I’ll Be Back Soon . . .

I have bad news. I might not be posting for a while. No tears, my little ones. I will return one day.

I’m in the middle of a half dozen posts I’ve been working on. And I still have that long project about race/racism to move forward. Jeez! Cut me some slack. I’ll get around to it all when I can. I’m a mere mortal and a working man at that. My time is sadly limited.

What causes me to make a public announcement is that I temporarily need to refocus elsewhere.

I’ve been ignoring my long-term genealogy project. My parents and I will be visiting Kentucky soon in order to visit my family’s ancient homeland. I need to make preparations. Most importantly, I just need to get my mind back into the complicated genealogical material. I need to remind myself of what I already know and what I need to find out.

Carry on without me for a bit.

(I might post some stuff here and there, but I make no promises. Maybe I’ll post about my Kentucky trip and my genealogical research. We’ll see.)


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