To Serve Truth or Power

“Evolution is a lie”

That is what a sign said that was next to a group of people I passed on the campus of the University of Iowa. They were obviously creationists. I wondered what was their purpose, what they hoped to accomplish. It isn’t as if they are going to change anyone’s mind.

My more gut response was that a lie is a lie. These creationists don’t care about the truth. What they care about is belief. What they believe in is God (or rather their version of God) and God’s power. They believe creationism is true because they believe God said so, and they believe God said so because they believed it when some preacher said God said so. The circular reasoning of faith.

To doubt God and to doubt those who claim to speak for God is to be damned to Hell. It is God’s power and wrath that they fear. This worldview is based on claims of truth that serve power, rather than power that serves truth-seeking.

I’ve never understood that. It is such a cynical worldview of authoritarian power, even if only imaginary. It might be correct that one can’t serve two master’s. If that is the case, I’ll serve truth.



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