True Blue Democrats

Hey Democrats! I want to talk to you for a moment. Just you real Democrats, though.

Ya know, the ones who are solid supporters of the Democratic party. The kind of True Blue Democrats who would never betray the party by giving their votes away in supporting a spoiler third party candidate or any other radical. Between you and I, we understand. It’s about the long game. We can’t always get what we want, just as long as we move the country in the right direction.

I have a question for you. What would you think about a Republican who did the following?

Someone who has regularly been dismissive of the deaths, struggles, and suffering of others. Has voted for wars of aggression, got on line with Bush’s fear-mongering policies of War on Terror and security state, supported the overthrow of democratic governments, thought torture should be allowed, and supports Israel’s oppressive apartheid government.

Someone who has used dog-whistle rhetoric and pushed class war against the lower classes. Has promoted tough-on-crime policies and mass incarceration and privatized prisons, helped to successfully cut welfare and disparaged the poor, and shows no real concern for poverty and growing inequality. Has been a constant strong supporter of big biz and big banks, advocates for job-killing ‘free’ trade agreements, accepts large amounts of money not just from corporations but also foreign countries, and in the past was against a 15$ minimum wage.

Someone who has stood in opposition to transparency and accountability. Has repeatedly undermined the democratic process, obviously not comprehending or else not caring about what democracy means. And is unconcerned about and uninterested in all those who have been demoralized and disenfranchised because of all these kinds of policies. Was against gay marriage, having been on the wrong side of many social issues and civil rights issues.

Basically, someone who has upheld a consistent worldview. Of neoliberalism based on crony capitalism, corporatism, and plutocracy. Of neoconservatism based on tough-on-crime, war hawk, and neo-imperialist policies. And all the positions that go with this worldview. Although flip-flopping whenever it is politically convenient, depending on the audience being spoken to and the interests being served at the moment, also depending if it is campaign season or not.

Your response might be:

“So? Those are Republican positions. It’s hardly surprising a Republican would support them. Why should I care? I’m not a Republican and I don’t vote for Republicans.”

Yeah, I know. Those ignorant, heartless Republicans. They make me angry. We need to defeat them at any costs. The stakes are high in elections like this. We can’t risk letting a Republican win.

Well, what if I told you there is a Democrat who can be described the exact same way? God forbid! What if I told you that this person is a major Democratic candidate running for president right now? Say it ain’t so! And what if I told you that there is another Democratic candidate who is against all of what I just described? I bet I had you worried there for a moment.

Without knowing anything else about these two Democratic candidates, which one would you want as your president? Which one sounds repulsive, sounds like a Republican in Democratic clothing? And which one sounds like a genuine democrat, liberal, and progressive?

Democrats would never vote for Republicans, right? Not even if a Republican called themselves a Democrat, right? It’s not possible that more Democrats would have voted for a reactionary like Bush in 2000 than voted for a progressive like Nader, right? Democrats this time around also won’t vote for a candidate who supports Republican positions, right?

Unlike Republicans, Democrats never vote against their own interests, right? No Democrat voter would ever be deceived by empty rhetoric and false promises, right?

13 thoughts on “True Blue Democrats

  1. They have abandoned the loyalty to the future and the good of society in favor of total party loyalty.

    Others as we’ve discussed, especially amongst the East Coast liberal types probably don’t realize how bad things have become for the poor.

    Wealth is this great insulator but it also prevents empathy.

    • I’m not sure it is loyalty. It seems more like mindlessness, groupthink, and plain ignorance. Most people lack the ability to look at the larger picture or to think independently. These aren’t skills that are typically taught in school nor modeled in the mainstream media.

      We live in a society that is trapped in a particular paradigm that is so self-enclosed as to form a reality tunnel and is endlessly reinforced by an echo chamber. For many people, this is all they know and all they can imagine. It’s not even a choice they are making for they see no other choice, not really. It’s full epistemic closure.

      • This kind of thing sort of becomes a culture war issue. I don’t think it’s really about critical thinking. Or rather the Democratic establishment doesn’t actually care about this issue on principle. Critical thinking is symbolic of a demographic divide. I’d argue that the demographic divide is less partisan than it is generational.

        It’s not as if there is a long history of older Democrats fighting hard to ensure there is critical thinking in public schools, media, politics, and all aspects of society. Nor is it that older Democrats supported Bill Clinton in the past and are supporting Hillary Clinton in the present because of their devotion to critical thinking.

        The only place one sees a strong desire for more critical thinking in society is among the youth demographic and other specific demographics (such as among self-identified atheists, practicing climatologists, etc). It’s those who have personally struggled with issues involving critical thinking that care about it the most.

        The younger generations probably have learned about the importance of critical thinking from being the only demographic to get most of their news from alternative media. Plus, the internet has forced them to learn to be wary and discerning about info.

    • I’ve heard from numerous sources there’s alot of voter fraud in those areas. democracynow covered this in regards as to what went on In Massachusetts and New York.

      • I’m sure that is the case. I’ve entirely lost faith in the US political system. I don’t know what to call it. But it’s obviously not a functioning democracy. It’s meaningless to say we get the politicians we deserve, when the majority are effectively shut out of the political system.

    • I listened to the beginning of it. But I’ve already heard her flip-flopping a thousand times already. I wish all of her supporters and prospective voters would watch it, though. If people knew her actual record, she’d be more hated and mistrusted than she already is.

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