To Stand In Place

A strong gust blew through the forest. The house sparrow chirped and fluttered his wings, as he bobbed up and down on the branch he perched upon. In nervousness of being a guest in someone else’s space, he tried to make small talk.

“So, you grew up around here, right?” The white oak, standing there firmly in the ground, simply said, “Yeah.” An awkward silence followed. Not knowing what interests a tree, the bird puffed up it’s feathers and cocked it’s head. The tree remained without expression.

The little bird knew that the tree’s family lived nearby. So trying to coax more out of him, he queried further about his childhood and schooling, but was unable to garner any enthusiasm about the tree’s own life. He decided to take a more direct tack.

“Do you have many happy memories?” Then quickly added, “Or unhappy?” There still was little response. All the white oak would say was that he didn’t care about the place he lived. One place is same as another, he explained, solidly rooted to the spot.

After a short visit, the anxious sparrow was glad to leave. He caught a breeze and darted away into the sky.

4 thoughts on “To Stand In Place

      • Dear Benjamin,

        I shall resonate with the spirit of the tree where you were and with the tenet of your post entitled “To Stand In Place” as well as your previous reply as follows:

        Factories don’t make oxygen. Trees do. Respect nature.

        This photo is also featured in my post entitled “The Quotation Fallacy“, which you can easily locate from the Home page of my blog. May you enjoy reading this post and I am curious to see what you will make of it.

        Yours sincerely,

  1. The Oak doesn’t care where fate has decided its roots should be, it is there, standing in fertile ground, and if circumstances should change and make the ground less fertile, it will go away, having lived however many years.
    Happy and unhappy memories are relative, when you consider the brevity the existence, why concern your brain with rationalizing every memory into a neat category? Do no harm and non shall be dealt unto you, when you look at the world with the naïveté of a child, you are no longer frightened, but you rather embrace the world that gave birth to you as your mother, and other trees and bushes as your brothers and sisters.

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