The Terminal Worlds of Late Capitalism: Prisons, Slaves, and Oblivion

“I believe Angela Davis puts her mind on it when she states in her recent work The Meaning of Freedom: And Other Difficult Dialogues that:

“More than once I have heard people say, “If only a new Black Panther Party could be organized, then we could seriously deal with The Man, you know?” But suppose we were to say: “There is no Man anymore.” There is suffering. There is oppression. There is terrifying racism. But this racism does not come from the mythical “Man.” Moreover, it is laced with sexism and homophobia and unprecedented class exploitation associated with a dangerously globalized capitalism. We need new ideas and new strategies that will take us into the twenty-first century.9

“Yes, new ideas, new strategies. Resistance comes in many flavors, but the greatest starts right in the belly of the beast itself. Until we can recognize we are all slaves, that we are all oppressed, that we are all racist, homophobic, exploited and exploiter both we will not ever begin to emerge from this death trap of hate and technological enslavement to late capitalism. Now is the time to look down in the hell of one’s on being and discover a door back into the Real. There is no other place to begin.

“There was the One, then the Two, and in between the listening Third. There are moments when listening to the other in oneself begins to look like change.”

Southern Nights

The trouble is— he is beginning to admit that he has trouble— that the characters in his serials always had machinery.

– Barry N. Malzberg,  Herovit’s World

Maybe I am too old, but there it is, to remember all those little moments of happiness as my friends and I used to sit in an old oak tree house down in Deep Eddy overlooking the brown muddy waters flowing into Lake Austin. Maybe all those years ago I was just fooling myself, like all boys do that life would continue like this filled with happiness even if there was a lot of kicking, biting, punching, and downright mad times in between.

I was four years old when Bill Gaines and editor Harvey Kurtzman produced the first issue of Mad magazine in 1956. But in 1960 I found a copy of it along with a bunch more – let’s say magazines my…

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One thought on “The Terminal Worlds of Late Capitalism: Prisons, Slaves, and Oblivion

  1. This reminded me of my recent thoughts. I wrote about these thoughts in two posts about a particular activist ideology and the failure inherent in it:

    The specific part of the above post that reminded me of these thoughts was the quote by Angela Davis which was followed by the comment by the blogger that begins with the following:

    “Until we can recognize we are all slaves, that we are all oppressed, that we are all racist, homophobic, exploited and exploiter…”

    The dogmatic activist guy I was interacting with was unable and/or unwilling to recognize this essential insight. He was still looking for the mythical “Man”.

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