medieval manoralism and the hajnal line

I learned more by reading this blog post, an article really, than I’ve learned from most teachers I’ve had. This is the type of analysis I absolutely love. It gave me a framework to look at the world differently.

hbd chick

so instead of watching the super bowl, i made you guys this map:

i bet you’re thinking that that’s the hajnal line (again). but it’s not! (or is it?) no — that is a map of the spread and extent of manorialism during the medieval period as drawn by moi and based on the info in my friend, mitterauer’s, “Why Europe?”.

i know! it looks just like the hajnal line!:

manorialism got started amongst the franks in austrasia (big green blob on the map) “around the middle of the seventh century, or somewhat earlier.” it spread westwards and southwards along with the expansion of the carolingian empire and the ostsiedlung. and it seems to have been brought to britain by the anglo-saxons; there’s evidence in the law tracts for manors in wessex (other green blob on the map) by the end of the ninth century.

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5 thoughts on “medieval manoralism and the hajnal line

  1. hbchick is fascinating and I learn a lot from her, if she only was used by typical racists and hyper-reactionaries of the “Dark Enlightenment” variety. I read all of those guys and gals, and a lot of them are just reactionaries pure and simple, but hbchick is smart and funny and challenging to my worldview. I suppose people have said the same about me and my links to those dirty commies.

    • She has a ton of interesting posts. I’m not familiar with those who use her work or to what end. The only thing that might bother me about her view is that she seems to want to simplify almost every human behavior down to mere genetics.

      She said in a comment that she couldn’t see how culture is actually something real. I responded by saying the same kind of doubt could be brought to the issue of consciousness. We could get all philosophical about it, but that seems to miss the point of what makes this kind of thing interesting.

      Besides, genetics is way more complicated than just inheritance and the possibility of selective breeding in human evolution. Those complications probably don’t fit into the simplistic schemes of racial purists/supremacists and national isolationists.

        • Well, I’m not hip to the latest reactionary fads. But I do like to semi-randomly peruse the web by jumping around hyperlinks.

          I was at Corey Robin’s blog. Someone posted in the comments a link to Nick Land’s The Dark Enlightenment series. It seemed mostly like someone in love with their own voice and much of it I couldn’t even determine if he was making any sense, but near the end of the series it got interesting when I got to the part that talked about cracker culture. It was there that I saw the link to hbd chick.

          I’ve heard of the Dark Enlightenment before. I’ve also heard of Nick Land before. I may even have come across hbd chick at some point. It’s all the type of thing I look at, even if only because of my irresistable sense of curiosity. But I’ve never done a systematic survey of the neo-reactionaries nor can I say that I was even familiar with that term.

          I just did a web search. Most of what I came across seemed pointless. It really seems weird, maybe pathetic, how eager some of them are to create a new group that they can be part of, since the cool kids in The Cathedral wouldn’t let them hang out with them… or something like that. Heck, they even have trading cards that represent their ‘heroes’ as caricatures of themselves:

          I think they are maybe trying too hard to convince others or themselves that they are are badasses and outsiders. To me, they just look like yet more upper class kids with too much education, too much time on their hands and an internet connection. All of that is fine by me, but they probably could use their intelligence and talent toward better or at least more interesting ends. At least hbd chick is presenting some edifying posts that are written clearly, unlike Nick Land.

          Oh, whatever. If it all makes them happy to tilt at windmills, who am I to judge. More power to them.

  2. The more I’ve interacted with hbd chick and the more I’ve seen her interact with others the more I find her interesting.

    She is my kind of thinker. She has that useful balance between intellectual curiosity, intellectual humility and intellectual rigor. Such balance is rare. Plus, she combines it with an easygoing nature. Beyond that, she writes clearly and with no unnecessary jargon.

    If only more bloggers were of her caliber.

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