Real Patriot Speaks Truth

I just came across this vlogger. He says he is an Iraq vet, one of the many soldiers who came back with injuries from shrapnel. He says he had four concussions in four months which from what I understand isn’t unusual. I think he said he is 24. So, he is of the Millennial generation. Gulf war was the war of my generation, but it pales in comparison to what this generation has had to deal with. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are close to being the longest wars in US history.

This guy speaks the truth. Most of what he says I already was familiar with, but this guy has passion, righteous passion. I wish all those who support the wars (and our imperialistic military policies) would watch videos of veterans like this.

What really interests me is that this guy is of the new generation coming of age. Considering how long and extensive these recent wars have been, a large number of Millennials are or have been soldiers. A whole generation will be impacted by the brutality of meaningless war. Listening to these videos, it gave me hope that this very large generation might be able to force some real change in our society.