Balancing the Budget: Honest Questions vs Political Bullshit

I just wanted to post a relatively simple thought along with some questions.

I’ve noticed that whenever balancing the budget and decreasing the deficit comes up what always gets pointed at are social services (so-called entitlement programs) and domestic spending in general. I just don’t understand why spending that actually helps average Americans gets attacked while spending on the military-industrial complex is skyrocketing and while banks that helped cause our present economic problems get massive bailouts. Politicians and pundits obsess over such things as social security even though it pays for itself since money we get from social security comes directly from money we put into social security.

Domestic spending isn’t just so-called entitlement programs (and, fuck yeah, I’m entitled to the social security I paid into). Domestic spending is education. Domestic spending created the internet. Domestic spending creates and maintains the infrastructure. Domestic spending funds scientific research. Domestic spending provides emergency services. Domestic spending ensures clean water and safe food.

Everything that makes our country great either was created by or supported with domestic spending. Why do we spend so much money on destroying infrastructure in foreign countries rather than fixing the crumbling infrastructure in our own country? Why do we spend so much money killing innocent people in foreign countries rather than providing education and health services for people here at home?

What about all the spending that doesn’t help the average American and which often hurts the average American?

What about defense spending including deficit spending on wars, the military contracts, the military imperialism with bases all over the world, the whole military-industrial complex, and the medical costs of injured and traumatized soldiers? What about the CIA, the FBI, and the vast array of alphabet soup agencies and intelligence operations? What about the War on Drugs, the Tough on Crime policies, and the immense prison system with the highest rate of imprisonment in the world? What about all the spending on favorite programs of politicians and the high salaries of politicians? What about the black budget which is so large that no one publicly knows or admits exactly how large it is?

How much does all that spending add up to? Isn’t all of that spending greater than all the so-called entitlement programs combined?

Most importantly, why aren’t politicians and the mainstream media asking these questions?