Palin’s End Times Beliefs?

Olbermann: Does Palin believe Jews will flock to Israel to set off Apocalypse?

By David Edwards and Muriel Kane
Sarah Palin frequently refers to to her religious beliefs as part of her core values, but she has never made it clear just what those beliefs are. Now one casual remark during an interview last week with Barbara Walters may have drawn back the curtain a bit.
In response to a question about Jewish settlements on Palestinian land, Palin told Walters, “I believe that the Jewish settlements should be allowed to be expanded upon, because that population of Israel is, is going to grow. More and more Jewish people will be flocking to Israel in the days and weeks and months ahead.
Palin’s expectation of massive Jewish immigration to Israel — which would have to come primarily from the United States — has no basis in current fact but does correspond closely to the end-times theology espoused by many evangelical Christians.