Cheney Charged With Bribery, Criminal Conspiracy

This is the happiest news I’ve heard in a long time. I know it’s just Nigeria, but as Cenk says it’s just a beginning.

This will be a true test of justice. Where will other countries stand on this issue? INTERPOL put Assange on their wanted list merely based on unsubstantiated accusations. Cheney has a real charge being put against him and a charge that is far worse than a rape accusation. If INTERPOL represents justice rather than mere power, then obviously Cheney should be on their wanted list.

Anyone who was paying attention knew that Cheney was probably guilty of many things, but it’s nice to see some official authority finally pointing out his guilt. I know he’ll never get punished. Nonetheless, the tide is changing. With Wikileaks revelations (especially in relation to diplomats) among other things (such as Bush admitting to a war crime), the US government has had it’s respectability tarnished and it’s moral high ground undermined. One of these days, a US politician or other official might be actually tried for any number of crimes. US military imperialism can’t protect the wealthy elite in this country forever.

US Politicians For Sale?

This is why Washington politics is corrupt and why it will forever remain corrupt.

Also, understand that even Ron Paul who complains about Washington himself is a Washington politician who accepts corporate money and who accepts earmarks for his state. If Ron Paul left politics, I’m sure he could find a lobbyist job.

No one, not even Ron Paul, gets into Washington and stays there without playing the game. All politicians are corrupt. Some politicians may be less corrupt, but still all are corrupt. No real libertarian or real liberal will ever be elected as president. Corporations own the government and we are all indentured servants of our capitalist overlords.

Politicians don’t represent the voter. Politicians work for corporations. The corruption in Washington politics is merely a symptom of the disease that is capitalism. The tiny fraction of a percentage of the world’s population who are the powerful elite own almost all the wealth, almost all the land, almost all the media, almost all the corporations.

We live in a Banana Republic. Politics is just the theatre that capitalists put on to keep the masses distracted, to keep the poor working class from revolting. Bread and Circus. Enjoy the show!