Moorish culture that reintroduced Greco-Roman thought along with giving the West a boost with Arabic math, science, and medicine?

      It is odd how Western, like whiteness, has expanded to include a larger area than before. Southern Europeans have slowly been assimilated into the Western white world, partly because they had to be assimilated in order to legitimate the Western world being founded on Mediterranean civilizations and their cultural-intellectual legacies, including that of the North African and the Levant civilizations. Now, Western whites in their sense of feared decline, are feeling compelled to assimilate more populations into their identity. The next populations to be welcomed will be Slavics and Hispanics, the latter being the easiest as technically the Spanish are already part of the Western world.

      I have nothing against having a sense of social identity. I just think these vast identities end up being meaningless. I’m not a white Westerner. I’m many specific things. I’m an American mutt, a descendant of Germanic Midwesterner working class, Upper South poor whites of unknown ethnicity, Scottish Southern elite, Mid-Atlantic immigrant mixing, and much else. I’m all that and a thousand other specific things. I identify with my family and where I live, my home. I identify with where my family came from and what has shaped me. I identify with my place in the world, taken in the context of history. My identity is specific and has little to do with the lives and experiences of the vast majority who could be labeled as Western or white.

      Lumping all those people together makes no sense on a historical or personal level. It seems bizarre trying to take pride in abstract categories that are so broad as to have no clear meaning. The definition of Western and white changes across the generations. Few of my ancestors would have identified as Western whites. So, if I care about my ancestry, why should I identify as Western white? Even ignoring that, it simply makes no sense on an intellectual level.

      The Mediterranean cultures that are the basis of Western Civilization aren’t known for their hyper-individualism that is supposedly heart of the Western mind. Plus, the tribal Germans, Celts, and Basque weren’t known for their hyper-individualism, quite the opposite. Freedom etymologically originates from a German word related to friend because freedom was originally assumed to be inseparable from the social and not an expression of individuality. People could only be free in a community, not as an isolated individual. Western hyper-individualism developed partly by introduction of foreign ideas through conquering empires and partly through the traumatic aftermath of destroyed tribal societies. If one wanted to return to the earliest ancestral culture of the Western world, that would require denying the foreign imposition of hyper-individualism.

    • This is what bugs me. WASPs, ignoring the misnomer, want to be the arbiters for the entire world’s definition of the Western and white. They want to determine what it means and doesn’t mean, who is allowed to belong and not belong. Well, fuck them!

      I’m not a WASP. If all the WASPs went extinct, I’d be as happy as can be. The WASPs didn’t just go around fucking over everyone else. They did their best destroy anything that was different from them, including my own non-English ethnic culture. If they end up being destroyed themselves, then they only get what they deserve for what they’ve done. Karma is a bitch! The ‘white’ and ‘Western’ world will go on without them.

      I don’t have warm feelings toward WASPs, their dominance and what they did to families like mine. I owe them nothing, especially not loyalty to the insane and cancerous WASP notions. I’ll define myself, thank you very much.

    • Then again, those of non-WASP ancestry have their own sins. As someone of Germanic ancestry, the example of the Nazis comes to mind. But of course, my Germanic ancestors came to America a century to three centuries before Hitler was born.

      My Germanic ancestors must not have thought Germany was such a great place or else they would never have left. They obviously saw some problematic sides their society. My Germanic/French ancestry lived in a border region for probably a good reason in likely trying to escape something, which is usually why people end up in border regions. And my Austrian ancestor didn’t like the oppressiveness in how the average soldier was being (mal-)treated.

      If European ancestry of any variety is such a thing to be proud of, then why not just go back to Europe. It’s because my ancestors sought to escape all that I’m an American mutt. I might as well embrace my heritage of being an American mutt. Anyway, we Americans have enough of our own problems without needing to take on all of the problems of the entire Western world.

    • Assimilation is a funny thing. That is even moreso when involving such broad abstractions as ‘white’. In coming to the US, many immigrants didn’t before think of themselves as whites. They identified according to their family, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or other such things. But identifying as white wasn’t particularly common until this past century or so. It was even less common to identify as Western.

      The average person probably never cared too much about identity, other than on the most personal level such as in terms of the church they attended which used to relate to ethnicity. Many immigrants, however, were escaping rather unhappy situations and there weren’t necessarily interested in holding onto their old identities. Assimilation was sometimes forced as during the world war era, but many immigrants likely were more than happy to give up their ethnic identity and all that went with it (accent, traditional attire, etc) if it would help them find work or whatever.

      Two of my most recent immigrant ancestors were my great great grandparents, from Austria and Bavaria. My paternal grandfather wasn’t born that long after they died. One would think his mother would have talked about her immigrant parents, but beyond some basic family info apparently no sense of ethnic heritage was passed down. She was first generation immigrant and married a man whose family had been American for at least several generations. Maybe her Germanic ancestry meant nothing to her and she probably never visited where her parents came from. Her father had been a military deserter and so he might have been a pariah in his own family.

      My father knew his German-American grandmother, until she died when he was ten. He used to visit in the summer and has fond memories of her. Yet he never recalls her talking about her immigrant parents or anything about them. It simply didn’t come up. And no aspect of German heritage was evident. All he recalls was that she had some kind of accent, but that could have been a New Jersey accent where she was born and raised.

      Ethnicity and ancestry simply didn’t mean much to many Americans in the past. The only time it would have been significant was when a family was living in an ethnic enclave. The thing is most immigrants didn’t live in ethnic enclaves and, when they did, typically they didn’t remain in ethnic enclaves in the following generations. It wasn’t always that they were trying to forget unhappy experiences of the countries they left. Maybe most of the time it simply became irrelevant. People tend to live in the present and quickly forget about the past. Moving to a new country tended to be permanent choice and the family left behind was rarely ever seen again. What was the point in holding onto an ethnic identity when more pressing concerns were on people’s minds, such as working to pay the bills and feed their families.

      Assimilation happened without anyone really noticing most of the time, not to dismiss the social pressure along with occasional oppressive laws and violence that came with it. Even when assimilation was forced, it was quickly forgotten and families wouldn’t have talked about it. Assimilation was practical and happened over time, unless an ethnic enclave formed to intentionally with great effort resist assimilation. Obsession with ethnicity and ancestry has only gained mainstream popularity quite recently.

      For my German immigrant great great grandparents and my German-American great grandmother, why would they have cared about the white Western world and its fate? My grandfather was an only child, after his very young sister had died. There was no concern about having a large family to save the white race and it wasn’t because they were self-hating multicultural liberals. Even so, that line of my family has done just fine in preserving the white race. My grandfather ended up with 10 grandchildren and a fair number of great grandchildren. It is true, though, that I’ve personally failed in helping the white race survive, as I’ve had no children. Fortunately, my brothers and cousins are carrying the slack for me.

  5. I have just started reading a book on this topic. It is called: ‘My name Is Chellis and I’m in recovery from Western Civilisation’. You might find it supports your thesis re the traumatised state of Euro/Western peoples. Personally, although I have been born and brought up in South Wales, UK, my family originate from the foothills of the Himalayas, from a region that, up until the 1940s, I believe, had status as a princely state that determined its own laws and rules. Moving between these two spaces from childhood has been a privilege, and good learning experience:)

    • Welcome to my blog! I may have heard of that title before, as it sounds vaguely familiar. Maybe I came across it while perusing books on Amazon or something.

      I’m not sure how traumatized is the Western psyche. But it does stand out to me that Europeans have so little living memory of their own once tribal societies. That seems strange to me. Most of what we think of as ‘Western’ didn’t originate in the West. Even ancient Greece and Rome were more a part of the Near East and North Africa than they were a part of Western Europe. Western Civilization seems like a fiction used to cover up what was lost.

      About your own experience, I’m sure that would offer much perspective. The closest equivalent in my own life is spending different parts of my life in different parts of the United States, primarily the Deep South and the Midwest, which are almost like separate countries in terms of cultures.

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