What is wrong with WordPress?

I don’t know if any other WordPress.com bloggers have noticed this.  Every now and then, I get weird formatting issues.

In one blog, a large number of my hyperlinks somehow became unlinked.  That is quite annoying.  I’ll have to go back and find all of the links again.

I’m working on a blog now where two separate incidents happened.  First, a large part of my text for no reason switched from ‘Paragraph’ format to ‘Heading 3’ format, but I was able to switch it back.  The second issue is extremely annoying.  I’d saved my post and when I came back to it, the top line had one of the dot’s next to it as would normally show when using the list formatting.  However, it doesn’t allow me to remove that dot.  Every time I try to remove it by deleting or shifting the text, the dot just moves somewhere else in the text.

What is wrong with WordPress?