Clearing Up the Fog of Hysteria About The Antifa

“-30 years of antifascist activity in the US: 1 confirmed fatality (a nazi who was shot during an altercation in 1993).

“-20 years of far-right extremist activity (1990-2012) in the US: 670 fatalities, 3,053 nonfatal injuries, & 4,420 attacks.”

The Chrysalis

There seems to be quite a lot of mindless hysteria about “the Antifa” these days, even in the US Senate where a couple of seemingly lunatic Republican Senators are sponsoring a bill to have the Antifa banned as a “terrorist organization” — what could be equally perceived as criminalising dissent and as enabling legislation for normalising and legitimising neo-fascism and neo-Nazism.

So, let’s today attempt to clear up some of the propaganda fog and paranoia about the meaning of this term “Antifa”.

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