Hillary Clinton’s Laugh


Why is Hillary so often laughing? What is so funny?

It doesn’t seem to matter the topic nor how inappropriate the response. Even when discussing death and war, she’ll laugh. It’s usually in response to a question, seemingly as a way to either avoid or dismiss having to honestly answer. But at other times, it is plain bizarre, often following a longish pause when her face is completely unexpressive.

It’s not a new phenomenon. There are videos of her laughing at various things going back many years. Maybe she is just a manically happy person with a dark, sometimes demented sense of humor. Or maybe she is on some really good drugs.

I have absolutely no idea what all that laughing means. It probably says something about the kind of person she is. But the heck if I know what it indicates. I’ve never seen someone who laughs so much and at such odd times. It’s particularly strange coming from a professional politician.

If she had been elected president, would she just start laughing while talking to foreign leaders? I don’t think Putin would appreciate feeling like he was being laughed at. Or can she control when she does and doesn’t laugh? But if she can control it, why does she laugh at inappropriate moments?

After watching the videos below, I can’t get her laugh out of my head.

* * *

Hillary’s Laugh Track
from The Daily Show

10 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton’s Laugh

  1. Watching a couple of those laugh videos and it makes me think, this is an evil person that should not be in power.

    Hey, it may be a bit superficial to judge a person by their laugh, but I cannot help but think that the US may have dodged a bullet. The problem though is that all indications are that Trump is going to be awful.

    • I had a similar sense. That laughter is not normal.

      When someone regularly laughs about to death and war and laughs at the genuine concerns of other people, one starts to wonder if all that laughing indicates sociopathy or some other form of psychiatric abnormality. I don’t know about calling her evil. But it might indicate an extreme lack of empathy. And when an extreme lack of empathy leads one to take actions that harm and kill large numbers of people, words like ‘evil’ do tend to come to mind.

      It would be superficial to judge someone by a single incident of laughter. This is different, though. It shows consistent behavior of laughter in specific contexts. The laughter itself may seem odd. But what makes it disturbing is what she appears to be laughing about.

      None of that makes Trump any better. Clinton’s laugh is like Trump’s smug self-satisfied smile. Others have speculated about Trump being a sociopath as well. According to at least one study, there are a disproportionate number of sociopaths in positions of power. So, even if both were sociopaths, it’s not exactly anything new. It’s just there is something particularly bad about both of them.

      There are other professional politicians and presidents who may have their problems, even as no one suspects them of being sociopaths. I actually wouldn’t consider any of the recent presidents to be sociopaths. They’ve all seemed to have had basically normal human responses to their fellow humans.

      That is worrisome. If presidents and other politicians who aren’t sociopaths can do so much harm, imagine what a sociopath could do when given enough power. The only advantage to Trump is that he is a contented, wealthy narcissist and so doesn’t seem to have the driven power-mongering ambitions that someone like Clinton has. Not that either of them as president is comforting.

  2. A few of the more left leaning sites have apparently sent some people over to take a look at the Democratic Partisan sites.

    A lot of them are in denial about the election and what it means.

    There are a lot of pundits, celebrities, and Democrat partisans who are who blame the left, along with the “deplorables” that Clinton was referring to. There’s a lot of “oh Trump voters and dumb and racist” complaints. There seems to be a lot of blame directed towards the left and particularly Bernie Sanders. They are unhappy because the left didn’t get behind Clinton.
    A second category seem to be the identity politics types. They are mostly crying about the Trump presidency (the “oh what will I tell my daughter about this” genre) seems very popular. Feminists, social justice warriors, and the like appear to be the dominant members here.

    In other words, there’s no sense of responsibility for peddling a corrupt Clinton.

  3. The other matter we have to consider is the extent of the inability of the DNC to take responsibility.

    They seem more determined to blame supporters of Bernie Sanders or the Green Party than anything else.

    Contrast this with the GOP. I do not like the platform that Reince Priebus peddles and frankly Trump ignored much of it, but boy, did he try very hard to turn the party around:


    To those who have left the party, let me say this, we want to earn your trust again, to those who have yet to trust us, we welcome you with open arms.

    Whatever you might think about the GOP, they did accept responsibility for losing the election. By contrast the Democrats seem determined to blame the voting public.

    • Among partisan Democrats, I’m still seeing the same disconnection from reality. They simply don’t comprehend the world outside of their tiny bubble.

      Below is something I saw posted. Someone like this doesn’t understand the immense harm that the Clinton New Democrats have done to so many Americans, including women and minorities. Most people who voted for Trump or otherwise didn’t vote for Clinton weren’t racists and sexists.

      Here it is:

    • They think their propaganda doesn’t stink.

      That’s the gist of it. What I don’t think they realize is that people see right through Clinton. That’s why she cannot get the base that she desperately needed. Her attacks on Generation Y, which as been suffering immensely have been pretty awful and then needless to say, after dismissing Bernie’s desire to get student debt relief, she was unable to rely on Generation Y votes.

      There are a few articles realizing the extent of the problems:

      The Nation has been a Clinton outfit at times, but they are also more realistic amongst the news websites.

      • I’m still not hearing those in the Dem party or aligned with it taking seriously what was revealed in the leaks and investigations. That damning evidence of corruption and dishonesty is far worse than anything about demographics and identity politics. They can try to shine up that apple all they want, but it won’t do any good because it’s rotten to the core.

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