Al Franken Rules!

Al Franken rules!  I think politics would be better (or at least more entertaining) if there were more comedian politicians.  (BTW I’ve always found it fascinating that all of the funniest comedians are liberals or else non-religious libertarians.)

(I’m voting Colbert for 2012.  Colbert Nation rise up and let your voices be heard!)

This is interesting.  Al Franken can get into politics, but it’s hard to imagine rightwing pundits (e.g., Beck, Coulter, Limbaugh, etc.) ever getting into politics.  Even Palin sunk McCain’s attempt at presidency.  Extreme rightwingers may be loud enough to obstruct politics, but they’re too far from the mainstream to play a direct part in politics.

Al Franken versus the rightwing (in the second video, Franken calls O’Reilly a liar to his face and backs it up with facts… Ouch!).

Fox News is a joke and everyone knows it.  Let’s quit pretending otherwise.

In the following videos, Al Franken comes off as both smart and a good speaker.  I like that he takes the time to talk to average people. 

He says that: more than half (62% to be precise) of US citizens who go bankrupt do so because of the health care crisis (How many in Switzerland? Zero!  How many in France? Zero!  How many in Germany? Zero!); and around 80% of these bankrupted Americans have (or had) health insurance. 

If you think because you are working or middle class that you’re safe and protected, you are fooling yourself.  The rich Republicans who own the insurance companies don’t give a shit about you and they’ll laugh all the way to the bank as you and your family end up on the street (take the rightwing populist check to the bank you’ll quickly find out it bounces).

Rightwing populism is empty rhetoric, but what about the rightwing support for the Constitution?

The Patriot Act was used in the vast majority cases for drug rather than terrorist cases. This proves that the endless War on Drugs has become inseparable from the endless War on Terrorism.  One endless war constantly changing names. Democracy has officially been taken over by the Military-Industrial Complex.

Combined with the fact that all Republican administrations starting with Reagan have ended with massive deficits (and both Bush administrations ended with net job losses), tell me again what the Republicans stand for?

As an added bonus, here is Bill O’Reilly showing himself for the hypocritical douchebag that he is.