Ann Coulter: Plagiarism (and general idiocy)

Keith Olbermann taking on the issue of Ann Coulter’s plagiarism.

Plagiarism isn’t exactly a big surprise.  Listening to her rant, her words don’t give evidence to a deeply moral character.  Her Christian ideology is filled with the extremes of righteousness, hatred and bigotry.  She isn’t a person who hides her true opinions, and those true opinions are not only offensive but often just plain nonsense. 

To some degree, she is just an attention whore who just says extreme things to get attention.  However, she states her extreme opinions with vehement conviction and she can often be very aggressively emotional in defending them.  This next video is a humorous response to one of her many idiotic statements.

Godless Communists

Okay, some more thoughts on the Cold War era.  There was definitely a very weird sense of paranoia.  People were afraid of the paranormal at the same time they were afraid of atheism.  The greatest crime of communists was that they were Godless, but both USSR and US governments were doing paranormal research.  And everyone all around was afraid of what UFOs were up to.

In hope that God would save us from communism, religion became embraced by the government.  Our manifest destiny as a world power was also our manifest destiny as a Christian nation.  The two were always linked to an extent, but the founding fathers had been careful to keep them somewhat distinct.  In 1955, however, “under God” was officially added to our pledge and “in God we trust” was required by Congress to be on all currency.  Why all of a sudden in the 1950s did we have to become a Christian nation?  And how did Christians finally after a few centuries get the power to enforce their God on the nation?  The founding fathers fought tyranny and founded a nation without needing God’s overt approval.  What was different during the Cold War?

Why did politicians feel that they needed to clarify that God was on our side?  Maybe WWII had made us a bit wary about our standing in God’s eyes.  US had always saw itself as the enemy of imperial power but we were suddenly in the position of being an empire.  We had new power, but we gained it by dropping nuclear bombs.  Such unreserved annihalation of cities had always been the sole providence of God.  Now, we were meddling in dangerous territories, not only dangerous politically but dangerous spiritually.  By invoking God in our patriotic propaganda, we were trying to reassure ourselves that we were still on the side of good.  If we as a nation had felt truly certain about our alliance with God, we wouldn’t have had to declare it so loudly.  And then a couple of decades later the gold standard was ended.  So, our economy became a system of faith.  The line between faith in capitalism and faith in God became very thin indeed.

Oh, the irony of it.  To Jesus, money was the ultimate symbol of world power… render unto Caesar and all that.  Money represented to the early Christians all the false power and pleasures of the world that distracts the believer from the true path.  Our placing God’s name on money only demonstrated that we actually weren’t a Christian nation.  Or, rather, it demonstrated that we were a Christian nation in the historical sense all the while betraying the authentic Christian values that Jesus taught… but that is nothing new for the Christian tradition.  Actually, ever since the Roman empire took over Christianity, it had been a religion of political power.

Constantine’s Sword is a good documentary about Christianity and the military.  Evangelism rose to popularity along with the power of the military-industrial complex.  Manifest destiny was taking on new meaning.  Fighting communism became the modern equivalent of crusading against the heathens.  Spreading democracy to the world became equivalent to spreading the gospel.  This wasn’t entirely a bad thing.  Civil rights took on a truly religious moral tone which gave great power to leaders such as Martin Luther King jr.  But obviously there was a dark side to it as well.  Homosexuals and space aliens became the focus of fear in the way that Jews and witches once had.