Rightwing Politicians: do they believe what they say?

This, of course, can be generalized about all politicians. But lately it has been conservatives who have been making the most extreme statements. There is nothing worse than blatant lies and rhetoric. It irritates me because it insults my intelligence, but sadly it doesn’t seem to insult the intelligence of many people.

My question isn’t rhetorical. I genuinely wonder what politicians believe. Sometimes I feel all politics is a staged show and that we never see the reality that is going on behind the scenes.

Maverick? No attacks under Bush? Secession? Do politicians just say what makes for good melodrama in the moment?

McCain Eats Child Alive!

I’ve just discovered this photographic proof that McCain eats small children.

You can see in this picture the mother desperately trying to save her child from its inevitable death. Witnesses say that, shortly after this picture was taken, McCain unhinged his jaws and slowly swallowed the child alive. Afterwards, he slithered off to his isolated lair. He would remain there for several days as he digested his meal, unavailable for reporters’ questions about the recent health care debate.

Some say it’s cruel, but it must be understood that children are the natural prey of politicians. If politicians didn’t cull the herd of the lower classes, their population would grow out of control. The ways of nature and politics aren’t to be judged by the standards of human morality.