Diaphaneity and the Projections

“Now, these psychic irritants fester in the Shadow as “bad conscience”, or a vague sense of guilt, paranoia, or a kind of generalised Angst. In fact, his word “paranoia” (or “two-minds” as in the sense of being “beside oneself”) attests to the tension that exists between the ego-identity (or self-image) and its Shadow counterpart which makes for problems of “21st century schizoid man”, “cognitive dissonance” or “symbolic belief” or “duplicity” and so on. It is the irruption of the Shadow that, in fact, makes for the New Normal at all — in the sense of its problems of Double-Talk, Double-Think, Double-Standard, and Double-Bind. These are pretty much the symptoms of our failure to deal effectively with the return of the repressed as “the Shadow” and the problem of projection.”

The Chrysalis

If you understand how psychic projection operates (and why) you’ll certainly realise that there’s a hell of a lot of it around these days. This is something that concerned Jean Gebser quite a bit so we should spend some time on this because, essentially, the work that Gebser thought we needed to do with ourselves is a matter of dealing with the projections. Insight into the projections (and subsequently retracting the projections) also belongs to diaphaneity or “the transparency of the world” and is a contribution to the development of the new more integral consciousness structure.

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