Racist Realist

I’m a racist realist. I accept the reality that some people are just racist.

I wish there was something we could do as a society to help them. But it apparently is just in their nature to hold a morally depraved worldview. They will likely always be racist.

The best we can do is separate them from the rest of society. We could either put them into some kind of ghetto housing or maybe deport them out of the country. Whatever we do, we should keep their genetics as far away as possible from mixing with the general population.

* * * *

The funny part is this is actually a serious argument. Many human biodiversity (HBD) proponents make this kind of argument, although stated differently and with other conclusions about remedies.  Actually, most HBDers often limit themselves just to theory and let the political implications speak for themselves. Other race realists will speak more blatantly.

HBDers, however, will go pretty far in the implications they point to. They often talk about clannish societies in terms of mating patterns, and they conjecture that the clannish cultures are largely a result of genetics. Xenophobia as racism is just one particular expression of clannishness.

So, from view of HBDers, racist realism is directly connected to race realism. They see both race and racism as natural facts and inevitable realities of human nature. Most race realists aren’t as sophisticated in their thinking as HBDers, but they share some basic elements.

* * * *

I do realize genetics influence our behavior, in complex interaction with other genetic and environment factors. But the simplistic view of genetics is not so convincing, where genes alone have an almost deterministic influence.

I take seriously genetic arguments and those who make them. I like to consider the unintended consequences, the inconvenient implications of the race realist worldview.

In this light, what if we take the HBD hypothesis seriously and treat it as a proven theory? If both race and racism are genetic, doesn’t that justify anti-racists seeking an anti-racist society to genetically isolate racists from the breeding pool?

Even HBDers admit that clannish societies tend to have lots of social problems, from violence to poverty. So, why would we want to allow the most clannish-acting citizens to freely mate and spread their genetics? Anyway, clannish people don’t like people outside their group and so doesn’t that justify us forcing them to only mate among themselves? Maybe we could pass laws that racists can only marry other racists.

This a straightforward application of human biodiversity theory to public policy. We could, through the knowledge that HBDers give us, permanently breed racism out of our society. We wouldn’t even have to make racism itself illegal for we could eliminate racism at its root by eliminating the genetic cause.

From an HBD perspective, why not?

5 thoughts on “Racist Realist

  1. Most HBDers, which is funny since it was a name stolen from an anti-racist anthropologist who spends a lot time attacking HBD, believe in dysgenetics despite a ton of evidence to the contrary such as Flynn effect to longer life spans. They also seem to think a limited gene pool provided in race separation is good even though their own theory admits its akin to inbreeding over time.

    • I’m just an HD. I believe in Human Diversity, all kinds of diversity: genetic, cultural, political, etc. I don’t mind any particular diversity, even the diversity of views presented by race realists.

      I’m for social experimentation of all kinds. You have a hypothesis about human nature and society? Good for you. Try it out and get back to us about it.

      If a group of people choose to separate themselves and breed only among themselves in order to create a super race, then more power to them. Go start an intentional community or start your own island nation. Live your beliefs, if you dare. Just don’t force that worldview onto me through oppressive laws.

      I’m for open discussion of ideas. Please everyone discuss freely and openly. But let’s be honest about the social and political implications about which we speak.

        • I’m not sure ‘forgiving’ is the word that describes my attitude.

          I just get tired of people who are all talk and no action. The world is full of empty rhetoric and righteous declarations. I have strong doubts that most people actually believe half the things they claim to believe.

          If people had to put their money where their mouths are (and had to put their entire lives on the line), I suspect many would quickly change their tunes. I doubt many HBDers would be willing to start their own separate island nation to test their hypotheses, when they would have to suffer the consequences and take responsibility for them.

          I’d love to live in a world where people were forced to take their own words seriously and where the problems they cause wouldn’t be externalized onto others. In such a world, people would suddenly become much more honest, both with others and with themselves.

          HBDers think they can speculate and then treat those speculations as facts, without ever worrying about the impact they are having on others by the worldview they are promoting. They think they can push agendas, directly or indirectly, and never have to face what it means. They can pretend it is nothing but ideas.

          Too many people hide behind words and ideas. Or else use them as weapons. I don’t want to forgive anyone for when they advocate racism or classism or any other prejudice. What I want is people to have to live in the worlds they wish to create and not to have them force their worldview onto others.

          If the HBD island nation turns into a hell on earth, I will offer no forgiveness. They won’t be welcome to return to the moral society of free people, not in my ideal world they wouldn’t. They would have to suffer in their self-created dystopia and they would be a lesson to all wannabe racists in the world for generations to come.

          I think we should gladly give the race realist HBDers their own island and send them all there. Isolate them from our society and let them play their ideological games, let them experiment upon themselves. Good riddance!

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