The Media and Government’s Biased Response to Muhammad Youssef vs. Dylann Roof

“This, in spite of the fact that, since 9/11/01, white supremacist and other right-wing extremist hate groups have killed twice as many people and committed more than twice as many overall domestic terrorist attacks than Muslim extremists. Yet which image is it that is conjured up with mention of the word “terrorist”?”

United States Hypocrisy

domestic terrorist attackThe bullet-hole-sprayed recruitment center for the Navy Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee

It took less than a few hours after the death of Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, who shot and killed five U.S. Marines at a Marine training center in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Thursday, for the FBI to announce that the shooting would be investigated as an act of “domestic terrorism”. The corporate media, always true to form, began immediately speculating over whether Abdulazeez’s actions were perhaps inspired or directed by I.S.I.L. or some other self-proclaimed jihadist terror group. The contrast to the response in the aftermath of last month’s vicious attack on a Black Church in Charleston, South Carolina by avowed an white supremacist, Dylann Storm Roof, which left nine parishioners dead, couldn’t have been more stark. Initial reports in the wake of the Charleston Church Massacre seemed at a loss for words over what possibly could have motivated this obviously

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  1. Simple observation: All the Cons here bring up “failed Socialist states” to make their point, but as in any debate had with Cons they leave out the actual causes once they’ve identified a scapegoat. Of course a Society that decides to behave humanely is at a disadvantage against Societies that do not. Greece, Venezuela and any other nation you care to hoist as an example of “liberal policy failures” did not fail because of their Liberal policies. They failed because the nations that still operate on greed and their respective financial institutions decided to punish them for having the gall to treat their citizens fairly. Living outside Detroit I am very familiar with Conservative politicians using shady financial exploits to punish cities and regions for having the audacity to pay their employees a wage above average. I watched the Big 3 and Republican officials decimate a city as a social experiment and then expand the practice regionally, nationally and then globally in the last 30 years. 1 Government, 1 set of Laws, remove any dark corners for the Capitalist cockroaches to hide in and you’ll be amazed how well a system that cares for all citizens is received by those same citizens. But what you cannot do is keep ignoring the

    • It isn’t failure when it is intentional and planned. The alternatives to corporatism don’t simply fail. They are destroyed or at least crippled, on purpose. That is one of the obvious lessons that future generations will learn from studying our era.

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    Rattan Singh Nagra
    Was losing faith in this country and the direction we were headed in. Bernie Sanders deff has my vote.
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    Anthony Orlando Barrios
    If Trump is Bernie’s biggest threat then Bernie is basically our new POTUS
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    Greg Price
    unseating hillary is the second to last hurdle.
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    Francis Blacklin
    Trump isn’t a threat to anyone but his own ego.
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    Polly Noyes
    If Joe Biden enters the race and wins the nomination I’d vote for him over Hillary. But yes, if Hillary gets the nomination I’ll vote for her. Anything’s better than a republican in office. Especially the group of idiots in the race.
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    Alison Grice
    I do think the Trump supporters, like the Bernie supporters, are disenchanted, disgruntled, with the establishment party hacks. That is good, healthy. But I’m afraid I agree with Tracy Strode that most of them would vote for Honey Booboo than a Democrat because they see Dems and socialists as ‘tax and spends’ and bureaucrats who live off government dole – and off of ‘their’ hard work, whether those Dems are workers or recipients of aid. They see themselves as the rugged individualists ( in N.E. here they would be the old Yankees) who worked hard to make this country, without unions, and in spite of government. And they are! They aren’t asking for anything but freedom and respect and they work hard and pay their own way. They aren’t educated, but …. not without brains and have an onery streak – that I have to respect. . Many are vets and first responders who look on this country with pride and who are looking for respect and purpose – and that is so understandable! If anyone – other than dramatic, macho Trump can reach out to them, it’s Bernie. He’s direct and gruff and oh. so sincere! He totally appeals to the educated middle class, the ‘intelligentsia”. He is one. But he has to appeal to the majority of the working class – whether white (the Trump followers, esp,) afro-american, hispanic or other…. to unite this country. If anyone can – and it’s a Herculean task – it’s Bernie. But he and we, his supporters, need to talk to these constituencies in their own language and comfort zone. Don’t write these people off! They care – help them recognize who truly cares the most!

    • I’m not sure how many minorities are going to support yet another old white male, no matter what he advocates. The problem with Sanders is that he isn’t radical enough for what so many people are wanting. Sanders is a mild-mannered moderate progressive, which would be fine for less challenging times, but what people are hungering for right now is a fiery visionary along the lines of MLK. I don’t know if Sanders has it in him to play that role.

    • That is a point I regularly make. I find it bizarre that racists are offended by people pointing out racism or even attempting to honestly discuss race issues of any sort. It’s not just that their whiteness is taken as a privilege. Their racism is also taken as a privilege.

      They want to be able to criticize black people without fear of being criticized in return. But if racists weren’t so obsessed with race and always playing the race card, most people would see race as a lot less relevant. Ultimately, race is meaningless without racism, for the two can’t be separated. Talking about one always involves talking about the other, which is what bothers racists.

    • I have absolutely no doubt that this kind of thing happens all the time, probably on a daily basis across the country. This is well within the normal range of behavior in the US. It just rarely gets recorded. But the scariest part is, even if cops stop making such statements out loud, you know they are still thinking this way.

    • I remember reading something along these lines. It was pointed out that every major ethnic group in America operated and shopped at their own stores. They had ethnic solidarity and would always put their own interests as a group before that of others.

      The problem for blacks is that they were never a willing immigrant group. No other American population was ever as systematically oppressed. African slaves had utterly annihalated their entire traditions of culture, religion, language, community, and family. After the Civil War, when blacks tried to create their own stores and communities, they were attacked and destroyed.

      It’s not as if blacks didn’t try to create group solidarity to pull themselves up as a group. It’s just that whites would never allow them. But now times have changed. Blacks could do what was for centuries was impossible. The challenge is that it is hard to overcome the still entrenched racial order that continues to oppress blacks at every turn. It will be hard for blacks to overcome the cynicism and apathy of knowing deep-in-their bones that everything about this society has been against them. To believe that this time will be different is not an easy thing to accept.

      Maybe it really is different, finally. In some states, blacks are already the new majority. They haven’t been in this position as a majority since slave times. It will take a while for this to sink in.

  3. I’ve had to deal with racism since childhood, til now, with no end in sight. There is no real diversity, no acceptance, and no understanding – just forced tolerance, and it’s not unique to Vancouver as it’s a global problem.

    Eurocentricity is the crux of Western culture and media. You even have companies in China, for example, who only want to hire whites for higher positions, rather than someone who is Chinese, regardless of their abilities.

    Then you have tests like these:

    Watch those poor children end up joining gangs and having no self-worth, committing crimes due to pent up rage, and then being locked in jail forever, punished by the same society that made them that way.

    Racism is subtly integrated into various facets of Western culture, it’s everywhere, and it’s here to stay. Some people aren’t even consciously aware of their own racist views.

    • My view exactly. Racism fucks everyone up in the head. Even if you think you aren’t racist, it seeps into your psyche and colors your every experience. It’s always there as the background of every thought and action.

  4. Canada is so interesting to me. It’s America’s twin, yet it’s not. It’s probably the most similar place to America superficially, yet it really is culturally distinct. Out of all the nations it’s probably the nation an American could wander into on accident and not notice he left America the longest.

    There is a very hateful, racist undercurrent in Vancouver. Overt racism is merely kept at bay through government-sanctioned political correctness and education.

    As a Canadian-born Chinese person I should feel equal to any white Canadian. I served for many years in the Canadian military, protected Canada’s borders as a border services officer, and continue to serve in the federal public service.

    In reality, I am routinely subject to comments such as “Welcome to Canada” and “go back to China” when I make opinions with nothing to do about race; subject to blatant racism at work (the federal government would never tell you) and made to sign papers to shut up about it. I remember how my brother was made to go to ESL school, even though he was born in White Rock. This is something no white Canadian would ever have to endure. No white Canadian can ever understand.

    It’s disheartening to see racism hasn’t changed from 1940. All people have learned since then is to hide it better.

    • I should visit Canada one of these days. It would be interesting as a comparison to my American experience. For the same reason, I should visit Mexico. It would be best to visit these places by staying with locals and avoiding the tourist crap. I know some Canadians and probably someone would be willing to be my guide to the exotic world of Canada, but I don’t know well as many Mexicans or Mexican-Americans.

  5. There’s a popular line of thinking that one of the reasons for Vancouver’s high housing costs is that too many properties/apartments/condos/suites/etc are owned by people who don’t live in them. They are bought and later sold like stocks or bonds, and in the meantime, they sit empty, with security guards protecting them from thousands of others who must sleep in the rain and snow. I actually agree that this is a big problem. There are a lot of people in this city, and not very much space; if someone owns land that they aren’t using, it should be legal for others to squat and take over that land. Other countries have legalized squatting (even Canada, hundreds of years ago, and more recently, i believe Slovenia?) and the results have not been disastrous; squatting should be legal in 21st century vancouver. Unfortunately, there have been times when I’ve made this point and the person I’m speaking with replies “yes, good point, there are too many asian investors buying up all the properties here.” It’s frustrating that what might be a valid argument is thereby co-opted by the racist attitudes which have dominated our history, as Nathan describes. Why does this have to be racialized? It’s a problem when someone buys local properties and lets them sit empty. It doesn’t matter whether the owner is from China or Toronto or Powell River. Apartments aren’t stocks; if you’re not going to occupy them, let someone else in. This shouldn’t have anything to do with race, but unfortunately, in historically-anti-asian-vancouver, it turns out that way.

    • Why not do what Utah has done? Simply build enough housing for everyone and guarantee every homeless person has a place to live. Maybe put a special tax on those who buy up property and don’t live there. That tax could then fund the housing for the homeless. Problem solved.

    • There is some advantage to having a blatant history of racism like the US. We Americans can’t honestly deny what is obvious to everyone in the world. We are used to dealing with issues of racism. We argue and disagree about racism, but at least it gets discussed out in the open.

  6. Vancouver blows ass

    Hold on, hold on, there’s a thing we missed that I’d really like to go back to:

    “I hear a dozen languages in my mall food court every day. No one has any loyalty to their adopted country. Canada is just a piece of real estate to hang your hat and carry on with your own language, customs and beliefs – even if they are not compatible with Western values of freedom and tolerance.”

    Tolerance. Tolerance.

  7. I disagree on the USA’s system being to increase blacks and hispanics. I think it is more to maintain the white status quo

    Canadian universities admit almost all of their undergrads on just one criterion: academic merit, usually defined as high school grades. Most American universities, in contrast, have developed complex, controversial and constitutionally questionable ways of gerrymandering their admission criteria, so as to water down the weight given to grades and standardized exams. Why? Because if admission were based solely on academic achievement, the two largest minority groups in the U.S. — blacks and Hispanics — would be underrepresented on campus, especially at the most elite institutions.

    Take Berkeley, the pinnacle of the University of California system. In the mid-1990s, Californian voters passed Proposition 209, which prohibits race from being considered in academic admissions. More than a third of California’s population is Hispanic, but as a result of Prop 209, only about one in 10 Berkeley undergrads is Hispanic.

    In Canada, by contrast, a race-blind university admissions process isn’t leading to the underrepresentation of minorities. On the contrary, the normal Canadian university practice of admission based on academic achievement has resulted in the over-representation of non-whites on campus. A 2005 Statistics Canada study found that 54% of visible minority Canadians aged 24 to 26 reported having attended university, versus just 38% of the non-visible minority population.

    One of the few universities that publishes data on the race of its students is the University of British Columbia. According to a survey UBC conducted last year, 38% of UBC-Vancouver students admitted directly from high school identified their background as “white.” Another 5% were Aboriginal, Arab, Black or Latin-American. Pretty much everyone else said that their “ethno-racial” background was from somewhere in Asia, including 38% who selected “Chinese.”

    And more than half of UBC-V’s direct-from-high-school students are not native English speakers.

    The survey also counted a smaller group of students, the roughly one-third who transferred to UBC-Vancouver from another university or college. This group was 57% white, and 21% Chinese.

    Taken together, the data suggests that Asians are the largest group at UBC-Vancouver, at close to 50% of the undergrad student body. That’s above the proportion of Asian-Canadians in Vancouver’s population, and far above the proportion in the population of B.C., or Canada.

    To which we should say: hallelujah. Break out the champagne already. Canadian visible minorities are somewhat more likely than white Canadians to attend university. And Asian Canadians, the country’s largest immigrant and minority group, appear to be more likely to attend university than the majority white population. This is a problem?

    Americans and Europeans dream of such problems. In Europe, the fear is that racial minorities are falling behind educationally and economically, being excluded and excluding themselves. France worries about North African kids from the banlieues mugging Jean-Sebastien and Marie-Claire, not outperforming them on a university admissions exam.

    In Canada, the challenge is that our relatively happy reality doesn’t match up with expectations. We look at the United States, and expect to see the same story here. On any Canadian university campus, you will find groups of academics and students earnestly demanding that their institution become more “diverse” and “representative.” They’re apparently unaware that affirmative action in university admissions — “positive discrimination” as the Brits call it — would mean reducing the number of some minorities, especially Asians, for the benefit of other minorities, and even the majority white population.

    Five years ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time at the U of T faculty of law. It’s the most competitive law school in Canada, drawing the best students from across the country. While I was there, a group of students began calling on the school to become more diverse and representative in hiring and admissions. Five years ago, to see if their complaints jibed with reality, I flipped through the school’s online student directory.

    A quick eyeballing suggested that the complaining students were probably right about the lack of racial representativeness — though not quite as they had imagined. For example, the student body appeared to be as much as one-third Jewish, making Jews hugely overrepresented relative to their tiny percentage of the Canadian population. Visible minorities were 16% of the Canadian population in 2005, but seemed to account for a higher proportion of U of T law students. And non-Jewish whites, who make up more than 80% of the Canadian population, looked to be less than 50% of the law school’s student body.

    If the goal is excellence, Canada’s race-blind admissions system works. There are people and groups that are falling behind educationally, but addressing that shouldn’t involve watering down the merit principle in university admissions. The solution lies elsewhere.

    Last Thursday night at 11:30, I walked over to Robarts library. The 24-hour study rooms were packed; the crowd about three-quarters East Asian. Then I walked over to the Brunswick House. Outside, a fight had just broken out. A drunk blond girl in a mini skirt was trying to punch a bouncer as her boyfriend dragged her out the door. A few minutes later, she came stumbling back, her boyfriend still trying to restrain her, she wildly kicking at him. “Check it! She’s trying to kneecap him!” the bouncers laughed.

    The crowd milling about out front laughed too. They were a little bit black and a little bit brown, but mostly white.

    • Canada is different than the US and even further different from Europe. The poor minorities in Canada are more isolated, because they are the natives disproportionately in the rural areas. I bet you don’t find many of them in the Canadian colleges. As for minorities who are immigrants or the children of immigrants, they tend to be of a wealthier class in Canada, as the immigration policies intentionally are prejudiced against the poor. In the US and Europe, there are vast numbers of poor immigrants, and in the US large minority populations that have been here for centuries. Canada’s problem is the opposite in having too many upper class minorities who are wealthier than the average white Canadian.

  8. One of the groups that hates Asian males and their advancement the most are White sexpats, or White males who’s main motivation for living in Asia is getting laid and the lower cost of living.

    Many of them teach ESL/EFL in China (mostly in illegal or unaccredited schools, as they usually don’t have a degree or education beyond a high school diploma), while others are just plain sex tourists in countries like Thailand or the Philippines.

    Since White sexpats couldn’t get laid at home due to being creepy/unattractive and women have higher standards, they have to resort to going to Asia to simply have sex.

    You would think that having had exposure to Asian countries, they would have more respect for Asians, but it’s the exact opposite – White sexpats are very vocal in bashing Asian countries and Asian males, as well as fetishizing Asian females for being more “feminine”, “traditional”, and “submissive”, while they complain about White females being feminist (as if it’s the reason they couldn’t get laid back at home).

    Many white sexpats are also hypocrites who have stormfront-like views about other races, yet consider it acceptable for themselves to have an Asian wife or girlfriend. Furthermore, they also promote SJW/feminist narratives which depict Asian males as misogynistic and patriarchal, and have a vested interest in propagating negative stereotypes against Asian males since they need it as leverage to gain sexual access to Asian females.

    Living in Asia couldn’t cure White sexpats of their hatred of Asian men because the sight of Asian men in positions of power and authority deeply upset them, and they themselves wish that Asian countries were still colonies or subject to foreign treaty ports and legations. They hate the idea of seeing Asians as equals and see themselves as White Gods or “Charisma man” sent down to earth from a Boeing 777 to rescue Asian women from the grip of the evil and oppressive Asian male patriarchy. When reality struck, it only embittered them further against Asian men.

    If you need an example of a White sexpat, get a load of this piece of work, who brags about having sex with Asian prostitutes and how easy Asian women are with the same breath that claims to love his Asian wife. He also likes to troll /r/hapas since they hate White sexpats like himself.

  9. I am a white American who moved to Thailand. Here is a comment I wrote earlier today concerning this topic.

    “Let’s see….. All the teachers I interact with… Well there is the 60 year old Canadian who has five years here so far yet does not know how to say rice and shared his dream of finding a hot 20 year old to take care of him, there is the 24 year old American college professor who lives in the same apartment building as many students and jokes about how his students get jealous when they see their peers leaving his room in the morning just like they were last week, there was the 40 something Brit joking about how often he teaches still drunk as he felt up the bar girl next to him. Most of these teachers are real winners.”

    Do not be like these people and you will be ok. You will have to “prove” you are not like these people because unfortunately they make up a large percentage if not the majority. Once people realize you are just a genuine person everything is good. I think my worst experience so far was talking to a group of young men on the street in broken Thai and one of the more drunk ones started yelling “Why you learn Thai? To sleep with Thai girls?” But his friends quickly calmed him down and we were sharing a beer not long after. It will show up in many more subtle ways but generally it won’t effect your quality of life and if you remove yourself from the expat circle and make an effort to integrate you will see why there is some animosity that comes from further than just women. (Although when getting comfortable with a Thai male friend the treatment of Thai women by foreigners is always the first sensitive topic we will talk about)

    Also, if you do come out to Asia, a tip on dating. (I know white guys with Asian girlfriends is a hot topic but I have dated everywhere I have lived, do you expect me to become abstinent all of a sudden?) If an uneducated girl finds you and speaks English, walk away. For many men it is the first time an attractive woman has been that forward and it is easy to fall for. They are charming and will use whatever they think will work on you, for decent people it is guilt. These are the girls that the horror stories you hear about come from, for many it is not about the money either which makes it even more difficult to spot when it is happening to you but that is a different discussion. Bottom line, just keep it in your pants until you find someone you actually connect with (it will require conscience effort, they are actually that pushy) or fuck around, develop a bad reputation, and go home with a bad experience because everyone knows what kind of girl(s) you are with and most of society gets shut off from you.

  10. Well I’m slightly sleep deprived so i am naturally irritable, but I’m feeling really fuckijg pissed off.

    I don’t know what it is about Asia especially china that attracts such terrible people. White guys with superiority complexes who think they’re better than the locals and other shit. Who are bitter. Bitter white guys who trash their host nation, when most of them are working easily replaceable jobs so it’s not like their presence is essential. They are so bitter and hateful and even call the locals slurs like chink and chinamen and how japan should have dominated them, yet they still stay in the country workif their easily replaceable jobs instead of getting the fuck out. Seriously what the flying fuck.

    I am being racist myself, in that I keep white guys at arms length because there are so many of these bitter dickheads.

  11. Lol a lot of the stresses white expats feel are just normal shit of minority life. It’s funny how so few of these white expats actually are able to extrapolate their feelings/experiences to “so this is what this is like to me a minority” “now I get it.” Instead it just becomes bitter white expat.

    The entitlement of some white westerners

    • You would think being in a minority position might create sympathy for those different from them. But obviously that isn’t how it often happens. For many people, they just become further hardened in their identity.

  12. Asia does attract a lot of white guys who got wedgied a lot in grade school for some reason.

    I’m a bit racist towards western white guys maybe. Okay, not racist. But I keep y guard up around them more, at least in Asia.


  13. I’m an enfp, fairly strong f, and sometimes I really wish I was a strong T, because they don’t get offended personally as easily. My dad’s a strong T , entj/p, and he’s muc harder than me to upset. Internet comments ca depress me, whereas they don’t faze him.

    • I totally understand. I’m easily affected by everything around me, even silliness on the internet. I’m emotionally thin-skinned. I don’t tend to show it because of my Introversion, but things get to me.

  14. I wonder if there should be a campaign in Asia so people can spot losers more than they do

    “[–]number888 3 points 4 days ago
    I really don’t understand this logic whites have. If you are a loser in the US, you’re probably going to be a loser everywhere else too. You’ll just be a loser in a different culture
    That’s incorrect. Many guys go overseas and will sleep with 100 women in 100 days successfully. You see it even with minority women born in the US. Men game women for sex, dates, relationships and marriage. If a guy is a loser in one environment, he can switch into another one where they are not as familiar with the nuances of his people. I see naive women with manipulative lying men all the time. It’s even tougher for a girl to pick up on that behavior, if he’s different from her. She’s more likely to misinterpret it. People have difficulty distinguishing those from different nations, cultures, ethnicities or speak different languages. These situations are where stereotypes and media images come into great effect. Guys go overseas, because it works.
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    [–]thehurp 3 points 3 days ago
    True say. I was doing some work in Hong Kong in a mixed group of locals and foreigners. We met up with one dude to interview him, this white dude who really was was the biggest smug twat I’ve ever met – the locals all thought he was lovely, funny etc, me and the other foreigners (both white, one male one female) immediately hated this guy and saw straight through him. In fact, I think he kind of took against us, because as fellow native English speakers we saw right through his bullshit. I guess he didn’t like having his reverential wow handsome white man treatment taken away from him huh.”

  15. An interesting theory — the “Hygiene Hypothesis — may explain why certain allergies and diseases have nearly quadrupled in recent decades. The premise is that children raised in an environment devoid of dirt and germs are less able to build up natural disease resistance.
    Much worse: the growing tendency to ply children with antibiotics, which can kill healthy gut flora. Scientific evidence indicates that both practices contribute to increased vulnerability to illness later in life.
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    Scientists May Have Isolated The Secret To Staying Healthy Past Age 100

    Giving Newborns the Best Start in Life Involves Breastfeeding

    Are We Exclusive? A Look at the Evidence for Exclusive Breastfeeding (EBF)

    Lonely People Are Actually Wired Differently

    Meditation Helps Bodine Students to ‘Thrive’
    But how could dirt and germs keep you healthy?
    Your immune system plays two main protective roles. Specialized white blood cells called Th1 lymphocytes assault infected cells throughout your body. Th2 lymphocytes produce antibodies to block dangerous microbes from invading your body’s cells in the first place, while using other white blood cells to drive allergic responses to foreign organisms.
    How Dirt Helps “Pump Up” Your Immune System
    At birth, an infant’s immune system appears to rely primarily on the Th2 system while the Th1 system grows stronger. But the hygiene hypothesis suggests that the Th1 system grows stronger only through fighting infection or encounters with harmless microbes. Without such stimulation, the Th2 system flourishes and the immune system reacts with allergic responses more easily.
    In other words, adults who never allow themselves or their children to be exposed to viruses, dirt, germs and parasites may be preventing their systems from kicking in natural disease resistance.
    Allergies, Heart Disease and Depression Linked to “Clean Freak” Tendencies
    If you’re healthy, exposure to bacteria and viruses may serve as natural “vaccines” that strengthen your system and provide long-lasting disease immunity. If you don’t experience a healthy exposure to germs in your environment, you may end up sick.
    Health problems associated with the hygiene hypothesis include:
    • Allergies
    • Asthma
    • Eczema
    • Autoimmune diseases
    • Heart disease
    One study even determined that childhood exposure to viral infections could reduce later-life heart disease risk by 90 percent.
    Even depression has been connected to early pathogen exposure via an inflammatory connection. Neuroscientist Charles Raison, M.D., observed:
    Since ancient times benign microorganisms, sometimes referred to as “old friends,” have taught your immune system how to tolerate other harmless microorganisms, and in the process, reduce inflammatory responses that have been linked to the development of most modern illnesses, from cancer to depression.
    Your Immune System Dictates Whether or Not You Get Sick
    If you’re looking for further evidence that booger eating may not be so bad after all, consider that it’s the state of your immune system that determines your health after germ exposure. In one study, when 17 volunteers were infected with a flu virus, only half got sick. Researchers found that certain changes in blood took place 36 hours before flu symptoms showed up.
    While all the participants had an immune response even if they didn’t get sick, the responses were quite different.
    “Symptomatic” participants experienced antiviral and inflammatory reactions, which may have been related to virus-induced oxidative stress. But in the non-symptomatic participants, these responses were tightly regulated. The asymptomatic group also had elevated expression of genes that function in antioxidant responses and cell-mediated responses. The scientists noted:
    Exposure to influenza viruses is necessary, but not sufficient, for healthy human hosts to develop symptomatic illness. The host response [emphasis added] is an important determinant of disease progression.
    The bottom line? If exposure to booger bacteria can help strengthen your immune system, a case could be made for their consumption… or at least, not scolding when you find a youngster with a finger up his nose.
    Fortunately, healthy germ exposure comes in other ways, too…
    How to Avoid Being Overly Hygienic
    If the hygiene hypothesis is true — and there’s mounting research that it is — trying to keep your environment overly sterile could backfire and actually increase your risk of acute and chronic disease. You can avoid being “too clean,” and in turn help bolster your body’s natural immune responses by:
    • Letting your child get dirty. Allow your kids to play outside and get dirty (and realize that if your kid eats boogers, it isn’t the end of the world).
    • Not using antibacterial soaps and other antibacterial household products, which wipe out the microorganisms your body needs to be exposed to in order to develop and maintain proper immune function. Simple soap and water are all you need to wash your hands. Antibacterial chemicals (typically triclosan) are quite toxic and have even been found to promote the growth of resistant bacteria.
    • Avoiding unnecessary antibiotics. Remember: Viral infections are impervious to antibiotics, as antibiotics only work on bacterial infections.
    • Serving locally grown or organic meats that do not contain antibiotics.
    • Educating yourself on the differences between natural and artificial immunity, and making informed decisions about the use of vaccinations.
    For more by Dr. Joseph Mercola, click here.
    For more on personal health, click here.
    #Health #Wellness #Personal Health
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    • I’ve heard of that before. I have a strong immune system. I go for years without getting even slightly sick. I was a grimy child. I played in the dirt and in creeks. I constantly had cuts that would get infected. Sometimes its true that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

  16. Ha! I am in Arcadia right now! It’s just a clean middle class suburb. It’s where the 626 night market occurs every year, a cool event where local businesses and restaurants, food trucks, park and sell. It’s awesome. It’s pretty asian American but there’s all kinds, and it attracts a diverse range of people.

    What do u think? I think ss from his writings is a bitter guy with a chip on his shoulder. That doset invalidate the issues in the region, but too many use it to fuel their baggage like this guy.

  17. Ss is an idiot. Chijese aren’t rich, those are just the 1%. Yes, white Americans are indeed privileged on average compared to the world at large, fool.

    Most homes in the area look like the photo. I mean that is indeed a recent photo, no?

    Arcadia anyway is a pretty generic suburb still, but with an asian twist. Still, the stores are still the mostly the normal places like trader joes and cvs and american chains. The ethnic places are all bilingual anyway.

    I like the town anyway. It’s clean and safe, that’s what I need really. Especially the safe part.

  18. Evil Muslims are buying up Dearborn Michigan, evil Orthodox Jews are buying up a New Jersey town, evil red Chijese communists are buying up SoCal.

    Yep, you heard it here. Even though these corrupt Chinese oligarchs were getting in trouble with the Chinese government, them buying american land is evidence of a communist government conspiracy.

    The massive increase in wealthy chinese is not due to some great capitalist entrepreneurial spirit that’s somehow suddenly and magically found its way into the Chinese. It comes from Americans destroying their manufacturing capacity and selling out to communist china. The wealthy chinese are not genius entrepreneurs. They just happened to be well connected in that society at the time that America decided to shoot itself in the face. America decided to legislate itself into a position of being uncompetetive in the global goods production market, and so American businessmen decided to sell our technology and production to China, where the laws were less strict. The wealthy chinese didn’t hatch some genius plan. Americans went to china and offered them all our best stuff, because they knew they could personally make out like bandits. The chinese businessmen are raking in millions and billions, and then taking that money and buying up American land as fast as they can because we still have relatively uncrowded areas, and a wealth of natural resources. We’ve also been stupid enough to become indebted to the chinese to the tune of trillions, so the chinese government is making a push for grabbing land. The chinese government knows that they control all chinese businesses and people, so as long as chinese businessmen are buying American real estate, it’s no different then the chinese government buying real estate. The only real difference being the illusion of seperation, which prevents any kind of outrage from the American people.

    What do you think the reaction would be if news reports started coming out saying that American debt owed to the Chinese government was being traded in for American land? There’d be a massive cry of public outrage, of course. People would demand it be stopped by any means necessary. Yet that is essentially what’s happening here, and you hardly hear a peep. Why is that? It seems apparent to me that it’s because it’s wealthy businessmen, not the chinese government, that are doing the land grab. That, even though there’s no practical difference when these people come from a communist nation.

    We’re being bought out because we’re being sold out.

    • The funny thing is that many Americans can’t see that China is one of the greatest capitalist countries in the world. If anything, Americans should fear China being better at capitalism than we are. Capitalism doesn’t give a fuck about white supremacy or American patriotism. The white right-wingers and reactionaries are barking up the wrong tree if they think capitalism is going to save them.

      • Evil communists!

        Everyone knows that capitalism isn’t exclusive to democratic systems. Or oligarchies, which sometimes America can be. At least Russia and China are honest about their lack of democracy and existence of oligarchs :/

        Note that I think if it is real, than money laundering is an issue. It’s just that all the discourse on it just ends up being fuckijg xenophobic and racist.



    10 months ago
    Simultaneously they steal our secrets, ramp up their military, hollow out our manufacturing, buy out our companies ( Smithfield, etc…), buy out our houses and raze them then build brand new houses, have their babies delivered in our country and finally move in next door.
    They are just taking it over every which way, all legally, through all loopholes and there are 1.5 billion of them.
    China is 10X more dangerous than the USSR ever was.
    They are winning but thanks to our stupidity and naivete.

    Hau Vu
    10 months ago
    Now they buy our HOMES… Next step they BUY our Government… And soon turn the USA to communist China…. Just wait…….

    Tray Mark Hau Vu
    10 months ago
    Just look at the number of old white males in the US congress which is a reflection of corporate America and you will know who really owns the USA.

    10 months ago
    Same thing in Silicon Valley, Chinese and Indian buying up everything they can get their hands on and paying in cash.
    We were looking at couple of houses listed around $500-600k, they sold for $750 – 800k cash. how can I compete with that when my puny offer of $25k over the listed price get trumped by $200k over the listed price?

    bb91103 Eddie
    10 months ago
    You can’t. Live elsewhere.

    10 months ago
    Maybe the Chinese should stop over paying for California and pick up all the cheap land they can in Gary, south Chicago, and Detroit. If they could acquire most of the land and evict the existing residents, they could have their own cities.

    Frank Lee
    10 months ago
    Americans are greedy suckers. Selling to all these sneaky chinese with their dirty money. Way to go.

    bb91103 Frank Lee
    10 months ago
    If you can sell your $1.2 million home for $1.8 million and you didn’t you are an idiot. PERIOD.

    Mikey Frank Lee
    10 months ago
    Americans, British, Canadians … they have always been and always will be greedy. It’s in their culture. It’s in their blood.

  20. My croatian friend spends half her year in Croatia and half in America.


    10 months ago
    Simultaneously they steal our secrets, ramp up their military, hollow out our manufacturing, buy out our companies ( Smithfield, etc…), buy out our houses and raze them then build brand new houses, have their babies delivered in our country and finally move in next door.
    They are just taking it over every which way, all legally, through all loopholes and there are 1.5 billion of them.
    China is 10X more dangerous than the USSR ever was.
    They are winning but thanks to our stupidity and naivete.

    Hau Vu
    10 months ago
    Now they buy our HOMES… Next step they BUY our Government… And soon turn the USA to communist China…. Just wait…….

    Tray Mark Hau Vu
    10 months ago
    Just look at the number of old white males in the US congress which is a reflection of corporate America and you will know who really owns the USA.

    10 months ago
    Same thing in Silicon Valley, Chinese and Indian buying up everything they can get their hands on and paying in cash.
    We were looking at couple of houses listed around $500-600k, they sold for $750 – 800k cash. how can I compete with that when my puny offer of $25k over the listed price get trumped by $200k over the listed price?

    bb91103 Eddie
    10 months ago
    You can’t. Live elsewhere.

    10 months ago
    Maybe the Chinese should stop over paying for California and pick up all the cheap land they can in Gary, south Chicago, and Detroit. If they could acquire most of the land and evict the existing residents, they could have their own cities.

    Frank Lee
    10 months ago
    Americans are greedy suckers. Selling to all these sneaky chinese with their dirty money. Way to go.

    bb91103 Frank Lee
    10 months ago
    If you can sell your $1.2 million home for $1.8 million and you didn’t you are an idiot. PERIOD.

    Mikey Frank Lee
    10 months ago
    Americans, British, Canadians … they have always been and always will be greedy. It’s in their culture. It’s in their blood.

  21. If I could choose I would have ignored the gate option and picked the seminar for myself. It sounds way more s
    Appealing. Individualized? Seminar like scenes? I like that.

    So how do you serve kids who may have social issues because they are different if not through this exclusive program? You yourself admit to being divergent in thinking. What do yu propose as an alternative for these kids who are so “weird”

    • As you know, I think most schools fail to effectively educate most students. There is no such thing as an average student. Every kid is a mix of abilities and disabilities, potentials and problems. I’m fine with more options being available, as long as this is directed toward all varieties of kids, not just the most obvious extremes who usually get all the attention. I’m fine with all kinds of programs being tried. I just don’t think ‘gifted’ ideology is useful.

    • I’m of mixed views. I realize not all kids can be included.

      My mom complained about all the time when she worked in public schools. Kids with severe problems such as retardation by law had to be included in public schools, even when it was literally impossible to educate them.

      It became an expensive form of babysitting that made everyone’s jobs harder and sometimes put people’s lives in danger, as some of these kids were violent and uncontrollable. Worse still, a teacher or other employee who grabbed one of these kids, even just to get him to stop violently attacking, could lose their job or get sued. According to law, your only option was to let the kid continue to beat on you until official help arrived, such as the police or other specially trained workers.

      Yet, when possible and within reason, inclusiveness is optimal. But I don’t think any kid should be allowed to disrupt the education of other students, whether their social function goes along with low IQ or high IQ (or even average IQ). How to deal with socially dysfunctional kids is a separate issue from how to deal with kids outside the academic norm of ability, learning style, etc. That is what is wrong with ‘gifted’ ideology, its tendency to conflate separate issues.

  22. My school had a resource room, though it was open to all kids. It where where all the extra enrichment stuff was came up with and organized as well. I usual signed in and hung out there for lunch. I remember defacing the whiteboard with geico geckos.

    A lot of kids would sign out from where then go to their independent studies, local college classes, volunteer hours,,-‘d other off campus shit. Basically all our extra perks including independent study, and such were down through that resource room. One girl even for hooked up with a local professor through it.a

    What so yu think?

    • On the part of “highly blessed” kids being beyond inclusion, what do you propose Benjamin? The kids who are total misfits?

      I’d say Terry Tao, but Tao is truly exceptional. In the “blessed” definition he’s beyond any of the “highly blessed” kids really.

      Okay, so what to do with the kids so blessed they are misfits and inclusiveness harms them?

    • I’m less concerned about inclusiveness harming the special kids than it harming the education of other students who have to deal with their social problems. The kids outside the norm who can easily be included should be included. As for the rest, that is a dilemma.

      This is a major issue for public schools. The most socially dysfunctional kids are in public schools for a reason. Many private schools refuse to take them. Small private schools, in particular, aren’t equipped to deal with kids far outside the norm. But no one wants to fund public schools well enough to handle the extra load of dealing with this diverse population.

      The problem with kids with severe social dysfunctions is twofold. Putting them in normal classes isn’t fair to the other students. Yet putting all these misfits into the same class doesn’t help these kids, as it just concentrates all of their problems in one place, problems that will clash and result in further problems.

      I’m not sure what we can do with the most worse off kids. There will always be some kids that are extremely difficult or even impossible to help, based on our present limited knowledge of certain kinds of problems. But most social problems are moderate-to-middling and a little bit of help could go a long way. Once those problems are dealt with, it might be possible to have more inclusion with the general population of students.

  23. San Diego has cut a lot of things as well it seems.

    It’s interesting, because I am not sure if Terry two would have benefited from these programs. These programs, the kids are all grade level and normal age, they just… Are labeled as blessed and in these programs. I get that they have more homework and such there, but still. For example those programs for “highly blessed” kids, the special program like mums and SD’s were only for highly blessed elementary school kids. They they go on the middle and high school at fairly normal ages, give or take. For high school, they may take honors, ap, ib classes, and do extracurricular a like science Olympiad, debate team, and such. T seems like most of these programs: the “blessed” aspect is only really strong in elementary school. In the teen years they are served the stuff tha is normally served to overachieving, affluent suburbs.

    • We do need to include all kids as well as possible. Socialization is as important to education as other aspects. We also need to integrate a variety of educational possibilities into general education and make these accessible to more students. We could do far better in all ways for all kids.

    • Yes, so what to do with very advanced kids? The highly blessed kids?

      Is there such thing as an advanced kid who isn’t socially misfit? Since US ideology takes for granted that they are a package deal.

    • How do we sort out the brilliant kids with problems and the brilliant kids without problems? Do we put all of the problem kids together or all of the brilliant kids together?

      What do we do with the kids who are advanced in one subject while behind in others? What do we do with kids who are utter geniuses in areas that our society doesn’t publicly value or our school systems don’t test for? What do we do with the majority of kids who have more potential than anyone will ever know because the system ignores them and/or environmental conditions suppress their cognitive development? Who gets to decide a child’s potential and whether the child has enough social value to receive funding for special education, gifted programs, or whatever?

      Can we create enough boxes so that every kid can be properly pigeonholed? Should we begin tracking kids in preschool by genetic testing for their predetermined academic aptitude? What if a kid has all the genes that correlate to high IQ but tests as normal or below? What should determine a child’s lifelong fate in the social hierarchy of human worth?

  24. Remember that bitter korea blogger?

    “I studied in Beijing for a semester in college and also interned there the summer before my senior year. Maybe I was a little bit insulated because I was constantly around students from my school or other interns but I felt like we all generally had a great time there.
    My biggest gripe was with the air pollution. Other than that, I can’t really say I had any major complaints. Then again, I’m a New Yorker so I grew up in a crazy hectic and dirty city. When you grow up in a city where people are constantly honking for no reason, where taxi drivers almost try to run you over on purpose, and where you sit next to piss and vomit puddles on the subway, not a whole lot can faze you.
    However, the people outside of my program and my internship didn’t really feel the same way, especially the English teachers. I feel like a lot of the negativity comes from the English teacher crowd because they’re generally the types that are unskilled and borderline unemployable here in the US. They probably would rather be over here but instead, they’re kind of trapped over there because that’s the only place they can get a half decent and stable job. But I don’t know if you can really feel happy in a place where you feel like you’re trapped instead of feeling like you’re improving yourself and the world around you.
    I also feel like a lot of them probably suffer from depression or some other personal problems they’re trying to resolve. Generally, these are a self selecting group of people. No one who is happy with his life and has a lot of options at legitimate careers would probably choose to teach English there in their 30’s. So the kind of people who are gonna stay long term there and who come to communities like this are gonna be these type of people with some personal problems and maybe self esteem issues.
    I mean even if you want to teach English, there are plenty of places to teach it. Most of the people who go there to do it couldn’t care less about the “culture” or “history” of China. Just look at this subreddit, nobody cares. So I think they are in China because they can’t get jobs teaching in any other decent country. It’s damn easy to get a job, I’ve been stopped on the streets and offered interviews/jobs for tutoring companies just because I was white and spoke English.
    And I feel like a lot of them are really expecting a bit too much given what they actually earn. It’s possible to have a first world middle class lifestyle there but you need to actually earn enough to afford it. I don’t understand why they expect so much when they earn the equivalent of less than minimum wage here in America. They actually have an amazing lifestyle for how much they earn because of the cheaper cost of living there but for some reason they expect all the perks of a place like new york.
    So basically, normal people leave a place they don’t like, but the ones who hate China but still live there are kind of stuck there because of their employment prospects. They are already more prone to be the kind of negative, depressed, and low self esteem types but being trapped there just make them more and more jaded. But they don’t really have the option of leaving for better opportunities so they come to forums like this to vent their frustrations.
    If you are looking for more positive people over there, try looking for the study abroad students or the people with legitimate jobs at major companies. Once you go outside of those circles and especially when you go to cities that aren’t Beijing and Shanghai you start running into nothing but those English teachers.”

    • R/china is a sexpat forum. They reply “yu just haven’t been here long enough. You’re in the honeymoon phase.” Only they don’t mention that the final stage of culture chock is the “acceptance” phase, not the bitter phase.

      Still, if it sucks… WHY EONT THEY FUCKING LEAVE????? It’s not like most of them are doing anything important:

      It sucks living in a foreign country. I wonder if they ever wonder what it’s like being an immigrant.

    • “Generally, these are a self selecting group of people.”

      That is a similarity those English teachers have to immigrants. It’s why such people aren’t representative. In order to understand who these people are, you have to understand their motivations for immigrating or moving to another country.

      • Many of thr expats are running away from their problems. There’s one really cringey one on YouTube who made all these videos bitching about America, Americans, and american women who are evil and feminist. After he arrived in Asia he made all these videos bitching about Asia.

        Many of those expats on that forum are white supremacists (with asian women fetishes.) there’s lots of overlap with coontown, Stormfront, etc

  25. 1. (generalization ahead. . . ) One of my English Teacher friends has a lot of non-English teaching expat friends — from other parts of the world than England, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, with skin-colours other than white, and notes that loudest and bitterest complaints come from white males from English-speaking, first-world countries. She thinks it’s because, for first-world WASP males, coming to Korea is the first time white male priveledge hasn’t managed to open every door to them: only most doors.

    • I don’t doubt that there is a strong element of that. Every person gets used to the world they grew up in. It is what they consider normal, no matter how morally problematic or dysfunctional it may seem to others. People will adapt to almost anything when it is all they’ve known for most of their lives. It takes a rare person to ever escape the reality tunnel they were born into. Most will carry that internalized worldview with them even when they move to entirely new places. That is just the way humans are.

    • I would give several reasons.

      The relationship between Japan and the English-speaking West is quite old at this point. It might have had something to do with both England and Japan being island nations, which creates certain similarities. Americans have been fascinated with Japan since the 1800s, maybe around the time the West Coast began to be more populated.

      The US bombing and the rebuilding Japan created a special relationship between the two countries. Having a US military base has added to that connection. Japan is maybe the most Westernized and Americanized among Asian countries. I suspect that the Japanese are more used to and welcoming of Western visitors and expats. There probably is a larger population per capita of Westerners living there.

      Because of Japan being rebuilt by the US, their economy was directly linked to Western economies. So, they are also one of the most highly developed countries, not just in Asia but also in the world. Japan probably attracts a higher percentage of wealthy, well-educated, and successful Westerners than does a country like China. Japan also is probably in less need of English teachers from the West, as they already have a well developed school system.

      On top of that, there has been much more cultural exchange between Japan and the West. There has been some popular American tv shows that have had Japanese characters who regularly spoke in Japanese. The tv show Heroes comes to mind.

      There is more of a familiarity and friendliness between Japan and the West.

  26. Western expats, generally the more third world the country the worse the expats are.

    “Usually those who can complain are those who actually are disadvantaged and wronged. As a white American with overwhelming privilege in China, your complaint is just extremely petty and a punch in the face for vast majority of other Chinese who don’t have as good as a life circumstances as you. In my experience, the typical complaint from your type is like why isn’t China a 1st world country yet to provide me an even better life, even when you are living a privileged life that an average Chinese can only dream of getting.
    Also, don’t tell me you are one of those English teacher unemployable in your home country. You get even less leeway to complain.”

    • I would guess that expats that end up in poor countries tend to be people who themselves were relatively more poor in their countries of birth. I’m willing to bet that the more poor the expat the more likely there to be problems involved. It’s the same reason you find greater rates of problems the more poor are families, communities, and schools.

      There are complex factors behind why this is the case. In terms of expats, some of the problems might relate to the fact that the more poor someone is growing up the less likely they experienced much cultural diversity growing up. Cultural diversity in childhood correlates to not only greater probability of social liberalism in adulthood but also higher average rates of IQ.

      In particular, if you are an expat who as a child went to expensive private schools that had kids from around the world, you would have grown up with the ability to deal with multiple cultures well. But if you are an expat who went to poor-to-middling culturally homogenous public schools, you never had the opportunity to develop the skills of dealing with those who are different from you.

      All of this, of course, gets exacerbated by issues of racism and privilege. My point is that we shouldn’t dismiss economic and class issues. In a class-based society, oddly issues of race and ethnicity seem to become all that more important. The reason is because inequality breeds xenophobia. This is why throughout American history the poor blacks, poor Hispanics, and poor ethnic whites all hated each other and fought with each other.

      Many people who are in the upper working class or middle class are part of families who a generation or two ago were in poverty. The old conflicts shift and yet remain, because the inequality continues even as who is on each side of that divide changes over time. There is a lot of dysfunction that goes along with this kind of social order, and people who are most impacted by that dysfunction are likely to carry it with them anywhere they go.

      My sense is you’d see some interesting patterns if you could look at a thorough demographic breakdown of expats, their extended families, and their places of birth.

    • My point is this. Bigots aren’t born. They are made.

      Particular social conditions and life experiences create them. For example, lower IQ correlates to social conservatism and bigotry. Particular kinds of environments and factors are known to contribute to such correlations.

      No one chooses the life they are born into. And no society or population is fated to be a certain way. Change the conditions and the results will follow.

      That conclusion is my liberal bias.

    • I don’t mind those who point out problems. But the following is how I judge individuals. I look to what problems and whose problems an individual points to. Does a person point to problems in their own country as much as in other countries? Does a person point to problems in themselves as much as in other people? Are they an equal opportunity critic or just another bigot targeting their hatred at specific groups?

  27. I noticed this while I was living in Korea and I think it’s because expats tend to be white people (who are racist/orientalist/whatever). There is some sense that Japan = high culture. I knew someone who hated dwenjang jjigae but thought miso soup was just amazing. But Japan is expensive, while Korea is relatively cheap, so they go to Korea while wishing they were in Japan. (And talking about how Japanese is such a pretty language, while Korean…UGH.)
    Plus, westerners just love to wonder why Koreans haven’t gotten over the whole colonization / comfort women / imperialist exploitation thing, even as Japanese politicians make statements about how the comfort women were totally willing. (Of course they feel more sympathy with the colonizer)…all the while complaining about how racist Koreans are because they keep pointing at white people (and equating that to the black experience in the states…right…).

    • I mentioned the tv show Heroes. A similar example is Lost. Interestingly, the Asian actors in it are Korean. The woman spoke both Korean and English, but the guy spoke only Korean.

      Maybe that indicates changing attitudes. Then again, the Korean characters in that show weren’t representative of the average Korean. It also didn’t show Korea in as positive of a light as did Heroes with Japan.

      Still, it is amazing that there can be Korean-speaking characters in a popular mainstream American tv show. That would have been impossible when I was a kid. The new generation of kids are growing up with such things being more normalized. That is bound to have an impact on inter-cultural attitudes.

  28. I wish I was a T yes. I’m easily frustrated and consumed.

    Mostly I feel frustrated because of powerlessness. I see shit and there’s nothing I can do about it. That’s what gets me. There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s how I felt hangin out with special ed kids. There’s nothing I can do

    • Here is the best thing I’ve learned in my life. The happiest and maybe the wisest course of action is to spend one’s time and energy focusing on what one can do something about, specifically what one is inspired by.

      As a person with severe depression and numerous other personal issues, this has been my survival strategy in a fucked up world. Otherwise, I probably would have killed myself long ago.

      This world will chew you up and spit you out, if you allow it. It’s a war out there. Protect yourself and look for allies. Don’t venture out onto the battlefield, unless you have good reason.

  29. The expats in China situation is a little unique, though. China isn’t a first world country, and the expats in China often aren’t rich enough to buy themselves a nice first world existence in China, and thus they have to live in a normal second world existence there. I think most of the time, expats either go to a first world country (say Europe or Japan/Korea/Taiwan) or if they go to a less developed country (say somewhere in Africa), they can afford to buy themselves a first world existence there. China is an exception because the country is sort of in between third/second world and first world. In order to buy yourself first world living standards in China, you pretty much need to have qualifications or ability that would already get you a medium to high-end job back in the US or Europe. So most English teachers in China basically have to live almost “second world” living standards (not really, but it feels less than first world to them) in China. So they complain.

    • People in the West live relatively easy lives. This is even true for most lower class Westerners.

      Few Westerners ever experience a visceral sense of desperation or even standard conditions for a developing country. I’m not sure about Europeans, but Americans of all classes love to complain, even though most poor Americans are still way better off than most people in the rest of the world.

      In the developed world, we live privileged and protected lives. Moving to another country is the first experience many Westerners have of how the rest of the world lives. Many of them probably find it shocking and they don’t know how to deal with it.

  30. /r/korea is much the same. For some reason both China and Korea (probably Japan too, though can’t confirm) attract self loathing losers in hordes. Well I know part of the reason – just by virtue of being white they are afforded the attention they never received in the US coupled with a decently paying job that requires zero skill to get (keeping it is another matter). If they have yellow fever it’s like a package deal of great opportunities.
    What they don’t realise is that, upon leaving the US for the first time in their lives, they’ll need to adapt to an entirely different culture. Quite a few can’t hack it and thankfully go back home. He makes a good point about how most of them didn’t really choose China for any good reason. They don’t care about the country itself or about its development, history, or culture. They couldn’t give a shit about Chinese politics because it’s easier to hold onto the American mindset of holding an inherent distrust for anything Chinese. Apart from countries that are in an even worse state than China (Africa, South East Asia) no where else will employ these kinds of unskilled English teachers. Good luck getting a job in the Middle East or Europe, for example. So, they’re stuck with China.
    Don’t even get me started on not even making an attempt to learn the language. Sure, Chinese is hard, but just a grasp of basic grammar and some key nouns and verbs will get you a long way.

    • I think everyone should learn multiple languages. At least a second languages and optimally more than that. But it is hard for most people to learn languages as adults. I struggled in high school to learn the most basic rudiments of Spanish and never learned how to speak it. High school is too late for most people.

      I don’t have a talent for languages. I struggled enough just learning to read English as a child. That is one thing that would keep me from moving to another country. I don’t feel confident that I could learn another language and I would hate living among people who spoke a different language. It would make an individual feel isolated and moving to a foreign society in general is going to make one feel disconnected and lonely, unless you are an extremely extraverted, gregarious, and self-confident person… none of which describes me.

      I could see how easy it would be to become frustrated and angry while living in a foreign country. People should be better prepared before attempting such a thing. Most people probably don’t realize how stressful it will be once they get there. Even many open-minded and compassionate people might become cynical from such stress. Humans are designed to deal with that kind of stress, although some are better at it than others.

      Obviously, many of these people don’t realize what they are getting themselves into. They probably just think it will be easy money or an interesting experience.

    • We do need to find better ways of dealing with these kinds of problems. Rates of autism and certain other conditions have been going up. Some of the factors are controllable. It’s not even just about older parents. As much or more of the contributing factors might be brain toxins.

      There are 213 known brain toxins that are in use and thousands of other chemicals we regularly come into contact with that have never been tested for brain toxicity. We have a toxin epidemic going on in the world right now. I’m reading a book right now that calculates the total known costs for just lead alone. It is in the double digit billions per year for the US and trillions per year worldwide.

    • Sadly, that teacher just expresses another variety of bigotry. Blacks are more likely to be cross-generationally trapped in poverty, economically segregated, racially profiled by police and teachers (e.g., school-to-prison pipeline), exposed to toxins, and on and on. The ignorance of this teacher is all the worse because he should know better. When even teachers are ignorant, the problems we face are far worse than anyone wants to acknowledge.

  31. Do English and Germans have different complexions?

    Ben Franklin:

    “”Why should the Palatine Boors [Germans] be suffered to swarm into our Settlements, and by herding together establish their Language and Manners to the Exclusion of ours? Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Languages or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion.”

    • That is what many don’t understand.

      Europeans didn’t always think of each other as being part of a single race. The Irish, for example, were thought by some of the English to be the missing link between Europeans, Africans, and apes. The Germans also were sometimes portrayed as apes. That is what many people seriously believed at one time.

      We don’t see the differences between Europeans because ideology has taught us to only look for the similarities. It is all a matter of what you are focusing upon.

      To answer your question: Yes, they did have different complexions.

      The key word in Franklin’s comment is “Palatine.” Those are some of my people. It is a border region between Germany and France. The people living there included many oppressed groups, including Jews. It’s where Yiddish had its origins. The people in that region had a darker complexion than the English. They were also shorter because of poverty and malnutrition.

  32. I dont remember Italians and other Europeans being babied with endless forms in their own languages,special esl classes.
    ESL classes? Are you kidding? There were elementary schools across the United States that taught their curriculum solely in German. You “don’t remember” it because you weren’t there and you have this silly, utopian view of history in which the valiant Europeans flocked to America and immediately learned the language, eschewing their mother tongue.

    Not surprisingly, this has no basis in reality.

    The children of German immigrants often attended German language schools, public or private. There was a large and widespread German press in this country. In 1910, 10% of the population spoke German as its primary language.

    Similar realities existed for Italians, though as there were fewer immigrants from italy than Germany, such realities weren’t as widespread or as common.

    Here’s an interesting read, if you’re willing to open your mind to historical reality:
    The German-Americans-Chapter Seven

    They came over here and learned the language worked hard,didn’t sponge of Welfare and other social services for generations and overload our prisons,schools,hospitals and infrastructure.
    Some worked hard, some didn’t. Some learned the language, some didn’t. This is how it has always been, your heroic image of the great migrant past notwithstanding.

    Did they utilize FAKE documents and engage in Identity theft?.
    Uh… they were white. For a long time, they could immigrate at will, without restrictions. Why then would they fake documents? But after the immigration restrictions of the 1920s, when movement from southern and eastern Europe to the United States was restricted, there were indeed those who broke the law in order to get into the United States and stay here. How naive it is of you to imagine that there was ever a law that was not widely broken by those who stood to gain from breaking that law.

    European migration here was not as long as this present Illegal alien invasion.
    Hello? European migration to what is now the United States began long before the founding of the country, and finally breathed its last major gasp in the wave of post-World War II refugees after a long pause during the depression and the war. It lasted for centuries. The current period of immigration is but a few decades old.

    There are certainly a wide variety of problems, growing pains and harsh realities associated with immigration, legal and otherwise, but they have always been there. Yes, even with those wonderful European immigrants from the past. And, yes, even back then various Americans were direly warning anyone who would listen that this was spelling America’s doom.

    Read more:

    • Yep. The so-called ethnic or hyphenated Americans were the Hispanics and Asians of that earlier era. BTW the Palatine Germans, along with the Irish and Scots-Irish, were immigrating to America before the founding of the United States. It still took them a couple of centuries to fully assimilate and even then it often required violent force to do so.

    • Here is another perspective in response to that story:

      Jax Blaze ·
      Toronto, Ontario
      I feel very sorry for the kids. Just because they were born in that household where everything is measured in scores.
      The parents robbed them their childhood and now gloating and glorifying it.

    • Monkeyavelli 4 points 10 days ago

      For those who say we are like the Jews, you are wrong. They are white. We are not.

      Until relatively recently this was not true. It’s what people mean when they say race is a social construct. Until recently even the Italians weren’t considered white.

      boobbbers 6 points 10 days ago

      Sad how every country in asia hates each other

      Most countries in Europe hate each other too. You should see Africa!

      LasTeclasNegro[S] 3 points 10 days ago

      There’s still some feuds and rivalries amongst the different European nations, some of which stretches back for centuries. Neighboring countries always tend to have a certain antagonism and rivalry towards each other.

    • Women don’t lack the potential to be in top positions. They are kept out because old biases. It has nothing to do with genetics. It doesn’t mean jack shit, other than prejudices die hard and established power maintains itself.

      That was a good article, by the way.

      “Policymakers also need to lend a hand, because foolish laws are making the problem worse. America reduces the supply of marriageable men by locking up millions of young males for non-violent offences and then making it hard for them to find work when they get out (in Georgia, for example, felons are barred from feeding pigs, fighting fires or working in funeral homes). A number of rich countries discourage poor people from marrying or cohabiting by cutting their benefits if they do.”

      Many poor men, mostly minorities, have their lives destroyed by a system that targets them. They also suffer high unemployment because so much employment has disappeared. But it is easier for a woman to get on welfare than it is for a man. And it is easier for a woman to get into a homeless shelter than a man. The only thing it is easier for a poor man to get into is prison. Once someone has a prison record, they are ineligible for all welfare. They can’t even live with their wife and the mother of their children, if she lives in public housing. Then assholes have the arrogance to ask where are the poor minority fathers.

      “More generally, schools need to become more boy-friendly. They should recognise that boys like to rush around more than girls do: it’s better to give them lots of organised sports and energy-eating games than to dose them with Ritalin or tell them off for fidgeting. They need to provide more male role models: employing more male teachers in primary schools will both supply boys with a male to whom they can relate and demonstrate that men can be teachers as well as firefighters.”

      Schools used to be more boy-friendly. They used to have more activities and classes directed at boys. For example, boys on average are more physical and high energy, but schools have cut recess time and force kids to sit for longer periods of time, and in response we drug the boys to make them act more like girls.

      Plus, as the article points out, the type of classes that working class boys enjoy the most are the very ones that have been cut the most, even though they are the type of courses that prepare working class boys for the type of jobs that pay well. Instead, we try to funnel all kids into college, even as most college graduates are struggling to find jobs. Meanwhile, manual labor jobs like plumbing, construction, etc are in need of trained workers.

      “The growing equality of the sexes is one of the biggest achievements of the post-war era: people have greater opportunities than ever before to achieve their ambitions regardless of their gender. But some men have failed to cope with this new world. It is time to give them a hand.”

      Why is it in the US that we believe the only way to help one group is by fucking over another group? Why not use education to help all people? Also, why can’t poor and working class whites see that their fate is tied into the fate of poor and working class minorities? Americans can be so stupid sometimes that it makes me want to cry.

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