The Law

The individual is shorthand for the collective.

The lone person a mythical creature whose myth is told by the sound of echoes, a voice in search of a body, vibration becoming form. The self-willed actor caught in a web woven by fate, the strands of the web being strings with no puppet master.

Any single thing a convergence of forces, empty of substance, form a formality. Life is nature acting, lifeforms and lifeworlds being the ancient habits of instinct.

The collective is longhand for the creative void.

4 thoughts on “The Law

  1. Don’t tell Ayn Rand. Obviously I’m not a big fan of hers, but her philosophy is based on the myth of the individual. What I don’t get is how a 2nd rate philosopher–and a pretty miserable person as well– can still have so much influence on people 60+ years later.

    • Yeah, such things as Rand’s hyper-individualism formed the background to my thoughts.

      Rand was a simple thinker. That is her appeal. Simple ideas are comforting in a complex world. But the danger is that simple ideas also blind us to the complex world, not to mention numb us to the complexities of human nature. That notion of complexity is at the heart of my view being presented above.

      I genuinely see the self as empty in a basic sense. There is no there there, if one bothers to look carefully. We aren’t individuals. We are a shifting nexus of interrelationships, without which we literally don’t exist. I mean this both on an intimately subjective level and in terms of scientific knowledge.

      None of tis is necessarily profound. It is a simple observation. I’m far from being the first to notice and describe this fact of existence. It’s an ancient understanding, but modern science helps to emphasize the obvious.

    • I decided on the title for a number of reasons that wouldn’t be obvious to other. The idea of capitalized Law has varios resonances for me, from Kafka’s speculations/imaginings to the Logos of the Greeks and Gnostics. The Law, natural law, scientific laws.

      Also, there is the etymology of the word. From ‘lag’ which means to lay down or fix in place. This relates to legality, but I suspect it relates to boundaries as geographic divisions and to human relationships and responsibilities. There is the area of customs and cultural expectations that solidify as common law.

      The individual and the collective. The divine and the earthly. The free and the fated. All very complex dualities. But I tend to think that dualities like all divisions are more a matter of the mind than of reality. This is why I stated the individual is shorthand for the collective.

      This isn’t to deny the individual, but to offer a larger perspective. Nothing at all needs to be denied. It’s about discernment, seeing what is and seeing it for what it is.

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