Survey: Young Voters – Obama Hasn’t Changed Much

This is interesting. Millennials are the largest generation ever born in the US and in the next couple of decades they’re going to dominate society and politics. They’re very liberal and apparently more liberal than even Obama. The Tea Party protesters and other rightwingers think that Obama is a socialist or communist. Well, they’re going to be in for a big surprise when the Millennials come into power.

So, Millennials voted Obama and the Democrats into power, but now they’re thinking twice. These young voters are leaving the Democrat party (although they’re still largely Democrat), but they aren’t shifting to the Republican party. They’re instead identifying as Independents which have always been the where the swing voters reside. Having voted for Obama’s progressive message of hope and change, they’re not likely to embrace the conservative brand. These young voters are going to force the Democrat party to become truly progressive or else they have the numbers to simply force progressivism onto society through other means. They’re a very socially active group who believe in volunteering and so I’d say they’re going to take Obama’s message and make it a reality to the best of their ability.

Despite my GenX cynicism, I support their optimism.