Generation of Clowns in the Fourth Turning

Here are a few videos that I thought worth posting… along with some of my own commentary.

We need to have more public debate about generations. Demographics are destiny. We have lived through a time ruled by Boomers and part of the shift we’re experiencing is that of the younger generations gaining power.

By the way, not all or even most Boomers were hippies. The fundamentalist backlash and the culture wars were also products of Boomers. Bush is the perfect example of a Boomer.

I’ve heard that some Washington politicians were aware of the Fourth Turning theory back in the 90s when the book first came out. What if some of these politicians decided to use the theory for the purposes of social engineering. The author said that Obama hasn’t been very successful in using the crises to create change, but maybe that isn’t the agenda in Washington. There are definitely those who’d like to avoid change and re-establish the status quo.

I’d point out one factor not considered. The clowns (Glenn Beck, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert) are all GenXers. If you’re familiar with the generation theory expoused by Strauss and Howe, you wouldn’t be surprised that GenXers play the role of clowns. GenXers serve two purposes: 1) to push the system over the edge into the Fourth Turning; and 2) to act as leaders to the young generations as we shift into a new era. Whether or not they play their role well is a whole other issue.

Their viewers don’t get their news from Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert. Their viewers are mostly young and mostly liberal, both demographics getting more news from alternative sources than any other demographics. On the other hand, older conservatives are more likely to trust mainstream media which is why they are so uninformed compared to young liberals. The difference might be that viewers of satire realize the entire mainstream media is comedy.

Cookie Monster, My Personal Hero

Cookie Monster, My Personal Hero

Posted on Nov 15th, 2008 by Marmalade : Gaia Child Marmalade
Cookie Monster has made several appearances on tv over the years.  Early versions of him started off in commercials.  As we know him now, he has been on some tv shows and he was on NPR once

I remember hearing him on NPR being interviewed by Elizabeth Blair.  It was a good interview considering that it was radio and Cookie Monster’s humor is largely physical.

More recently, I saw the Cookie Monster on the Colbert Report and Colbert handled him very well.  Cookie Monster came on the show with a new message.  He now realizes that cookies are a “sometime food”. 

I just came across his appearance on the Martha Stewart Show.  Of course, Martha Stewart was trying to show him how to make cookies, but she had no concept of how to relate to him.  She seems to lack any sense of playful humor and Cookie Monster wasn’t making it easy for her.  The funny part is how Martha Stewart initially tries to relate to him by petting him.

In case you’re interested, here is a visual presentation of Cookie Monster’s life from the Muppet Wiki:

The Evolution of Cookie Monster (1966-present)

Image As seen in Year Notes
The Wheel Stealer puppet 1966 Cookie Monster, first known as the Wheel Stealer in unaired commercials for General Foods’ Wheels, Crowns and Flutes snacks.
IBM training film “Coffee Break Machine” and
The Ed Sullivan Show
1967 This version of the puppet retains his teeth and is greenish-blue in color.
Munchos commercials 1969 Arnold, a smaller, younger-looking version of Wheel Stealer puppet, appears in the Munchos commercials. The puppet has lost its teeth and is closer in color to the Cookie Monster that will premiere on Sesame Street.
Sesame Street
Season 1
1969-1970 Cookie Monster, back to his normal size, gets his name and trademark blue color on the first season of Sesame Street.
Sesame Street
Season 3
1971-1982 In the third season of Sesame Street, Cookie’s eyes are moved slightly higher on his head, further away from his mouth.
Sesame Street 1982-present Cookie’s fur is fluffier, and the size of the googly pupils has been adjusted.
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Nicole : wakingdreamer

about 17 hours later

Nicole said

i had no idea how much he has evolved! i feel like breaking into “C is for Cookie, that’s good enough for me” :):)

Marmalade : Gaia Explorer

about 23 hours later

Marmalade said

I didn’t know anything about Cookie Monster’s past until I came across the Muppet Wiki.  I like how he originally preferred to eat machinery.  He must’ve eaten too much hard crunchy machines because he then lost his teeth.  This led to his lean years where he shrank and began changing colors.  Fortunately, he discovered the healing powers of cookies and found new passion in life which eventually led to his present fame and fortune.

Cookie Monster’s life is certainly admirable.  Its difficult for a monster to make it in this world.  That said, I don’t mean any offense to Cookie Monster’s singing ability, but I’ve always had a fondness for Ernie’s “Rubber Ducky” song.

Nicole : wakingdreamer

1 day later

Nicole said

no offense taken, Cookie is no Pavarotti 🙂 and I will always have a very warm place in my heart for Ernie’s Rubber Ducky song. One of the all time classics of Sesame Street.

And – I’ve missed your zany humour. Hugs!

Marmalade : Gaia Explorer

2 days later

Marmalade said

The Rubber Ducky song is one of those tunes that is permanently stuck in my head.  There are worst songs to have in your head.

Zany?  Oh, I guess.  My zany side has to come out eventually.  My zany side is always there, but it doesn’t always get expressed.  Even when depressed, my sense of humor keeps me balanced.

Conservatives Think Stephen Colbert Is Serious!

In a study from Ohio State University, conservatives who watched the Colbert Report were more likely to report that Colbert only pretends to be joking and genuinely meant what he said while liberal…
In a study from Ohio State University, conservatives who watched the Colbert Report were more likely to report that Colbert only pretends to be joking and genuinely meant what he said while liberals were more likely to report that Colbert used satire and was not serious when offering political statements.

In other news, conservatives think world wrestling is real!

Fake Pundits: Colbert on Beck

The Colbert Report
Thursday, October 8, 2009
Season 5, Episode 30
Stephen Colbert:

Nation, I’m sorry but I got to take a minute here to defend the mainstream media’s favorite punching bag, Glenn Beck.  They are attacking the silver gopher just because he dominates the coveted demographic of 18 to 49 yr old voices in his head.  Now, It’s perfectly fair to attack Glenn for what he believes afterall he is a public figure like President Obama or Kermit the Frog. 

He is a fear-mongerer of a thousand voices.  Well, two.  But now they’re coming after Glenn for something much more important than his beliefs.  What Glenn believes is irrelevant.  He has said himself that he is not a journalist…

“I’m not a journalist” (New York Times, June 16, 2009)

…he is just a rodeo clown…

“I’m a rodeo clown.” (New York Times, March 9, 2009)

…and that if you believe what he says you’re an idiot…

“…you’re an idiot.” (New York Times, March 29, 2009)

…which itself proves that Glenn Beck believes what he says.

But Glenn does more than just say things.  Tell them what you do Glenn.

“I just love my country *whimper* and I fear for it.”

He just loves and fears.  And sometimes he just fears love.