Gaiam closing down

The place I first did most of my blogging is It was orginally known as Zaadz which operated without profit as I understand, but was bought by Gaiam which was a for-profit company. Zaadz was committed to helping people create a better world which included conscious capitalism. It was because of this ideal that Gaiam bought it. The problem is that it didn’t make money. Conscious capitalism is still capitalism and profit is the one rule that can’t be broken. The sad part is that Gaiam wasn’t open about the decision and so didn’t demonstrate the ideal of conscious capitalism. A corporation is just a corporation no matter what its mission statement.

I left a while ago. I was already feeling disenchanted with internet communities in general. I didn’t put in great hope in It was for me just a place to blog and to meet some interesting people. I vaguely knew about it when it was Zaadz, but I didn’t start blogging there until it had been taken over by Gaiam. There was much unhappiness about Gaiam’s way of operating it. I’m not surprised that they closed it down. It is sad, though.

Fortunately, someone I knew from there visited my blog here and told me about it’s imminent death. I’ll have to spend some time in the near future transferring my blog posts over to WordPress. So, there will be an influx of posts here in the next week. If you wish to visit my former blog posts in their native habitat, follow this link:

If your curious about what Gaia/Zaadz was all about, you can check out the new Ning group: