Race, Ethnicity, Culture: Discuss!

Race, ethnicity, culture — how do we speak about such things? Or better yet, how can we and how should we? What is the relationship betwen these factors? How do we make sense of them in our mixed up modern world?

Also, what about the related issues of nationalism, nativism, regionalism, clannishness, ethnocentrism, racism and assimilation? And what about the corrolaries of internationalism, immigration, universalism, pluralism, multiculturalism, mestizo, mixed race and co-existence?

I have a few dozen books I’ve been reading, skimming or which I will soon get around to. I can feel a very long post brewing in my brainpan. But my thoughts aren’t yet fully formed. At present, I find myself contemplating not yet answered questions and open-ended speculations.

The closest thing I have to a conclusion so far is that, well, it’s complex.

This post is me throwing the issue out there. Anyone who wants to catch it and run with it, I welcome your paticipation. I’d very much appreciate any input that will move this topic forward out of its morass of inherited prejudices, unquestioned biases, unaware assumptions, and oversimplified thinking. If no one jumps in to offer their insight and wisdom, I guess I’ll have to contemplate upon it by my lonesome self.

I will eventually get around to posting my clarified thoughts on the matter, but I want to leave it there for the time being.

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