Double Rainbow: original, parodies, interviews.

My last post with the videos of singing “babies” reminded me of something I’d been meaning to post. Both of the videos in that post came from Schmoyoho’s YouTube channel (one of the Gregory brothers). One of the other recent videos from that channel is an auto-tuned version of the viral video about a double rainbow. It amuses me.

Another amusing take on the Double Rainbow viral video is this one by Sarah Gregory:

I’m not an avid follower of viral videos, but I was impressed by the original Double Rainbow video. It went so viral that even the mainstream media picked up on it. I heard an interview on NPR. What I find interesting about it is that the guy in the original video is so genuine in his expression of emotion. He truly is blown away by the double rainbow. Even in his interview on NPR, he sounded like a real person and not someone seeking his moment of fame. That was what initially impressed me. Among all the fake news and pretentious journalism, on rare occasions like this something geninely real slips into the mainstream media.

On the amusing side, the Double Rainbow guy (AKA Guy Vasquez) used to be a cage fighter.

Here is the original video and some interviews:

Always Summertime (sung by Sarah Gregory)

I just wanted to post something less serious. I find this song rather catchy. In case you’re unfamiliar, Sarah Gregory is married to one of the Gregory brothers. She, along with the brothers, are the creators of Auto-Tune the News which is an awesome series of videos. I recommend it as your primary source of news.

If you enjoyed the accompaniment of the babies, the following is an earlier video featuring the babies.