Cartoonist Stuart McMillen

Stuart McMillen is a crowdfunded cartoonist from Australia. Here is his Patreon page and his Youtube page. He covers major social issues. His work includes popular pieces such as War On Drugs and Rat Park (here is an article he wrote about the making of the latter). These cartoons are quick introductions to otherwise difficult topics.

City alley drawing. Night dumpsters litter. Cartoon homeless girl. Urban perspective alleyway. To Milton Friedman, the 'war on drugs' would never be won. In the same way that Prohibition failed to stop alcohol consumption in the United States. Friedman saw the laws as a well-intentioned, but flawed 'cure'. A 'cure' which makes the lives of drug users more miserable... turning them into social outcasts living outside of the mainstream.

Cartoon Vancouver skyline long distance panorama. Black and white drawing man crossing road: Bruce Alexander. What if the difference between not being addicted and being addicted...was the difference between seeing the world as your park...