The US States as Countries (GDP)

Looking at each of the US states if they were their own countries – as The Economist recently did – reveals just how staggeringly big the US economy is. These are the ten biggest states in America (by population) and their equivalent countries (by GDP).
10. North Carolina = Sweden
9. Georgia = Austria
8. Michigan = Taiwan
7. Ohio = Belgium
6. Pennsylvania = Indonesia
5. Illinois = Turkey
4. Florida = The Netherlands
3. New York = Australia
2. Texas = Russia
1. California = Italy

Check out the interactive map at

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That is an interesting way to look at certain data. Showing that Texas GDP is comparable to Russia is probably an insult to one of those two but I’m not sure which.

I wish they had done such a comparison using the data on economic inequality. If they had done that, rich states like Texas and California would be more comparable to certain developing nations. Here is the previous data about state comparisons that I’ve posted: