Political Right Rhetoric

The following is an accurate description of the political rhetoric, the labels and language in its use on the political right (from a Twitter thread). It is by Matthew A. Sears, an Associate Professor of Classics and Ancient History at the University of New Brunswick.

1. “I’m neither a liberal nor a conservative.” = “I’m totally a conservative.”

2. “I’m a radical centrist.” = “I’m totally a conservative.”

3. “I’m a classical liberal.” = “I’m a neoliberal who’s never read any classical liberals.”

4. “I’m not usually a fan of X.” *Retweets and agrees with everything X says.*

5. “I’m a free speech absolutist.” = “I’m glad racists are now free to speak publicly.”

6. “I believe in confronting views one finds offensive.” *Whines about being bullied by lefties.*

7. “My views are in the minority and aren’t given a fair hearing.”*Buys the best-selling book in the world.*

8. “Where else would you rather live?” = “Canada is perfect for me, and it better not frigging change to be better for anyone else.”

9. “Nazis should be able to speak and given platforms so we can debate them.” *Loses mind if someone says ‘fuck’ to a Nazi.*

10. “The left has taken over everything.” *Trump is president and the Republicans control Congress.*

And, finally, the apex of Twitterspeak:

11. “The left are tyrants and have taken over everything and refuse to hear other perspectives and pose a dire threat to the republic and Western Civilization.” *Ben Shapiro has over a million followers.*

I’d say treat this thread as an Enigma Machine for Quillette-speak/viewpoint-diversity-speak/reverse-racism-speak/MRA-speak, but none of these chaps are enigmas.

I can’t believe I have to add this, but some are *outraged* by this thread: I don’t mind if you’re *actually* centrist or conservative. I just mind if you *pretend to be* left/centrist for rhetorical/media cred/flamewar purposes, while *only* taking conservative stances. Sheesh

Like, I’m pretty left-wing on many issues these days. It would be sneaky of me to identity as “conservative” or “classical liberal” or whatever only to dump on all their ideas and always support opposing ideas. A left-winger or centrist is what a left-winger or centrist tweets.

James Taoist added:

12. “I’m a strict Constitutionalist” = “I’m as racist as fuck.”

2 thoughts on “Political Right Rhetoric

    • First off, it’s interesting that the discussion is framed as describing Peterson, Pinker and Haidt as conservative. I actually agree with that much. The political right has become dominated and defined by the most reactionary and radical right-wing. The standard use of ‘conservative’ in the mainstream has lost most of its meaning.

      As for white genocide, that of course is ludicrous. Right-wingers seem to forget that multiculturalism has always been a core pillar of colonial imperialism, going back to Alexandrian and Roman empires.

      It was Europeans who chose to colonize places that were already filled with non-Europeans. And it was Europeans who chose to transport large numbers of non-Europeans as slaves and later as cheap labor, along with the intellectual brain drain from developing countries, to boost their own economies.

      As for Hispanics, they are descendants of Europeans too, but the complaint is that (like other European ethnic groups in the past) they don’t have the right kind of European ancestry. These white supremacists are perfectly find with oppressing certain European-descended groups, specifically among the poor, and that has always been true.

      Anyway, the imperial project never ended. It’s just Western countries shifted their focus from being under the British Empire to being under the American Empire. Right-wingers want the wealth and resources, power and privilege of imperialism without any of the costs and responsibilities of imperialism. But it doesn’t work that way.

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