America Is Not Great For Most Americans

I just saw a comment that stated, “There is no making America great again. America is better than it’s ever been.”

I’ve seen that same idea repeated by many people. I used to notice it from conservatives. In fact, it was the core message of the GOP inspired by Cold War rhetoric. But now I hear it from supposedly liberal Democrats. It doesn’t matter from which side it comes from. It expresses an utter disconnection from the lived experience and social reality of most Americans.

Inequality is growing. Large personal debt is becoming common. The real unemployment rate is the worst it’s been in a long time. Wages have been stagnating or declining for most workers since the 1970s. There is loss of job security, loss of benefits and pensions, loss of good jobs for the less educated (and, yes, the vast majority of Americans still don’t have a college degree). Factories have been closing down, offshored, or downsized. There are many poor communities (rural and urban, black and white) where the majority of residents are unemployed and the majority of men caught up in the legal system.

As for Trump’s supporters, older whites with average education, the world has decidedly taken a bad turn. Middle aged whites and rural whites are experiencing worsening mortality rates, not seen since data was kept. The middle class in general has been shrinking with many having fallen down the economic ladder, a generation doing worse than their parents and grandparents.

America is better than it’s ever been, really? Wake the fuck up!

If you’re the type of person who keeps repeating this bullshit, know this. It is you, in your ignorance and disconnection, in your lack of understanding and compassion, who are helping to promote Trump’s cause. You are the reason his supporters are so outraged. You are part of the problem.

Why not, instead, be part of the solution?

8 thoughts on “America Is Not Great For Most Americans

  1. It’s funny how Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, written in 380 B.C., could so accurately describe America today. Prisoner, unable to turn their heads, only able to see shadows and hear echoes of reality cast by puppet masters.

    What will it take for Americans to wake up and realize they are prisoners viewing the shadows of lies and echoes of deceit of a false reality presented by political puppeteers pulling their strings, corporate slave masters manipulating them like serfs and mainstream media ringmasters who view their audiences as so incredibly stupid that they’ll buy into their blatant propagandist tricks and circus sideshows? How far up the arse does American heads have to be in the rotting corpse of our dead democracy before they smell the bullsh*t?

    Seriously, what will it take? There are mountains of damning evidence out there of corruption, deceit and contempt against average Americans by the elites in our banana republic. Please, for Heaven’s sake, WAKE-UP!

    • Well said! Nice imagery as well.

      I’m going to have that visual stuck in my head all day: “American heads” “far up the arse” of “the rotting corpse of our dead democracy”. Such a beautiful picture that paints. Thanks!

      BTW your thoughts about Plato’s Cave reminds me of all the Pokemon GO players wandering about while not seeing the actual world around them. They’d be better off looking for democracy. Not that I have anything against playing silly games.

  2. Sorry for the gruesome visual, Ben 🙂 How bad do you have to paint the picture before people get it these days…jeez!?

    Yup, you might as well be looking for democracy in a video game. Democracy in America is more vaporware than reality thanks to all the corporate crowdfunding and fake promised deliverables made by politicians. Democracy in America today is downright FRAUD!

  3. Sounds like they’re talking about maybe their social causes, the advances made by all the subgroups over the last half-century, perhaps they could make a case that things have gotten somewhat better for the worst-off Americans – again, socially, human rights-wise.

    Which again, maybe the same group that’s suffering economically doesn’t see the human rights advances as positive either, in fact it seems they see the gains of the disenfranchised as the cause of their fall. Of course, it was the whitest, straightest people who saw the profit in moving all manufacturing overseas and were the true cause of their woes, but now in a disgusting irony, they want to elect the whitest, straightest, richest swine they can, exactly the sort who did it to them.

    • Some problems have lessened, as others have worsened. The problems of poverty, inequality, unemployment, housing foreclosures, mass incarceration, etc have disproportionately harmed minorities and some of these have done so for decades. These problems have also harmed poor whites. It’s just taken a while for it to begin to impact other sectors of society, such as lower middle class whites. It was also a generational issue, as I’ve often explored. The reason middle aged whites are now being hit hard is because the generation of whites now turning middle aged have also been having problems for a while, even though the mainstream media and political parties have been ignoring it. GenXers and younger Boomers have been hit the hardest by high lead toxicity rates when they were children and economic problems as well. GenX, in particular, when they reached adulthood was the only generation to experience a recession that effected only their generation. These are problems that have been percolating for a long time. It’s the utter ignorance, cluelessness, and obtuseness that bothers me.

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