Investigation Hullabaloo

I’m amused by all the constant hullabaloo about investigations. One side demands investigations and the other side tries to block them. Then the two sides switch places about some other investigation. But neither major party actually wants investigations. The establishment politicians and officials are ultimately bipartisan in their common interests in maintaining their privileges and power.

There is nothing stopping Republicans from forcing investigations into Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Even many of the investigations that were closed can be reopened at any point this year. The Republicans claimed they wanted these investigations. So, now that they have the sole power to make these investigations happen, why do they refuse to do so?

It’s simple. There are two basic reasons.

First, any major investigation is opening up a can of worms. Once they start digging into the records and doing interviews, extremely uncomfortable and threatening info could come out about powerful people in both parties. For example, it might be discovered that some Republican politicians, conservative organizations, and right-wing think tanks have donated to the Clinton Foundation (in exchange for favors) or otherwise have other connections.

Second, a major investigation would set a precedent. Once one powerful career politician is targeted, any powerful career politician can be targeted. If Hillary Clinton could be taken down by an investigation, then no one in government is safe from the legal enforcement of justice. And don’t you doubt for a minute that there are hundreds of politicians who, if seriously investigated, would be locked away in prison. And if we ever had a truth commission, our entire government would be torn down to its foundation because of all the scandals and corruption revealed.

They will do minor investigations, as long as only minor political figures are targeted and scapegoated. That is why, when some major political failure happens, it is usually bureaucratic functionaries that get sacrificed while their superiors escape unscathed.

It would require much more political breakdown before major investigations into government and politicians could happen. We might eventually get to that point, when those in the establishment are willing to turn on each other. But we aren’t quite at that point yet. It will have to get much worse.

4 thoughts on “Investigation Hullabaloo

  1. Maybe if people like you stopped guilt tripping people who vote third party instead of for an evil so great it defies the name “lesser”, the democrats would at least have the senate. With a candidate as bad as Hillary I expected her loss, but the losses at every other level of government?
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    [–]tails_miles_prower 2 points 14 days ago
    That is probably due to her being such an awful candidate that the money the DNC was supposed to use for down ballot dems was used to selfishly and ignorantly make Hillary a more appealing candidate.
    What makes it even worse is the fact that most of that money was probably given for Bernie. The DNC and other establishment ilk then had to nerve to claim that because he was not always a Dem and did not help in getting down ballot Dems in previous elections, he should not be angry with the establishment for not backing him.
    Such fucking hypocrisy is astounding and outright disgusting.
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    [–]krakenx 2 points 13 days ago
    In regards to down ballot candidates, the best way to get them elected is by canvasing and making calls. Bernie supporters were actively canvasing during the primary and also telling people about the other democrats running.
    The millions of dollars spent on poorly written attack ads Hillary ran didn’t help anyone.

  2. If you think about it the Clintons are still going to be very comfortable.

    Apparently Clinton focused purely on Trump’s personality:

    I don’t think we are going to see change unless the upper 10% start to feel the pain.

    • If inequality weren’t so immense and disconnection so severe, the upper 10% would already be feeling the pain. But they live in an entirely separate world from the rest of us. They have no idea what is going on or how bad it is getting.

      It used to be that even the super rich couldn’t fully detach themselves from the general public and had more contact with normal people. When the masses were outraged and civil unrest was simmering, the super rich used to have a very clear sense of it and understood it as a personal threat.

      This kind of extreme societal divide has never before existed in history. But the rich shouldn’t be so naive. As Mark Blyth has noted, “The Hamptons are not a defensible position.”

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