Exposé in “The Hill” Challenges Mueller & Media

There has always been a lot more going on with Russiagate.

I quickly figured that out in realizing that some of the most damning connections crossed party lines. There were political actors who have not only been directly tied to the Trump campaign but also directly tied to the Clinton Democrats. This included one individual, a key player in the DNC, involved in the Ukraine situation who had direct access to Hillary Clinton.

That is why I assumed the investigation would never go anywhere, as neither side really ever wanted to allow the public to find out what fully has been going on behind the scenes. So, the DNC has predictably backed off from a tougher position. They simply want to look good to the voting public while ensuring nothing too important gets revealed.

There are simply too many skeletons in too many closets.

* * *

“I could go up and down the line with the Times,the Washington Postand other print outlets. Every major news organization that covered Russiagate has covered the hell out of this part of the story. But the instant there’s a suggestion there’s another angle: crickets.

Russiagate is fast becoming a post-journalistic news phenomenon. We live in an information landscape so bifurcated, media companies don’t cover news, because they can stick with narratives. Kilimnik being a regular State Department informant crosses the MSNBC-approved line that he’s a Russian cutout who tried to leverage Donald Trump’s campaign manager. So it literally has no news value to many companies, even if it’s clearly a newsworthy item according to traditional measure.

“Incidentally, Solomon’s report being true wouldn’t necessarily exonerate either Kilimnik or Manafort. It may just mean a complication of the picture, along with uncomfortable questions for Robert Muller and embassy officials who dealt with Kilimnik. That’s what’s so maddening. We’ve gotten to the point where news editors and producers are more like film continuity editors — worried about maintaining literary consistency in coverage — than addressing newsworthy developments that might move us into gray areas.

“Our press sucks. There are third-world dictatorships where newspapers try harder than they do here. We used to at least pretend to cover the bases. Now, we’re a joke.”

via Exposé in “The Hill” Challenges Mueller & Media

4 thoughts on “Exposé in “The Hill” Challenges Mueller & Media

  1. A commenter elsewhere in this blog pointed to one of their own posts. I thought it quite relevant to the above.

    He was talking about another context of US politics. But the reason he gave for why conspiracies never get addressed is fundamentally the same. As in the past, all areas of government, DNC and GOP, FBI and CIA, along with related private interests, are involved in some really dark shit. It would blow this country apart if the truth were fully revealed.

    “And yes, we said it – yes there was a conspiracy and more to the point let us add that the issue that never gets addressed is that of course there had to be an effort to prevent a full investigation precisely because in the early 1960s, (and even after that) the government, and the states and local law enforcement were up to their eyeballs in every shady, disgusting, corrupt activity you could think of from, as already mentioned, dosing people with syphilis and drugs and radiation, to cops and judges also being members of the Klan, to using any number of extremist groups to run guns, and plot to attack Castro and stop Dr. King and all the while that was going on there’s the little matter of organized crime building an empire with the help of the government – because organized crime was the hammer the government used to crush the left.

    “So just try to imagine a massive investigation into anything in Texas – with investigative tendrils reaching out everywhere – that wouldn’t touch on every corrupt relationship that the federal government and the states had with each other, and everyone else. You can’t and as a case in point – remember that when first questioned, Clay Shaw denied everything and only years later was it revealed that oh yes, he was an informant for the C.I.A. and the point then being that even if he was an informant it does not prove that there was a conspiracy to kill the president but it does prove that the government lied, continues to lie and that assertions of how it’s an illness to say otherwise are revealed to be reactionary propaganda in the service of the government.”

  2. Since there’s an “ongoing counter intelligence operation” the “news” is by definition, suspect. Have you seen or read The Third Man? Or, Three Days of the Condor? “LOL”
    Welcome to the fun house;-)

    • I don’t recall if I’ve seen either The Third Man or Three Days of the Condor. If they played on television during my childhood, there is a strong possibility I saw some of them. I remember watching all kinds of things as a kid. The Third Man is available on Netflix. I’ll watch it before bed. Will it give me paranoid dreams?

      • The Third Man might give you paranoid dreams but it is far less like to than Three Days of the Condor.

        TTM is a bit “old fashioned” and less tense than TDoTC but precisely because it’s older it might freak you out.

        Hard to say. Perhaps watch it during the day?

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