Moyers’ Journalism vs O’Reilly’s Henchman

In the first video, Bill Moyers demonstrates classy, thoughtful journalism.
In the second video, Bill O’Reilly’s henchman demonstrates classless, faux journalism.
I decided to throw in a third video which is Cenk Uygur ripping apart Bill O’Reilly’s blatant dishonesty.

Thom Hartmann: Government & Taxation

Thom Hartmann did these two interviews on the same day. They make for a perfect comparison of worldviews. Which person interviewed actually represents values of the average American? Which is speaking for the benefit of the struggling working class?

Noam Chomsky: An Interview with Barry Pateman

 I always enjoy hearing Chomsky talk on almost any issue. In this interview, Chomsky discusses: anarchism, community, technology, class warfare, wealth transferral, taxation, free market, outsourcing, command economy, totalitarianism, Marxism, neoliberalism, and globalization.

Is The Media Failing To Cover Wars Properly? w/ Author Fred Exoo

Here is a discussion of one aspect of how conservative is the mainstream media. 

If the media was liberal, then the largest and fastest growing protest movement in history would’ve been widely reported and the Iraq War would never have happened.  The media controls the public perception of public opinion.  That is key.  The powers that be don’t need to directly control public opinion.  They just need to be able to control the narrative.  By doing this, the liberal bias of news has become the perceived reality.

The Nines: videos of or about

Here are some videos from one of my favorite movies.  If you like weird thought-provoking films, then this will definitely satisfy.  The Nines reminds me of several movies related to the topics of forgetting and remembering, perception and reality… but I think the mood is closest to the playfulness of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind which is another great movie.

If you haven’t seen The Nines and plan on seeing it, you might not want to watch all of these videos.  The last three are scenes from the movie which give a fair amount away.  But even if you watched all of these videos, the movie still probably would confuse you a bit on first viewing.