Hybrid Books

Curling Up With Hybrid Books, Videos Included
By Motoko Rich
(The New York Times)

The article is decently informative, but it doesn’t offer much analysis.  I found it irritating how the author concluded.  There are always critics of every new technology.  Experts and others have been warning about the death of the book for the last century and the book industry is still very profitable.

Video (or hyperlinks or whatever) aren’t going to destroy people’s ability to read text.  People will still have the choice to read books with plain text.  This merely increases the options.

Videos don’t make people stupid.  Every technology demands different kinds of intelligence.  Even video games increase intelligence.  These new hybrid books will make reading more interactive which will most definitely increase intelligence.

However, it’s very rare to see an intelligent criticism of evolving technology.  People were complaining about written text when it was replacing oral culture.  There were those who believe telephones and television would destroy society when they were invented.  Change is change.  Get over it and quit complaining.