Partisanship Makes Americans Stupid

Democrats are really pissing me off right now. I hate partisan politics. Even my support for Sanders is tentative. And I’d rather vote third party. For damn sure, I’m not going to vote for Hillary Clinton, if she gets the nomination.

Do these partisans have any common sense or principles?

On certain issues such as war, prisons and the police state, Hillary is far to the right of someone like Ron Paul or even his son Rand. I bet even both Pauls combined with their pro-capitalist libertarianism never accepted as many big money corporate bribes as has Clinton. She is a strident neoliberal, which in American parlance makes her an economic conservative. Also, the policies she has supported have been consistently bad for minorities. On most major issues, Clinton is to the right of the majority of Americans, often far to the right.

Why would any moral and sane person who took Sanders rhetoric seriously vote for Clinton? Why would any principled liberal consider Clinton to be much of a liberal, in the normal use of that word?

This same thing goes for Republican partisanship.

Those on the political right love to use libertarian rhetoric. Yet many third party candidates on the political left are way more libertarian. Even someone like Ron Paul isn’t all that extreme in his libertarianism. Green Party candidates are regularly more libertarian than Ron Paul and the candidates of the supposed Libertarian Party. Republicans love big government and deficit-spending, just focused on their favorite areas.

So, if one’s libertarianism is principled, why not vote for the most libertarian candidate? Well, the reason is that too many people use the word ‘libertarian’ when they really mean something entirely else: neoliberalism, corporatism, or whatever. But those crony capitalist Republicans will threaten the voters that they better vote for them or else the communists will take over.

This lesser evil crap is plain stupid. Lesser evil than what? Why is partisanship used as a way of excusing everything? Why do people vote against their own interests just to make sure that their team wins?

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4 thoughts on “Partisanship Makes Americans Stupid

    • The worse problem is that Democrats like Clinton aren’t any better. She’ll defend the power and profit of corporations just as much as any right-wing corporatist or crony capitalist. Neither side typically offers much of a real choice, not in my lifetime.

  1. I am a lot more pro-Sanders than you are for that reason.

    I don’t think that his election would solve all of society’s problems. He would still have to fight an obstructionist (and I would argue treasonous) Republican Congress, but he would also be able to get a lot done as President as well.

    It is probable that he could set the tone for the next couple of decades. Sadly we are still living in an era where Reagan set the tone.

    • He could set the tone for a new era. But setting a tone is tricky business.

      If people take his socialist rhetoric seriously but his policies end up being mostly mainstream including little change to militarism and the police state, just a continuation of Bush-Obama era politics, then that could turn many young Americans permanently away from socialism and maybe turn them to libertarianism instead. OTOH if it causes people to start talking about what socialism means and what a socialist society would look like, then it might be the beginning of real change.

      I’d like to believe the latter could happen. Is it likely? I don’t know.

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