Intelligent Christian Blog: The Website of Unknowing

Let me recommend a rather lovely blog.  It’s well written and the author seems well informed.  The blog in question is The Website of Unknowing and the author of it is Carl McColman.  He apparently is also an author of a number of books on religion.

Some things stood out to me about this blog and it’s author. 

McColman began as a Christian who became a Neopagan and who then later returned to Christianity via mysticism.  I also noticed he has some interest in Flannery O’Connor.  Mysticism and O’Connor together immediately make me think of my good friend Mike.

Beyond these interests, McColman demonstrates a fairly wide and intelligent selection of ideas and writers.  In particular, I was happy to see Ken Wilber mentioned rather prominently.  But he also blogs about a spectrum of Judeo-Christian writers and ideas from the traditional to the liberal (Teresa of Avila, Charism, C.S. Lewis , Philo’s Platonic allegorizing, Pagan Christianity).  And in one post he links to an article written by Harvey Cox.

I had the immediate sense of what kind of religious person McColman is.  In some ways, his religious interests, although wide, are a bit more tame than my own.  He apparently avoids political issues (at least in this blog) and I didn’t see him write about the fiction genres of horror and sf (which often relate to theological concerns such as with PKD).  But I did find quite interesting his post about the movie Where the Wild Things Are.  All in all, his blog has a Boomer sensibility about it.  It turns out he is a young Boomer at the age of 48 (according to the generational model of Strauss and Howe).

To me there is something simultaneously appealing and tame (in an inclusively politically correct way) about Boomer spirituality.  I grew up in a politically correct New Agey Christian church that attracted many lost Boomer souls seeking some form of religion they could tolerate.  However, McColman’s thinking has some meat to it.  He isn’t intellectually lazy and he is aware of the dangers of “boomeritis.”

I guess my reason for sharing this Christian blog is because I’ve butted heads with some Christian fundamentalists lately (and also an ideological atheist).  I just wanted to turn some attention towards a more moderate and informed view of religion.