Vigilante Superhero

Matt Cardin posted a video of a short film about a ‘superhero’. It is very interesting and high quality. I wouldn’t mind seeing a full length movie based on this character, especially from the vantage point of the criminals he preys upon.

I’ll make a quick comment and then you should go watch the 9 minute video.

Matt Cardin, in his typical fashion, focuses in on the idea of this superhero as a Fortean figure. I like that angle, but that isn’t what came to my mind while watching it. I immediately thought of George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin out of some misguided notion of vigilante justice.

This short film brings up a useful hypothetical scenario.

What if there was a vigilante superhero who had no accountability to any authority, who could not be caught, stopped or even questioned? What if this superhero was more about taking action and sometimes got sloppy about targets, sometimes killing innocents and bystanders? What if s/he profiled his targets and disproportionately killed people of a certain race, age, gender and dress?

Basically, what if someone like George Zimmerman had superpowers and a secret identity?


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