The War Party Always Wins

Since the War Party dominates both branches of the Two-Party-System, the recent track record suggests that the Republicans will nominate a candidate bad enough to make Hillary look good.

This was written by Diana Johnstone, from Queen of Chaos. The book was published in October 12, 2015. I’m not sure when the writing of it began or was finished, but nowhere in the book does she directly speak of an ongoing campaign season for the presidential election. It seems she is speaking of a purely hypothetical scenario, which is to say a prediction.

She had no way of knowing someone like Trump was going to take over the Republican Party and win the nomination. Her prediction turned out to be more true than even she could have imagined. Trump is about as bad of a candidate as could be found, in making Hillary look good. Apparently, the War Party’s strategy has so far been a major success.

* * *

Queen of Chaos: The Misadventures of Hillary Clinton
By Diana Johnstone
Kindle Locations 3629-3671

Hillary Clinton’s performance as Secretary of State was a great success in one respect: it has made her the favorite candidate of the War Party. This appears to have been her primary objective.

But Hillary Clinton is far from being the whole problem. The fundamental problem is the War Party and its tight grip on U.S. policy.

One reason there is so little public resistance is that the wars started by the War Party hardly feel like real wars to the American people. Americans are not seeing their homes blown up. The drone armada is removing the inconvenience of “boots on the ground” veterans coming home with post-traumatic stress syndrome. War from the air is increasingly safe, distant, invisible. For most Americans, U.S. wars are simply a branch of the entertainment industry, something to hear about on television but rarely seen. These wars give you a bit of serious entertainment in return for your tax dollars. But they are not really a matter of life and death…

In fact, it hardly seems to matter what happens in these wars. The United States no longer even makes war in order to win, but rather to make sure that the other side loses. Hillary Clinton accused Vladimir Putin, quite falsely, of adhering to a “zero-sum game in which, if someone is winning, then someone else has to be losing”. The United States is playing something even worse: a “no win”, or a “lose-lose”, game in which the other side may lose, yet the United States cannot be called the winner. These are essentially spoiler wars, fought to get rid of real or imagined rivals; everyone is poorer as a result. Americans are being taught to grow accustomed to these negative wars, whose declared purpose is to get rid of something – a dictator, or terrorism, or human rights violations.

The United States is out to dominate the world by knocking out the other players.

“Our ideals” are part of the collateral damage. With its wartime crackdown on internal enemies and its Homeland Security and Patriot Acts, the United States is not only sacrificing its own freedom, it is undermining the very belief in progressive values: in democracy, in progress, in science and technology, in reason itself. By loudly identifying itself with these values, the United States is actually promoting their rejection. Such ideals increasingly resemble a mere camouflage for aggression. What is the use of democratic and liberal ideals when they are reduced to serving as pretexts for war?

And yet, opposition to the War Party is certainly shared by countless Americans. It is probably much greater than the pro-war establishment realizes. But those who are increasingly alarmed by the danger feel helpless to do anything about it. This is because the War Party is firmly in control of the two-party political system.

In February 2015, Paul Craig Roberts wrote:

Jobs offshoring destroyed the American industrial and manufacturing unions. Their demise and the current attack on the public employee unions has left the Democratic Party financially dependent on the same organized private interest groups as the Republicans. Both parties now report to the same interest groups. Wall Street, the military/ security complex, the Israel Lobby, agribusiness, and the extractive industries (oil, mining, timber) control the government regardless of the party in power. These powerful interests all have a stake in American hegemony. The message is that the constellation of forces precludes internal political change.

And he concluded that: “Hegemony’s Achilles’ heel is the US economy.”

If Roberts is right, and it is hard to see where he is wrong, the only thing that can liberate Americans from their warlike fiction would be economic collapse. This is not a cheerful prospect. It is hard to hope for an economic catastrophe as the only way to avoid nuclear annihilation. Whatever the odds, one cannot help wishing that the American people would come to their senses and figure out a way to end this policy of war and thus find a constructive way of dealing with the world. This happy ending is theoretically possible, but looks extremely unlikely because of the American political system.

The U.S. Presidential election is essentially a popular entertainment event. Billionaire sponsors send two carefully-vetted contenders into the arena, sure to win either way. The intellectual level of Republican-Democrat confrontation increasingly recalls that of the parties that divided the early Byzantine Empire, based on blue and green chariot racing teams. In the 2016 presidential election, the Good Cop party and the Bad Cop party will disagree about domestic policy issues before everything gets stalled in Congress. But the most significant issue of all is the choice of war.

Since the War Party dominates both branches of the Two-Party-System, the recent track record suggests that the Republicans will nominate a candidate bad enough to make Hillary look good.



13 thoughts on “The War Party Always Wins

    • It’s going to take a lot to unravel the power of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I’m not sure her supporters even notice any of this. And when they do notice it, as far as I can tell they ignore and dismiss it. It’s going to require a leak that will do mortal damage to the status quo, something so damning that it will be everywhere in the mainstream media. I know Clinton has some dark secrets she has been hiding, whatever they are, as she has gone to immense effort to destroy evidence. If any of those dark secrets ever get revealed, it could finally get real interesting.

      • well, presently, the opposite of ignoring Clinton’s evil is electing a brutal moron surrounded by far right Christian fascist ideologues, so, ADR, but I have to say to you what I’m tweeting at the Nightly Show folks: STFU! Are you out of your mind, piling on on Hillary right now, even if every accusation were true and we suspect worse? Cut it out! This is not the time for False Balance from the Left! Get your head and your browser on straight. Sure it’s a setup – but not one we want to escape!

        • As I see it, the US is a banana republic. Nothing you or I say is going to change events happening that are beyond us. It might matter how the mainstream media spins it, as they will do. But it won’t matter what I write in my blog where a post like this might get read by at most a few dozen people. I was one of those who warned of the dangers of nominating Hillary. I thought it was insanely naive that they were so confident in defeating Trump while destroying the campaign of Sanders, the only candidate guaranteed to beat Trump. Whatever happens now is the responsibility of the ruling elite trying to manipulate everything. Good luck to them on their games of power, the results of which we will suffer.

          • I’m standing back from it all. I wish I could have some kind of impact. But it seems larger events have been set into motion. Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Those of us outside of power are just going for the ride, unless we want to try to start a revolution.

          • This is how I handle all this. I’ve been watching these trends for a long time. This has allowed me to mentally prepare myself. I saw it coming and it is almost a relief now that it’s upon us, whatever the exact results of it all. I’ve developed a certain detachment, observing with curiosity. But if it gets bad enough, I’ll gladly join the revolution or the resistance. Until then, I’ll watch it all with fascination. Times like these are a great opportunity for those who like to study human nature. It does no good taking responsibility for what is outside of your control. The best we can do in such situations is to figure out what is going on and begin thinking about how to move in new directions. It’s too late to change present conditions, though.

        • “But Kaine’s appointment tells us something else – Clinton’s brief feint to the left wasn’t for real. Kaine is obviously a dog whistle to show Big Banks and Wall Street that her tough talk during the campaign wasn’t to be taken seriously.

          “Now it’s likely that turnouts for a Presidential race will be higher, but by how much, and the real question is how will it be enough for her to win, after this appointment?

          With Clinton’s lead at about 4% in polls, taking an action that was certain to shrink the turnout was either arrogant, stupid, or demonstrative of someone who is so out of touch with the plight of the average American as to be clueless. Beyond that, it’s irresponsible. Giving a candidate as heinous as Trump a shot at the Presidency raises the question of whether she has the judgement to serve as President.”

          • I always speak the truth, especially to power. If you call that slamming, you might be at the wrong blog. I’ll always speak the truth, convenient or inconvenient, comfortable or uncomfortable. It’s the one and only power I have in a system like this, to simply speak the truth.

            Democracy depends on this. The problem we’ve had in this country and in the Democratic Party is a lack of honesty, including self-honesty. We need to take this situation serious enough to admit the truth. We need to look the truth in the eyes and come to terms with it. Hiding our heads up our asses isn’t going to save us.

            Sanders has always been the stronger candidate. More importantly, he is the only candidate that ever has been guaranteed to beat Trump. If the fear-mongering about Trump was serious, then the DNC wouldn’t have conspired against his campaign and the Democratic base would have backed Sanders.

            It’s not too late. Sanders hasn’t released his delegates and is still technically in the race. Now that Clinton’s campaign is mortally wounded, it would be foolish and utterly stupid for Democrats to back her, unless they want Trump to win.

            If Clinton had any intelligence, common sense and moral integrity, she’d step down and let Sanders have the nomination. She is damaged goods at this point. For her to take the nomination most likely means giving the presidency to Trump.

            So, it’s up to Clinton to decide if her ego and pride matters more than preventing a Trump presidency. Clinton has a choice, to step down or take the party down with her. I wish she’d do the right thing, but I’m sure she won’t.

            This is why Democrats should try to force her to step down. If Trump really is that dangerous, then Democrats have no choice other than to ensure Sanders gets the nomination. It’s the only option left to defeat Trump.

            The entire fate of this election is on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton, her supporters, and the Democratic establishment. If they choose to go forward with this, they will have to accept all blame for what follows. If they refuse to take the rational and moral choice, I wash my hands of them. In that case, they are on their own.

            Neither you nor I can make the political elite do the right thing, the smart thing, or anything else. They don’t care what people like us think and say. We are irrelevant. They’d rather lose the election than lose their position and power. That is their choice and, until something external to the system forces change, there is nothing anyone else can do about it. The establishment will go on as it has for decades.

            I guess we’ll find out what happens, if the establishment decides to takes the two-party system into a death spiral. I’m not sure why the political elite act so cavalier. They seem confident that the rest of us will suffer the consequences but that they will remain safe. If it all goes to hell, they’ll take their vast wealth and move to another country.

            The rest of us will be left with the task of rebuilding society.


  1. It’s funny reading this now. No matter how horrible was the other choice, the establishment still failed to make Clinton appealing to most voters. Nearly half of eligible voters didn’t even bother to vote. It was a fairly small minority of eligible voters who chose her in the end, and even among those it was mostly who they were voting against. So, in reality, she didn’t win either the electoral college or the popular vote.

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