Racism in US

Here We Go Again by Charles M. Blow (The New York Times)

Here is an example of an article that demonstrates the type of reporting that impresses me.  It’s the occasional insightful article such as this that makes me feel that the mainstream media is still worthy of trust… to an extent (with some reservation and constant wariness).  This isn’t a complex article, but it’s evenhanded and informs me of data I didn’t previously know of.

But that’s where we are with race in this country: exaggerations and blanket denials. Race has become a vicious game of bludgeons and crutches, where acerbic accusers run roughshod over earnest egalitarians and political gain is sought even at the expense of enlightenment.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Most Americans know that racism is an issue in this country. The question is how much (that’s where the arguments start) and if — and to what degree — that racism animates critics of the president.

I appreciated that he cited several souces to support his analysis.  My only complaint is that he only linked to one of these.  For me to do my own analysis with the data, it would take a fair amount of effort to track down these other sources.

I also like this article for the simple reason that it substantiates my own intuitive sense of racism in the US.  Both those constantly using the race card and those constantly denying racism are clueless.  I can only hope that knowledge eventually wins out over ideology.  I just hope the ideologues don’t have as much influence as their loudly and often voiced opinions would suggest.