Broken Records: Arguments About Race

Broken Records.
from Abagond blog

Welcome to the Broken Record Department! You were sent here because you are trying to make a Broken Record Argument, an argument that we have heard so many times before that it has its very own post! If you wish to continue arguing your point, please do so under the appropriate thread listed below.

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Thank you for your cooperation.

Broken Record Arguments:

  1. Having a Broken Record Department is unfair, it amounts to censorship!
  2. Not all Whites are what you say.
  3. Whites are not uniquely evil.
  4. Blacks are just as racist if not more so.
  5. Racism is dead.
  6. I don’t like your tone.
  7. Your talk about race is divisive. You need to kiss up to Whites.
  8. You see racism in everything!
  9. Black crime statistics
  10. Black rape statistics, particularly
  11. The average African IQ is 70
  12. Black American IQ
  13. The Bell Curve is right!
  14. The BET Fallacy: Using BET, Rented Negroes, Black comedians or hip hop artists to prove something about black people
  15. Thief-thief arguments (moral deflection):
  16. The Bootstrap Myth: If Jews or Asians or my grandfather can make it in America, anyone can! Blacks are just a bunch of layabout whiners.
  17. Black pathology: Blacks are their own worst enemies.
  18. There is some truth to stereotypes.
  19. Racism is a universal, natural, part of human nature.
  20. The White Inventor argument.
  21. “Your blog is anti-White”
  22. Race is a fact of science
  23. The black-on-black crime argument
  24. The race baiter argument
  25. The Broken Africa stereotype – Africa is a hellhole
  26. Take Japan, for instance – Japan is just as racist as the US
  27. The Irish had it hard too – *sniff*

Future Broken Record Argument posts:

  1. The higher black crime rates proves that Blacks have greater criminal tendencies than Whites.
  2. Affirmative action
  3. Whites do not benefit from racism, past (slavery, genocide, Jim Crow, etc) or present.
  4. Making general statements about Whites is racist.

– Abagond, 2012, 2015.

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