Internet and the Beetle

Brown beetle with spots - Pelidnota punctata

I must say that I truly love the internet.  I glanced over and noticed a beetle clinging to my backpack.  It takes me a few seconds to type “beetle tan OR brown spots” into the search box.  I click the first link and it’s the exact insect: Pelidnota punctata.  Even if I had a full collection of insect guides, I couldn’t identify an insect that quickly by paging through a book.  Internet rules!

4 thoughts on “Internet and the Beetle

  1. I found the same bug but it was just above the door to the girls toliets at school. Me and my friends made a little home in a cardboard box.

  2. Hello maddie

    I released the bug I found out the window, but he clinged on tightly. Is your little beetle friend still staying with you?

    BTW I was surprised to see someone finally respond to this post. It’s just me expressing my happiness, but it has turned out to be one of the most viewed posts I’ve written on wordpress. Go figure.

  3. I just found this same beetle in my kitchen in Connecticut!. I started searching the web for images and your pic came up 3on the first page. It seems like the most gentle little insect. After I finish examining it, I’ll release it outside. Thanks, Mr. Steele!

    • Howdy Jann

      I’m glad my post was helpful. I find it funny that this post comes up in search results. People click on it which just keeps it in the search results. I hope the picture and link I provide are helpful for those who check out this post.

      I live in Iowa which is where I found this bug. I don’t know if I’ve seen it before or since. You are right that it seems a gentle creature. It did have quite a grip on my bag. Maybe it thought my bag was tasty.

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