A Holiday Experiment

During the holiday season, there is an increase in alcohol consumption. This led me to some thoughts.

Liberals have higher rates of alcoholism (and drug addiction) than conservatives. But oddly it is conservative states that have the highest rates of drunk driving arrests, accidents, and deaths. Why is that? Do liberals hold their alcohol better? Or do they fall into a drunken stupor more quickly? Are most liberals simply too lazy to try to drive after drinking? Or did all that pot they smoked while drinking cause them to get the munchies and so they’re waiting for the pizza to be delivered?

Research has found that, when inebriated, liberals tend to think and act more like conservatives. For example, they are more likely to express conservative-minded stereotypes and prejudices. So, when conservatives get drunk, do they simply become even more conservative? If so, how does a conservative act when they are even more conservative? Do the conservatives look at the temporarily conservative-minded drunk liberals, saying “that’s not conservatism” and then telling someone to hold their drink?

These are important questions. For those with a nice mix of liberal and conservative family members, I recommend you get them all drunk and observe the results. Think of it as a scientific experiment.

2 thoughts on “A Holiday Experiment

    • Going by the research, it would lower the conservative-mindedness across the board. Maybe there should be a law that there should be no drinking at least during the campaign season leading up to presidential elections. If it didn’t get people to stop drinking alcohol, it would maybe lead to people demanding the campaign season be shorter.

      There are two sisters I knew when I was a kid. I haven’t seen them in years, but they are well known in the area because they became professional boxers. One sister had a concussion that ended her boxing career. I think it was the other sister who had an experience that led her to end her boxing career as well.

      She was out at a bar with her boyfriend. They were drinking. She and someone she knew were having a discussion. It apparently turned to politics and she didn’t like his politics. So she started punching him and beat him badly. I don’t know her politics, but I’m willing to bet she would have had more liberal-minded tolerance for different opinions if she hadn’t been drinking.

      Drinking and politics should never be combined.

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