On Not Caring About Lives Sacrificed

Did you know that about the same number of people died because of the Vietnam War as have died because of the Iraq War? That death count is a bit over a million for each war.

The main difference is that a fair number of those Vietnam War deaths were US soldiers whereas only a tiny fraction of Iraq War deaths have been US soldiers. The other difference is that the Vietnam War included a mainstream media that did its job by regularly reporting those deaths, the very thing the present mainstream media fails to do.

As long as Americans aren’t dying and don’t have to be reminded about those who are dying, most Americans don’t care and often get irritable if anyone suggests they should care. The US government could kill millions more innocent people and it still wouldn’t break through the moral indifference and blissful ignorance of the American public.

That is the brilliance of the elite in ruling the American empire. They’ve figured out how to keep the imperial subjects unaware and docile, even in this age of mass media where so much info is available.

11 thoughts on “On Not Caring About Lives Sacrificed

    • I’d like to see an expose about how this relates to the larger dysfunction of the Democratic establishment. Wasserman was a close associate and supporter of Hillary Clinton. She was the DNC insider Hillary relied upon. She probably never would have gained such position and power without the support of Hillary.

      I can’t help but noticing that the same kinds of dysfunctional control is so similar to the email scandal and much else associated with the Clintons. It’s a refusal to follow the protocols and standards that apply to everyone else. It also shows a tendency, from both Wasserman and Clinton, of constantly lying and manipulating for self-promotion. Clinton is cutting Wasserman loose, at least outwardly, but that is only because Wasserman is no longer useful to her own self-promotion.

      They seem more ruthless and conniving than even the average professional politician, and it’s not because they’re women who have to work twice as hard as men. There are plenty of women in politics who don’t seem like smug assholes. It’s sad that women like these become the face of feminism in politics. There are so many women far more deserving to be put into positions of power and influence.

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