What You Should Know About Roger Ailes, President Of Fox News

I don’t know if I’ve posted the following video before, but I just came across it again.

It’s a very impressive analysis of Roger Ailes and Fox News. This is the only news show I’ve ever seen which mentions Roger Ailes’ “Orchestra Pit Theory”. Cenk is correct in this video that, what ever else can be said, Ailes is a genius… a genius without a conscience but still a genius.

Conservatives: Smart vs Stupid

I want to show a comparison between two kinds of conservatives. 

Both of the following videos involve Cenk Uygur interviewing someone.  The first video is an interview with a smarter conservative who makes reasonable statements.  The second video is an interview with a conservative who comes off as a bit dense. 

If you’re a conservative, try to sound more like the person in the first video.